Big Announcement!

Hi all!


I have some great news that I wanted to share with all of you – I am now an advice column writer for “Pinup Perfection” magazine! I will be responding to your e-mail questions about vintage style, retro makeup/hair, burlesque, pinups, relationships, life – anything! I am so excited to be part of a great publication, and I am looking forward to seeing what all of you have to ask me.

Want to send me your question? E-mail questionspinupperfectionmagazine(@) Go for it – your question may get published!

Six for Sunday

Hi everyone!

Yes, it’s that time again – Six for Sunday! I’m going to fill you all in on what is currently rocking and socking my world right now. Let’s go…

1. JD McPherson


I’ve said it before and I will certainly say it again – LOVE this guy! His music is simply intoxicating, and the songs always get stuck in my head. His live show was also amazing at Viva, and I felt obligated to do an individual post to do it right justice. “North Side Gal”, “Scratchin’ Circles”, “Country Boy”, and so many more are something I definitely plan on playing many times at my potential rockabilly pool party in the summer!

2. Fifty Shades of Grey


Yes, I caved. After hearing all the hype, I felt I needed to investigate. I must say, it is intriguing, and I like its plot line, but I can’t say it is any high brow literature that deserves praise as a masterpiece. It is good light reading, something to lose yourself in and enjoy yourself (especially if you’re feeling rather peeked lately πŸ˜‰ ). But I did download “Gone With The Wind” on the Kindle my Mom just gave me to go back to reality a little bit, and go to something with a little more of a cerebral core. I have been going between the two, because sometimes I need a break from one to go to the other. I’m already on page 155 of Shades already, so I guess that’s not bad after owning it for only a day so far. Gone With The Wind is right at the beginning, with those pesky Tarleton twins πŸ˜‰

3. Doris Mayday in The Pin Up magazine


Agh, she is by far my most favourite pin up/vintage model, but Masuimi Max surprised me at Viva and made me love her, so she’s a close second. I specifically invested $10 in the hard copy of the magazine despite subscribing digitally so I could attain her John Hancock. I don’t think signing my iPad would be that grand of an idea, now would it? After I got my picture with all the lovely ladies, I asked for her autograph, an she was more than happy to oblige me in the perfection you see above. I just wish I could get it framed somehow!

4. Going through my Grandma’s personal affects


I recently helped my Mom go through some of my grandmother’s old stuff (She passed last year at age 95. Best grandma ever πŸ™‚ ), and I found some amazing personal treasures that I plan on keeping for the rest of my life. I found birth certificate from 1915 (!), high school diploma from 1933, her personalized bible from the ’50s, and things from my grandfather. I thought it was so cool to see that, and have a personal part of my family’s history from my favourite era. I am actually really jealous my grandmother got to live in the time period I wanted hahah.

5. Libeled Lady


A movie from 1936, starring Myrna Loy, (a young!) Spencer Tracy, William Powell, and the awesome Jean Harlow. I finally managed to get a non-broken DVD from Netflix after two previous tries, so I was more than excited to give it a whirl ASAP. And I must say, it’s one of the best movies from the ’30s I have watched in a long time, if ever! Minus Gone With The Wind, naturally πŸ˜‰ It’s about a woman (Loy) who is suing for libel after a newspaper prints supposed falsities of her being a husband stealer. Powell’s character is hired by Tracy’s character to try and intervene and get rid of the suit. Harlow’s character, who is Tracy’s fiancΓ©e, gets pulled into their scheme as well. I am not going to divulge any more than that, because I want you all to watch it! It was Oscar-nominated, so if that doesn’t help you decide, you’re bloody hopeless ;-P

6. Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary celebration – 4/20/12


One hundred years ago on 20 April, Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox, opened. In honour of this milestone, they brought back legends from the Red Sox as far back as the ’30s and ’40s. Fisk, Pesky, Buckner(!), Garciaparra, and many more legends walked the field in a reunion only a baseball fan could fantasize about. I literally got the chills watching all of those legends together, seeing all of history all at once in such a historical moment as that. It really was special, and I hope to see that again sometime. I doubt it though – it’s a once in a lifetime thing.

I and someone special are in Vintage Life magazine!

I got the very pleasant surprise of being in Vintage Life magazine this month! I am on the back inside cover, on the reader wall. I know, it’s not something to get super excited about, but it’s something special to me πŸ™‚


But then, when I actually got into really reading it after I got back from Viva, I got an even bigger and better surprise – my baby doggie was also in the magazine!


Just had to share with you all πŸ™‚

The Lone Girl With The Incredible Style


I have noticed that in my area, just about no one dresses the way that I do. And this is New York City! We are supposed to be so diverse, have so many different cultures, and tons of style! But yet it is ever so difficult for me to even remotely see anyone with something even close to resembling my style. I do like being an individual, yes, but to know there are a few others sprinkled out there would be nice too! When I was at Viva, almost everyone was from California, especially south, like near LA. I know the proximity of LA is close to Vegas, with it only being about four hours or so away. I used to live in Vegas for two years, so I am very familiar with the area. But also, most of the vintage and rockabilly scene is in southern California. I have even considered applying for jobs there, because that is more of my scene!

But I know a lot of you are dealing with the same situation asme, which is this: you love to dress in a vintage or rockabilly style, but your city or town is basically desolate of anyone that is even somewhat close to being similar to you. What is a girl to do?! Well, let me fill you in on my own experience, and you can use that as a guide for your own life and style.

