Take Care of That Hair!


Hi dolls! Today’s post is all about getting gorgeous, glamourous, shiny, and sexy hair. I have my certain tricks and techniques that I have learned and utilized over my 10+ years in the beauty arena, and I want to share them with you. Let’s have a go, shall we?

1. Use shampoo only once on your hair, and concentrate it mostly on your roots. That is where your oil builds up most, and is what really needs to be washed out. When you do wash the shampoo out of your hair, it will wash over the ends of the rest of your hair, taking any hair product and buildup with it. If you immerse your ends in the shampoo as well, you risk drying them out too much. The ends of your hair are (obviously) the oldest part, and therefore the most fragile. Treat them as such.

2. Conditioner should only be applied to the ends of your hair, from halfway and down. Like I had mentioned, the ends are the most fragile, and conditioner adds moisture that is much needed for your hair.

3. Leave conditioner on for at least two minutes, if not more, so it can properly soak in. You should wring a bit of the moisture out of your hair before applying the conditioner as well for easier absorption. What I always do is to add my conditioner, then use my body wash and even do my shaving while letting the conditioner sink in.

4. When you wash out your conditioner, you may use lukewarm water at first, but then do a last rinse in cool water. Why? It helps to close the shafts of the hair, leaving it silkier, shinier, and less frizzy.

5. Towel drying, ohh, towel drying. So many people just haphazardly rub and jag their hair to help it dry faster. That only causes more frizziness and may even cause breakage. It is best to just pat your hair dry, if you even have to do that. I much prefer to let my hair air dry – natural is always the way to go to me 🙂 Save your hair!

6. Avoid combing your hair immediately after you shower – you can only cause breakage. Wait until your hair is about 60 – 75% dry to comb. If you must comb before, use your fingers.

7. One thing I love? Argan oil! Add it to your ends to create super shine and great sleekness. Josie Maran has a great Argan oil product on the market which you can use as a makeup base (although I much prefer Smashbox’s primer), facial moisturizer, as well as what I call “hair nutrition”. You only need very little, and add it to your ends when your hair is still somewhat wet.

8. Please, if you take one thing from this – use heat protecting products for when you use blow dryers, hot rollers, curling irons, and the like! And when you curl, start the curler in the middle of your hair and wrap the end around the roller and over your middle part that is already around the roller. This protects the ends from getting even more fried and having split ends. It goes with the same that I said about the ends of your hair in #1.

9. Want volume? Who doesn’t?! Blow dry your hair upside down, darlings! And make sure you use that “cool” setting on your dryer before your are done and flip your hair back up. Again, like in the shower, adding a touch of cool will close the shafts of your hair, making it shinier, and with this, locking in more volume.

10. I prefer to give my hair a rest from any type of product or heat at least once a week. This lets your hair recover, just like any athlete does after a game. Want maximum play out of your star player? Give them a rest now and then 🙂

11. Don’t wash your hair every single day. I know you ladies are probably like, “wait, what?” but it is a great thing for your hair. First of all, vintage styles work better on day old hair to begin with. Secondly, it allows your hair another break. Too much washing makes for too much dryness. You have natural oils for a reason – let them work their wonders for you! I wash my hair every other day, generally. Invest in a shower cap at your local drugstore, so you may properly wash your body daily but let your hair be protected.

Simple tips, right? Simple but most do not know these things. I must admit something to all of you – at one point in April 2010, I bleached my hair – TWICE – and then dyed it blonde with a lifter in it too. My hair was literally breaking off in chunks all over the place, like it was raining. I dyed my hair back to its natural colour about a month or so afterwards, and have kept with this routine I just listed since then, and I now have no split ends, my hair is shiny, silky, and soft, and it holds my styles well.

Taking care of your hair is an investment in yourself, and you deserve to look your best. I see some 40 or 50-something women on the subway with the most dead and lifeless hair, split ends and all frizzed out everywhere, from years of heat and other abuse. This has been my little offering of help to the world to stop hair abuse 🙂

What tips do you have for hair care?

6 comments on “Take Care of That Hair!

  1. Reblogged this on Ebony Tresses and commented:
    Thanks for the great advice!

  2. Bunny Moreno says:

    I think I am printing out this post and hanging it in my bathroom! This is like a hair bible hehehe I agree with towel drying. I only dry the end a bit so it doesnt drip over everything and everyone but I air dry it. I cannot wait to try out some of your tips and I have to invest in a conditioner-we use the 2/1 LOL Utterly fantastic post! Keep them coming!!! xox

    • Thank you! It means a lot that you like what I post 🙂 I actually wring my hair out when I am done with the shower, and do so every few minutes for about 20 minutes. If I am in a rush, then I will squeeze with a towel lightly. And I have conditioner I can bring you that I love, it actually comes from a hair dye kit!

  3. JackieOnAIR says:

    Just wanted to drop in and say I LOVE your blog!! =) Vintage is always amazing!

  4. very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

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