Meet You in Vegas…

 Hi dolls!

I just have some great news that I wanted to share with you – I will be going to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender this April! This will be my first VLV, and I have been way too excited beyond words to go since I initially got into the vintage/rockabilly style. It has everything any retro enthusiast could ever hope to have under one roof – rockabilly music, dancing, great shopping, vintage cars, retro bowling, burlesque – I could go on and on. Making the trip just was not really in the cards for me or my boyfriend recently, so I was really hoping to make it in 2013. Disappointing, but I tried to hold on to the fact that I could go in 2013. Well, I don’t know what happened today, but my boyfriend made all of the plans for us to go, from flight to hotel room to tickets, and got it all in the span of about 45 minutes! I was so excited I could barely speak. He was talking about going to Disney World in the next few months with his family’s Disney Vacation Club points, which is something he really wanted to do, as he loves anything Disney. He knows that Disney is not really my thing (I find it a little too “fantasy” for me), and he said he wanted to do something I wanted to do as well, and started planning for Viva. I couldn’t believe it! We are going to be there for the entire time, minus a few early events on the Thursday because my boyfriend has classes later in the afternoon that he does not want to miss (He is going for his second bachelor’s in computer science), and that’s fine. But after that, we are there the whole weekend. We will be staying close by – no rental car needed 🙂

All I need to do is save my money so I can (of course!) have some decent spending money while over there. I also plan on bringing a huge box of my business cards to network with other bloggers, retailers, and rockabilly/vintage enthusiasts. And naturally, I will be taking pictures and reporting on everything straight from Viva. I want to give you such great reporting that you feel like you are there as well!

April seems too far away, but it is working its way here. It is 89 days until Viva Las Vegas – I will be counting down every day!

6 comments on “Meet You in Vegas…

  1. Ooh, exciting! This will be the first VLV for Mister and me as well. I am beside myself with excitement! What to wear? How much can I pack? What good things will I buy when I get there? The cars! The music! The people! I can hardly wait.

    We’re heading out Tuesday to do a little sightseeing first and then moving over to the Gold Coast to be where the action is. I wish we could have gotten in at The Orleans, but it’s already booked!

    Perhaps we will bump into each other.

    Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

    • Ooh that is awesome too! I will also be at the Gold Coast, since when we booked, the Orleans was sold out then too. And even weirder is that I also call my boyfriend “mister” LOL.

      I used to live in Vegas for a while, so no real sight seeing is needed hahah. Have you ever been to Vegas before? You should like it! And perhaps we might bump into each other there, that would be awesome 🙂

      • Yes, I visited Vegas once years ago. Mister has never been there though. My Mister really is my Mr. We got married in 2005, but never really had a honeymoon so VLV is it! We’re both pretty stoked.

        Will you be attending any of the classes? I’m interested in the beauty academy and for sure want to hit up the fashion show. The jive class would be fun too, but I don’t think I can talk Mister into that one. He has two left feet!

    • Wow congrats on the wedding and happy 7th this year 🙂 I just call my boyfriend mister for no real reason other than to be weird LOL. VLV should be an awesome honeymoon for you!

      I probably won’t do the beauty classes because I have professional beauty experience, but I do plan on going to the car show, burlesque ANYTHING, bowling contest, and my man agreed to the jive/swing dancing and lessons, which I am super excited about. I was relegated the responsibility of coming up with an itinerary, but there is so much to do, and so little time! LOL.

  2. Laurence says:

    I will be at VLV next April. I booked my plane ticket in december and I will be in Orleans because I booked the room last May (!!!)
    I will come from France with my husband and make a small road trip from San Fransisco to Vegas, it will be my second VLV, I was already there in 2008.

    • Oooh, lucky you! That should be so nice to be able to just wake up and walk out and be there with no travel involved LOL. I will just have a 5 minute shuttle ride, so that isn’t so horrid. The time between now and Viva is getting shorter and shorter! 🙂

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