“Why Yes, Mr. Sterling…”


I have just recently (yes, I know, I was late jumping on this bandwagon) become obsessed with watching “Mad Men”, and have absolutely fallen in love with Christina Hendrick’s character, Joan Halloway. To me, she is the epitome of a woman – sexy and strong, sensual and sarcastic, no-nonsense and beautiful, supportive and sassy. Every time she is on the screen it seems like she just steals the scene. I think she is one of the best female characters to come around in quite a few years, with her many facets and many curves. I love to see a real woman portraying a real woman!

Her style is fabulous also. I am not 100% into ’60s fashion, but for some reason I most always seem to love what Joan has on. I think why I like it so much is because there is a classic sexiness mixed with the demureness of even a time before then. That sexy and classy look is what I always try to achieve with my style, so I naturally felt a connection with her style. Her dresses hug every curve of her body, but they do not “choke” it. Instead of using the boxy silhouettes that were starting to be popular during this time, her curves are celebrated in pencil skirts, wiggle dresses, and waist cinching belts. She dared to wear colour, and some gorgeous ones at that. Deep reds, fuchsia, teal, navy blue, emerald greens, and the like were always on the menu for Joan. No drab, boring black and whites for her!

Joan always had her hair immaculately dressed, and had enviable accessories to boot. I absolutely adore her red hair, and have put serious consideration into dyeing my hair Hendricks’ colour. I still think about it, but I need more affirmatives to go forward with it before I actually jump off the deep end about it. I did, however, jump off the deep end with another Joan Halloway accessory – her infamous gold pen necklace! I thought it was an amazing marriage of form and function, and felt like that would be a perfect little addition to my wardrobe to have a little “Joan” in my life 😉

It did not take me long at all to find a replica, which is made by the 1928 Jewelry Co., who specializes in vintage-inspired jewelry, particularly an art deco look from the 1920s and ’30s. I drool over a lot of their items! But when I saw this necklace. there was no doubt about it – I had to have it. But a lack of funds tend to put a kink in things sometimes 😦 I still filled out the order form anyway, but navigated away from the page for something else in another window in my browser. When I returned, clicking on the tab, it reloaded the page. Little did I know that 6 days later I would be receiving the necklace in the mail today! I was completely shocked, but happily so – it was almost like finding $10 in your jacket after having it in storage all summer. I tried it on, and have worn it ever since slipping it on my neck for the first time. It looks so classy, but yet is a great little “subtle hint” for your décolletage to get a little attention 😉 And mighty useful too! How can one not like style and substance in one product? And all for $20 too, natch!

Joan Halloway “Mad Men” Inspired Pen Necklace

Go, purchase, and be merry!

And just a reminder to all – “Mad Men” Season 5 returns in 37 days!

2 comments on ““Why Yes, Mr. Sterling…”

  1. Jessie says:

    I’m a huge fan of Mad Men and I can’t believe I never noticed her necklace! Thanks a lot for this! ❤

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