Vintage Adverts from the 1940s

Hi dolls!

Over the past few days I have been looking through some vintage ads from the 1940s, and I must say, they are rather interesting. I chose a few of my favourites to share with you, with some commentary to go with.


Notice all of the colour options? Red, red, and more red! That was de rigeur for the time, though. The shade differences were rather slight, but each had their own place for skin tones and day or evening wear.


I like how this ad caters to all of the different uniforms that were worn during the war. I was in the military, so I am familiar with how anal retentive the dress codes and restrictions are 😉


I chose this ad just because of this having Rita Hayworth in it. Having celebrities in cosmetics ads is still very common today, just look at Beyoncé and Eva Longoria in L’Oréal ads.


A soda ad again with Ms. Betty Grable. She looks great here, just beautiful.


I think this ad is a great showcase for how makeup was like back in the ’40s. Mascara came in a little rectangular box, with an area that the mascara itself came in, and a little brush to dip it in and apply it. You can see how it was packaged in the lower corner.


I personally love cold cream, and I try to always use it to help remove my makeup at night before I actually wash my face. I use Pond’s. The reason I use it? Because that’s what ladies back in the ’40s did 🙂


It was very common during the war to see ads specifically targeted to women who were serving. Being in the service back then was a lot different than it is now (although us ladies still cannot be in infantry or artillery positions), and women were expected to look a certain way and wear makeup a certain way. I saw an old WWII ad that catered to women in the Marine Corps that their lipstick shade will match the red in their chevrons in their service uniforms. I thought that was pretty funny, but was the time back then.


Classic pinup girl in a classic cigarette advert. ‘Nuff said.


I love this ad, but kind of hate it too. I like that it is sentimental, but I don’t like that it almost blackmails you because of it! Oh well, it was a war, any help was good help.


I like this ad as well. I like how it has the American soldier, fighting for his country, and seeing that Coca Cola sign and thinking of back home, and what he is fighting for. It’s also effective for the home front as well I think because it reminds people that their boys are fighting for them, and that they can honour them and feel closer to them by having one.

What ads have you seen from the ’40s that have stuck in your mind?

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