Miss Imelda May


I am sure some of you already know about her, but this post is for those of you who don’t – all about Imelda May. She is a rockabilly revival artist from Ireland, and I just adore her. I have heard so much about her over the time I have researched and read into the vintage and rockabilly lifestyle, but I never really went for a true listen until recently on iTunes. And wow, was I blown away! Her talent is just amazing – she has such a great voice – gritty at times, as well as sexual and sensual when the mood calls for it. The album that really launched her to more of her fame status is called “Love Tattoo”, and is much worth checking out. She is most famous for her two songs off of that album, entitled “Big Bad Handsome Man” and “Johnny Got a Boom Boom”. And, I assure you, after hearing those two songs, you will be hooked.

I think I spent over $10 or so on iTunes the other day just going crazy buying all of these songs I loved from her Love Tattoo (2008) and Mayhem (2011) albums. I have been listening to them non-stop. I also recommend the title track off of her latest album, as it has a great beat and just a general good sound. She travels around in the U.S. sometimes, but I just recently checked her U.S. site, and there are no recent upcoming dates posted (well, none at all. actually!). I hope there will be soon, because I would love to see her performing live.

I hope that I opened a few peoples eyes to the magical music that Miss Imelda makes, and that you will check into it. She has quite the cult following on the retro/rockabilly scene besides the authentic rockabilly from years gone by, so it’s worth a peak!

4 comments on “Miss Imelda May

  1. Bunny Moreno says:

    Shes fab! My 2yr old son was rocking to her while I listened LOL xox

  2. mrsmcgee says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I had never heard of her. I love it! gonna check out more of her stuff.
    ciao Mrs. McGee

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