Finding Your Own Vintage Style


Hi there dolls – now that we have gotten the past few posts of my photo shoot work out of the way, I am sure a lot of you would like to go back to our regularly scheduled programming. Well, you are in luck!

I have been inspired lately by a lot of fellow vintage and rockabilly bloggers in my style and my dress. I know when I started out on the vintage scene, I didn’t really know what to put with what, how to do my hair, the vintage makeup basics, what constitutes vintage inspired versus retro reproduction, and what type of style I was aiming for. I have always prided myself on being different and being unique, and making my style distinctly my own. Now I can provide tips on how you too can find your own distinctive style!

1. Decide what specific type of style you like and identify with – rockabilly, vintage, retro inspired, et cetera. That will be your base. Enter those terms into Google and you will find sites and images that match your particular style you like.

2. Choose what decade you prefer. I personally tend towards the ’40s more, but with some ’30s and ’50s as well. I would also suggest doing research on what constitutes the particular style of that decade, from clothing to hair to makeup and beyond. Make notes if you have to – I know I did when I started out, especially with the hair. After a while, you will begin to be able to distinguish what makes something from what particular decade.

3. Read as many vintage/retro/rockabilly blogs as you can. Those will probably be the best clues and helpers in you figuring out your own style. Note what you like, what colours appeal to you, and so on. Try to see if the blogger posted where they found each particular item, and research from there.

4. Know what works for you. Don’t think Bettie bangs would look good on you? Don’t think flapper dresses are your deal? Don’t do it. Know what you like and also what works for you. Us curvy ladies tend to look best in the styles of the ’40s and ’50s, while more thin and boy shaped figures look better in ’20s drop waist, early ’30s, and ’60s mod-style looks. See pictures of what looks good to you, and note the shape of the woman wearing that particular item that makes it look so great. Maybe they have bigger breasts, more rounded hips, a smaller waist, longer legs, whatever. Some people look better in certain styles than others. If you make note of this now, when you do buy yourself some clothes, you will already know what looks good on you, so you will be a sexy vixen all of the time!

5. Measure thine self! I cannot stress this enough. Especially if you are buying vintage clothes, you need to know what your measurements are, and to make sure you will fit in whatever the garment is. That means being a little bit smaller than what the measurements of the item is, or wearing undergarments that help to pull you in and make you a bit smaller. But know your measurements by heart, and even bring a measuring tape with you when you go shopping at thrift and vintage stores, as some may not have dressing rooms. That way, you know what you are buying and won’t have any disappointments when you get home!

6. Stay true to who you are. Don’t think that just because something is vintage or rockabilly that it is “mandatory wear”. You can’t pull it off if you don’t like it to begin with! Pulling off any look is all about confidence, baby. Don’t think leopard print is for you? Don’t wear it! Looking self-conscious or uncomfortable is not sexy, dahling! Know who you are and own it baby!

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