Vintage Boudoir Addition

Hi dolls! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and had many a food coma and/or baby šŸ™‚

I am here over at my Mom’s house for the holiday, and I saw this lovely piece in my Grandmother’s old room that I instantly remembered and automatically knew I wanted: her vintage vanity plate/display. I don’t know what ot call it really, but it goes really great with the whole look I am trying to achieve. I know it has got to be from the 1940s, at the very most the early 1950s. I already have my Grandmother’s old jewelry box from the 1940s which I adore, and I just felt that this would be the most awesome addition to my whole theme.

I mean, honestly, how could I not have it? It is beautiful, and I always remember my Grandmother putting all of her perfumes and such on it while it was on her vanity. Just the memories alone are worth it, plus the vintage factour just ups it all. I immediately ran out of myĀ Grandmother’s old room and asked my Mom if she wanted it, and if not, if I could have it. She shook her head yes, and I immediately ran in to get it. I cleaned the mirror on the bottom, and I think I will leave the gold scalloping for the most part, as it adds to the authenticĀ vintge look I want. I have a few great vintage finds thanks to my Grandma, likeĀ her diamond wedding band with her and my Grandpa’s initials engraved in it with their wedding date of 11/30/1941. I have it on a necklace (since it is entirely too small for my hugenormous fingers), and I absolutely refuse to take it off, even if I have a neckalce IĀ think would work better with an outfit I am wearing. I am supposed to have shoulder surgery on 16 December, and even then, I will haveĀ a very hard time taking it off my neck. I could never leave it with the hospital staff; I would either have to leave it home or have someone I trust hold it for me.

All in all, some great stuff courtesy of my Grandma, although I would rather have her here yet, still telling me the stories of her life when she was growing up and her family while playing the three dice game she taught me from her mother :-/

5 comments on “Vintage Boudoir Addition

  1. Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague says:

    My great grandmother had the same thing, I remember it well. Currently I am in Prague and the antique and vintage shops over here are amazing. šŸ™‚

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it? I had to have it. I could only imagine the great treasures over in Prague – oh how I would love to go! There is a town a few hours away from me called Adamstown in PA which I am itching to go to. They are known for all of their vintage and antique shops. There’s also a great vintage flea market in Brooklyn I am certainly going to in the near future!

      • Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague says:

        I lived in Doylestown, PA for a couple of years in Buck county. Apparently Bucks county has the largest number of antique shops percapita in the US. Also some amazing shops, spme very high end. One of them actually had one of the ink blotters owned by Charles Dicken’s, but it was not for sale. Maybe Bucks County is close to you, the county is also known for its 12 covered bridges.

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