Review: Vintage Life Magazine vs. Pinup Magazine

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Hi dolls – today I am doing a comparative review of two magazines: Vintage Life and Pinup. I have a print subscription to Vintage Life, and I recently bought myself a digital subscription of Pinup. Immediately I noticed some huge differences that I wanted to let all of you know about.

Vintage Life has many more articles and such dedicated to authentic vintage living, beauty, fashion, and what have you. There are many contributors such as Lisa Freemont Street and Betty Bee that offer their expertise and help, whether it be with hair or DIY projects. Also, Vintage Life is the first magazine in which I have actually looked at and thoroughly inspected the advertisements in it. They are all of particular interest, and has helped me to find great new places for clothes and amazing new blogs and other websites. I read every issue from cover to cover, and every article has something of interest for any lover of vintage.

The Pinup magazine offers something different. I expected it to be similar, but perhaps a bit more rockabilly in nature than authentically vintage. There is an article section all about people’s tattoos, and most of the magazine is dedicated to pinup photography. There is not much else other than that – nothing really about clothes, makeup, music, or the like. I was slightly disappointed about this, since I thought there would be more of that, but with a more rockabilly perspective. There is some great photography though, some that are great inspirations for looks to do with makeup and hair.

All in all, both Vintage Life and The Pinup offer individual things, but overall I much prefer Vintage Life for my particular interests and studies. If you prefer more of a cheesecake pinup magazine that is more based on photography, then The Pinup is for you. I am more of a vintage purist with sometimes a rockabilly twist, and Vintage Life caters to that just perfectly. I would recommend it to all of my readers. If you can’t afford the £67 ($104.29) for the print edition, you can subscribe digitally for £14.99 ($23.36) and have all of the back issues available at your disposal as well!

4 comments on “Review: Vintage Life Magazine vs. Pinup Magazine

  1. Bunny Moreno says:

    The Vintage Life all the way! I read some other magazines as well but that magazine seems to have it all in one neat package! I have it on digital and I highly recommend it!! Great review!!! xox

  2. mrsmcgee says:

    I have never even heard of Vintage Life! I’m so excited. Thanks for sharing.

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