Preparing for Viva


Well everyone, the final countdown has begun until Viva Las Vegas 15 begins in exactly one month! I am very excited to be making this journey to the “promised land” for all of us vintage and rockabilly people. I am really looking forward to meeting new people, networking, making new friends, and just having an amazing time. And of course, I plan on taking tons of pictures, and I also am planning on updating all of you on the whole scene straight from Viva!

I will be leaving on the 5th of April and returning on the 10th. I have already printed out the schedule of events from their website, and have highlighted all of the things I am interested in attending and plan on doing. I am planning on going to the burlesque showcase, vegas bowling, jive dancing class, burlesque bingo, Viva fashion show, tiki pool party, car show, vendor area, as well as seeing live acts such as the amazing J.D. McPherson. I don’t know if I will even have time to eat because I have so many things I want to do!

I am in the process of deciding what I am going to be wearing during my time in Vegas. Naturally, vintage and/or rockabilly clothing is on the menu, but I don’t want to be wearing the same thing every other girl is wearing. I need to choose my outfits rather carefully! And of course, my hot rollers, pillow rollers, and bobby pins will all be travelling with me – you can’t go to Viva and NOT be done up to the nines! I plan on being done up to the tens 😉 I will be spending extra time making sure my makeup and hair is superb and not off in the least. Even if it takes me over two hours to get ready, so be it! LOL.

I will also be rooting for my friend Kitty Kin-Evil at the Pinup of the Month contest sponsored by The Pinup magazine. I am so excited that she has this great opportunity – get some, girl!

Are any of you all going to Viva? Maybe we will run into each other if you are! What are you most excited for me to report about from VLV 15?

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