I recently ordered from a company called Bésame cosmetics about 10 days ago. I purchased a full size lipstick called “Bésame Red”, as well as a sampler set of lipsticks that I can play around with and see what I like and what looks good on me. It was supposedly shipped out on 18 October, but I had not received anything a week later, and it was shipped via UPS. So yesterday I sent an e-mail to them asking what had happened, and I got a very prompt response from a woman named Fergie. She told me she filed a claim for a lost package, and she will be sending out another package that day to me. She was an immense help; the customer service alone is worth buying from this company!

So far, I have to give the products 5 out of 5 stars. The lipstick is very creamy and packs a lot of colour for only using a bit of it. I only tried one of the colours from the sampler so far, it’s called “Red Velvet”. It’s a perfect shade for work or everyday! I love it so far. It stays on pretty decent too, even despite my ravenous soda habit. It even came with a little card in the sampler that describes each colour and what it would be good to wear it for:

Sampler Card

I can not wait to use all of the colurs, I’m so excited to finally have them! I have heard great things about them, especially from vintage fanatics like moi. Just the packaging alone is worth it! It’s very glamourous and detailed, and will definitely make you feel like a 1940s starlet. How can you go wrong?

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