I recently ordered from a company called Bésame cosmetics about 10 days ago. I purchased a full size lipstick called “Bésame Red”, as well as a sampler set of lipsticks that I can play around with and see what I like and what looks good on me. It was supposedly shipped out on 18 October, but I had not received anything a week later, and it was shipped via UPS. So yesterday I sent an e-mail to them asking what had happened, and I got a very prompt response from a woman named Fergie. She told me she filed a claim for a lost package, and she will be sending out another package that day to me. She was an immense help; the customer service alone is worth buying from this company!

So far, I have to give the products 5 out of 5 stars. The lipstick is very creamy and packs a lot of colour for only using a bit of it. I only tried one of the colours from the sampler so far, it’s called “Red Velvet”. It’s a perfect shade for work or everyday! I love it so far. It stays on pretty decent too, even despite my ravenous soda habit. It even came with a little card in the sampler that describes each colour and what it would be good to wear it for:

Sampler Card

I can not wait to use all of the colurs, I’m so excited to finally have them! I have heard great things about them, especially from vintage fanatics like moi. Just the packaging alone is worth it! It’s very glamourous and detailed, and will definitely make you feel like a 1940s starlet. How can you go wrong?

Feeling Snood-y

Hey dolls!

I spent this weekend with my boyfriend at my Mom’s house, and I had a great time. I did a little stocking up at Wal Mart, since most stuff is cheaper there than anything in NYC. I also decided to really go old school and try some cold cream, and I got another curling iron, but with a bigger barrel. I also bought a few more things on Amazon (SO addicting!), like pillow rollers, a cosmetics organizer, vanity mirror, hair flowers, stippling brush, et cetera. I’m excited about getting all of it, albeit a little guilty about spending money. I really dove in the deep end with going vintage! LOL.

I was able to do victory rolls with a bumper bang (Thank you, hair rat!) when I went to see my orthopaedic surgeon this past week to schedule my shoulder surgery (That’s a whole other story). The hair, along with my Bettie Page dress, was a total HIT! I was getting double takes the whole day, and all of the girls at the doctor’s office were oogling over my hair and dress. It was an amazing feeling, and something I could definitely get used to more of! 🙂

I was really anxious about doing the victory rolls, as I have heard how hard they can be to do. I decided that curling prior to rolling was a good option, to “pre-form” the hair into a roll. Boy was I right! It was ever so much easier. But I think I may have something on the way that is even better for doing victory rolls, thanks to a Ms. Lauren Rennells suggestion – the Curl Easy Pro Brush from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I’m still waiting for it to ship (apparently Sally’s on Amazon takes forever), but when I do, I will let you know how it goes and review it on here.

Other than that, not much else. Until next time!


Hey dolls-

Yesterday I got both of my new vintage style books by Lauren Rennells, and might I say that they are amazing so far! I have already tried one of the looks so far, “Meme” (based on Rita Hayworth), and it looks amazing. It really gives you little tips to help pull off the look you want for whatever particular decade you would like. I love the ’40s, so that is what I am mostly concentrating on. I know how to do the eyebrows, the lips and their shape, everything. I haven’t tried any of the styles from the hairstyling book yet, but that’s mostly because I need to get the rest of my necessary supplies before I attempt any. Otherwise, I know it won’t turn out right and it will all be in vain.

However, I did manage to do Bettie bangs and the Meme look today, here it is:

You can’t really see how far down the eyebrows are drawn, and I know my Bettie bangs are not too stellar. It’s a work in progress! When I get my setting lotion, I will start doing cold sets with rollers, and really be able to get the vintage look I want 🙂


Hi dolls!

So this weekend I decided to really start doing the hairstyles for some retro looks, as well as some makeup. I don’t have all of the hair and makeup that I need to really pull off these looks yet, but I am waiting for a bunch of things to come from Amazon, and I have more things I am waiting to be able to buy when I get paid hahah. I have been watching a lot of YouTube lately (which I normally never watch), because of this one amazing girl on there who really knows her stuff – Lisa Fremont Street. I have watched nearly all of her videos, and I really listen to her and what she says I good, I will go for. I was over at my boyfriend’s house this weekend, and he had a lot of homework to do, so I kept myself occupied for HOURS watching her videos. I couldn’t get enough. She has helped make me even MORE excited to try everything vintage, and she has given great tips to really help. I have a few books on the way as well, and I have most of the hair products and tools I need. As for makeup, I am waiting on my Besamé lipstick and I need to find decent matté eyeshadow (why is that so hard to find?! LOL). Then all I need are more clothes to complete the look, as well as some home décor. Going back to Vegas a little over a week ago and going to Bettie Page clothing has really set off this whole thing for me, and now I am really jumping in the deep end. I just wish I had more money to get everything I need!

This weekend was a great debut of my look, and my boyfriend really liked it. I was able to do the faux Bettie bangs, although it was frustrating to get it into proper place, get the bobby pins to hold, and make it look right. I was getting frustrated, but I know it is going to take some time to really get the hang of things and be as good as Lisa Fremont Street is in her videos. I also am trying to get used to wearing red lipstick, as I never used to (it was only nude pink lipgloss for me!), and am trying to find the right shade. I found a good one, but it is a drugstore brand and it has been kind of drying out my lips. So, listening to Lisa’s advice as well as other vintage girls, I got some Besamé lipstick, which seems to be THE liptick/makeup for the vintage woman. I hope I get it soon, and I will see what it is like, and I will let all of you know. I’m super excited!

A New Life

Hey dolls!

I am a girl living in New York who has finally decided to go for the retro vintage look that I have always wanted. I have always loved the look and feel of the amazing times of the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, and have started a blog to record my progress and to help anyone I can to start the vintage look. It may look hard or easy in some areas, but I will show you how I as a beginner to this style have found my way and tips that I have found along the way. Who knows, perhaps some YouTube tutorials if I get enough readers and they would like to see them!

Until then – enjoy!