Hi dolls!

So this weekend I decided to really start doing the hairstyles for some retro looks, as well as some makeup. I don’t have all of the hair and makeup that I need to really pull off these looks yet, but I am waiting for a bunch of things to come from Amazon, and I have more things I am waiting to be able to buy when I get paid hahah. I have been watching a lot of YouTube lately (which I normally never watch), because of this one amazing girl on there who really knows her stuff – Lisa Fremont Street. I have watched nearly all of her videos, and I really listen to her and what she says I good, I will go for. I was over at my boyfriend’s house this weekend, and he had a lot of homework to do, so I kept myself occupied for HOURS watching her videos. I couldn’t get enough. She has helped make me even MORE excited to try everything vintage, and she has given great tips to really help. I have a few books on the way as well, and I have most of the hair products and tools I need. As for makeup, I am waiting on my Besamé lipstick and I need to find decent matté eyeshadow (why is that so hard to find?! LOL). Then all I need are more clothes to complete the look, as well as some home décor. Going back to Vegas a little over a week ago and going to Bettie Page clothing has really set off this whole thing for me, and now I am really jumping in the deep end. I just wish I had more money to get everything I need!

This weekend was a great debut of my look, and my boyfriend really liked it. I was able to do the faux Bettie bangs, although it was frustrating to get it into proper place, get the bobby pins to hold, and make it look right. I was getting frustrated, but I know it is going to take some time to really get the hang of things and be as good as Lisa Fremont Street is in her videos. I also am trying to get used to wearing red lipstick, as I never used to (it was only nude pink lipgloss for me!), and am trying to find the right shade. I found a good one, but it is a drugstore brand and it has been kind of drying out my lips. So, listening to Lisa’s advice as well as other vintage girls, I got some Besamé lipstick, which seems to be THE liptick/makeup for the vintage woman. I hope I get it soon, and I will see what it is like, and I will let all of you know. I’m super excited!

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