Movin’ On Up

Hi dolls! I just wanted to post some exciting news – this site will now have the domain name of! It has just been registered and I am now waiting for it to officially transfer, but I think it will be a great and easy way to get to this site and to also get more readers.

I really want to build this site into something amazing, and I think that this is just the thing to get it up a few rungs on the ladder. I intend to start doing a bit of networking with other sites and start to spread the word a little more about this sige and also the beauty services I offer.

You can still access this site via the wordpress original site domain, but the easiest and best way to go about reaching us is at…! 🙂


I have been searching all over the internet recently for some decent vintage blogs to follow. I have googled all sorts of different terms, from “vintage living blogs” to “retro life blogs” to everything else. But alas, I have found very few of them out there with exactly what I was looking for. Most have blogs with pictures of what vintage clothes they wore that day, where they went, and other such things. I will do that too, but I am looking to actually supply information to my readers than can help them to bring the retro and vintage look to their life.

I am going to start writing down topics about what I want to write about, and research things that I may want more in-depth info for my posts to give my readers a better and more informative post. Of course, if anyone has a specific topic they would like me to write about, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail! (holly.brolsma2(at) I will gladly look into it and try to get a post up ASAP. Sometimes it is genuinely difficult to come up with topics, but with suggestions coming in, that would greatly help me to keep the posts more frequent as well as more relevant on here.

My goal is to be a vintage blog of a different color, one that has all of the information and then some that most don’t, and to become a true mecca for all vintage and retro fans alike, whether they are newcomers or old timers. I see a hole in the vintage blogging world, and I intend to fill that void!

Now on Facebook!

Hi dolls!

I have some exciting news – I have officially started up a Facebook page so y’all can like this blog and follow the goings-on via Facebook! I figured it would be a good way to really keep in touch with my readers, for all of you to interact and initiate discussions, and so I can post random snippets of things that I may want to share that may not make enough material for a full post.

So go ahead, like us!

Veronica Vintage on Facebook

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Vintage Boudoir Addition

Hi dolls! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and had many a food coma and/or baby 🙂

I am here over at my Mom’s house for the holiday, and I saw this lovely piece in my Grandmother’s old room that I instantly remembered and automatically knew I wanted: her vintage vanity plate/display. I don’t know what ot call it really, but it goes really great with the whole look I am trying to achieve. I know it has got to be from the 1940s, at the very most the early 1950s. I already have my Grandmother’s old jewelry box from the 1940s which I adore, and I just felt that this would be the most awesome addition to my whole theme.

I mean, honestly, how could I not have it? It is beautiful, and I always remember my Grandmother putting all of her perfumes and such on it while it was on her vanity. Just the memories alone are worth it, plus the vintage factour just ups it all. I immediately ran out of my Grandmother’s old room and asked my Mom if she wanted it, and if not, if I could have it. She shook her head yes, and I immediately ran in to get it. I cleaned the mirror on the bottom, and I think I will leave the gold scalloping for the most part, as it adds to the authentic vintge look I want. I have a few great vintage finds thanks to my Grandma, like her diamond wedding band with her and my Grandpa’s initials engraved in it with their wedding date of 11/30/1941. I have it on a necklace (since it is entirely too small for my hugenormous fingers), and I absolutely refuse to take it off, even if I have a neckalce I think would work better with an outfit I am wearing. I am supposed to have shoulder surgery on 16 December, and even then, I will have a very hard time taking it off my neck. I could never leave it with the hospital staff; I would either have to leave it home or have someone I trust hold it for me.

All in all, some great stuff courtesy of my Grandma, although I would rather have her here yet, still telling me the stories of her life when she was growing up and her family while playing the three dice game she taught me from her mother :-/

Victory Rolls


I did the side parted victory rolls today, without doing the bumper bangs, and it looked AMAZING! I was so excited at how it came out. The girl who’s video I posted before had a tutorial on doing a snood style with the side parted victory rolls, and it inspired me to try it. You know how you get so into doing certain styles and it’s like your mind almost closes off in a way from others? Well she opened the flood gates! I have so many other ideas I want to try now, I am really excited 🙂

And a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

First Cold Set

Hi dolls!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much the past week or so, I have just been dealing with a lot of personal stuff. But I have still been going about my retro ways!

