Hey dolls-

Yesterday I got both of my new vintage style books by Lauren Rennells, and might I say that they are amazing so far! I have already tried one of the looks so far, “Meme” (based on Rita Hayworth), and it looks amazing. It really gives you little tips to help pull off the look you want for whatever particular decade you would like. I love the ’40s, so that is what I am mostly concentrating on. I know how to do the eyebrows, the lips and their shape, everything. I haven’t tried any of the styles from the hairstyling book yet, but that’s mostly because I need to get the rest of my necessary supplies before I attempt any. Otherwise, I know it won’t turn out right and it will all be in vain.

However, I did manage to do Bettie bangs and the Meme look today, here it is:

You can’t really see how far down the eyebrows are drawn, and I know my Bettie bangs are not too stellar. It’s a work in progress! When I get my setting lotion, I will start doing cold sets with rollers, and really be able to get the vintage look I want 🙂

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