I tried my first cold set the other day, and it turned out pretty well. It was more to experiment, to try and see what I need to alter and how to cater doing a cold set to my personal needs.

Here it is:

My first cold set

It didn’t exactly turn out exactly like I had wanted, but I really analyzed what I can do next time to get more of a vintage look. First of all, I will need to use larger sponge rollers. I used the smallest blue ones at the very bottom under layers of my hair, and only gradually got to using the biggest pink ones, but only for the very top front section. I think I will need to use these larger rollers throughout my hair, in order to be able to have that authentic 1940s wave/curl when I brush out my hair. Secondly, I will need to put the rollers at the same level, down near my ears. I put the rollers up too high, and the result was what you see in the picture. It doesn’t look bad, not by any means (I actually got great reaction to it on Facebook!), but it is not the authentic look I was going for. I will try it again this week, this the changes I had just mentioned.

It takes a while to do the cold set, but ultimately worth it if you want to go for the original true vintage look. I like this option because if you feel too lazy to really go and blow dry you hair or use hot rollers (which do not hold a curl very well, as they tend to fall out and flatten rather quickly, especially with my rather thick hair). You do need to use a setting lotion, however – I use Lottabody setting lotion professional, as was recommended by Lisa Freemont Street. It works very well, and holds the curl very well. I still have my cold set going strong, not flattened out, and this is almost into the third day – sleeping, wind, sweat, and all. If you want it done right, go with the best.

Now, I just want to give all of you a tidbit about doing cold sets. I know the term “cold set” (also known as a “wet set”) makes it sound like you get right out of the shower and apply the setting lotion and start rolling, but that is au contraire. Let your hair dry COMPLETELY first. You can either blow dry your hair with some curling mousse or Motions Wrap lotion. I am going to use the curling mousse until I can get the wrap lotion. After your hair is either blow dried or air dried, start taking about 1″ by 1″ sections and spray the setting lotion on that section. Don’t spray so much that you entirely re-soak the hair as if you had just gotten out of the shower. Spray a moderate amount, enough to cover the hair, but not drown it. Use your fingers to spread the lotion and get it throughout your hair section entirely. Then take your sponge roller, and starting in the middle of your section and start wrapping the hair around it. Make sure that you pull the hair tight around the roller, enough that you squeeze and cinch the sponge on the roller. If you make the mistake of wrapping your hair lightly around the roller, your curl will end up crushed when you sleep or have your head rested on anything. We don’t want that, darlings! After you finish rolling your whole head, just sit back and relax. What I usually do is just put on my sleeping cap to protect my curls, and get a good nights rest. The next morning, I put on my makeup, and after I am done I begin taking out my rollers from the bottom up to the top. Begin to separate your curls with your fingers, and then use a wide tooth comb to brush a few times. Then take a regular plastic bristle brush and brush through a bunch of times. Your hair may start off as frizzy and poufy initially, but rest assured, through enough brushing and while smoothing with your other hand, you will get the results you are looking for. Afterwards, apply some pomade for shine, frizz control, and hold. Add any extra styling steps here and finish with whatever you would like to put in your hair. A light coat of hairspray and you are good to go!

I know it may seem like a lot of work just from reading this, but I wanted to make sure I explained every facet of how to do a cold set for those of you who have never done it. When I first learned how to do it from a video on YouTube, I still had questions afterwards (particularly regarding whether to leave the hair wet after a shower and roll, or to let it dry. My very first cold set was an epic FAIL since I left the hair about 70% wet and then applied the setting lotion, which made it soaked. Eight hours later, I took the rollers out, and it looked as if I had just gotten out of the shower! I just want to make sure that all of the bases are covered for everyone, and nothing is left out that I can think of. And of course, if any of you have any additional questions, you can always send me a message! 🙂