First of all, don’t be afraid to dress in what you like just because everyone else around you dresses differently. To me, I see it as everyone else dresses so boring, like cookie cutters, and meanwhile, I dress fabulous, and stand out from the crowd in an amazing and unique way! You have to look at your situation in the same way. I have never gotten so many compliments on my outfits, hair, and makeup as when I have been dressing in a retro style. I have people nearly every day complimenting me, and I always get noticed on the streets or in the subway. It makes me feel good knowing that people are appreciating my efforts and the ways that I love! Naturally, there are going to be some people who think it is weird not to dress like everyone else, but think about it – they have been brain washed by all of the popular magazines and shows, and think that’s being unique. But we are truly being unique and really being ourselves and being who we want to be. We are living life our way, and damn proud of it!

I know some of you have unnatural coloured hair, but yet you have job interviews or places of work with very strict dress codes. What’s a girl to do? Why, wear a wig! That way, you can keep your colour, yet conform to the “stuffy” standards of the workplace some of you may have! Also, buy nice vintage dresses that will work at work. Nothing with too much cleavage or too much leg, or anything too “different”. I know, it sucks, but sometimes you just have to if you don’t work in a place that accepts your style. I think most of the dresses from the Stop Staring! line are fabulous for work and for play. The cut of a lot of the dresses is very professional, but yet sexy enough to go out afterwards. I hope to purchase some of their dresses soon!

Also, makeup for work should be kept still minimal – nothing too crazy for the eyes, remember. However, red lipstick is a classic and always works for any situation, work or play!

Now, the key to rocking your style, no matter where you live, despite not a soul dressing like you? CONFIDENCE! You can never have enough confidence, and the rockabilly and retro style is certainly one that demands it. Think about it – you have been confident enough to go against the grain of what all of those cookie cutter women are wearing and think is “stylish”, so go for it! Confidence is the final ingredient in any final outfit, and is what really makes it work!

I hope this helps all of you ladies out there. And always remember – you are never alone in your style, no matter where you are!

JD McPherson

I am so excited to be writing about the fact that I saw JD McPherson live, you have no idea! This is probably the thing I was looking forward to the most if you really prodded and asked me what I was most excited about going to Viva. I loved everything and had so much fun, so it would really be tough to choose anyway LOL.

I got out of the Burlesque Bingo a little after 8:30 or so, and that meant I already had to run upstairs to the ballroom to get my seats and everything already to see good ol’ JD. I did manage to get some seats, but they were grabbed in vain, as I was destined to stand the entire time. No matter, as I was only three people deep from JD himself, and the kind sir gave ever such an amazing performance that I almost forgot about the RSD pain in my foot for a minute!

When I got to the ballroom, there was a DJ there already, and a band starting to set up. I first saw on the initial schedule that JD was supposed to perform at 9 PM, so I thought it might have changed back from the 11 PM printed in the official program. But alas no, for it was the Sidewynders setting up to play. I figured alright, I’ll hang with their groove for a bit. So I did, and I don’t regret it. Not a bad sound, honestly. I actually looked for their music on iTunes, but did not find anything, sadly.

After their set was done, another DJ came on until 11 PM came upon us. Then, out of the shadows, came a jean jacket clad JD. And my, how different he looks in person compared to pictures I saw! Not too shabby looking of a dude, I’ll say. I think most of his sex appeal comes from his musical abilities!

Now, the rest of his group comes out and he offers us a hello via a wave. This was about 10 or 15 minutes before the show even started, and the group was already about 15 deep! I was lucky and went up earlier than that by about 10 or 15 minutes, and was lucky to be about 3 people deep, at the most. I got great angles for pictures and video, so let’s get on with what I know you all have been itching for!





And my personal favourite of my pictures of JD’s show? This absolute gem-


I just adore this picture so much – I think it just sums up the incredible fun and energy in such a perfect and pinpoint way πŸ™‚

And now, a treat for all of you lovelies, what you all have been waiting for – VIDEOS!

How about that? What a great show! I just found out via his Facebook page that he will be at the Mercury Lounge this week, and you can get tickets for barely $20! I would go if I could, trust me πŸ™‚ And if you haven’t “liked” him on Facebook yet – what are you waiting for? Go do it! πŸ™‚

Viva Las Vegas 15 – Spectacular Saturday

Sorry it took me forever to write more about Viva, but between being ill, enjoying Viva, and other such silliness, I have had no time recently! But I do want to let you in to the innards of Saturday at Viva, and my there is a lot to get through!

Saturday is probably the biggest day of Viva because there are a lot of important events going on, such as the car show. I actually wanted to go to the burlesque competition, but had to let that go so I would be able to see JD McPherson, which was only 30 minutes afterwards! So you can see where a girl might get flustered at having to make some difficult choices!

The weather in Vegas was fabulous as usual for the car show, with it being around 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I wanted to get a parasol in order to prevent getting a sunburn or a tan, but alas, money issues arose after getting some items Friday and a pre-order for a suit from Vintage Suits by Mary, so I ended up with a mild burn, unfortunately 😦 But I still had enormous amounts of fun at the car show, and here’s pictures for all of you!




























There was also a little makeshift wedding chapel there, where in typical Vegas style, you can get married by Elvis! I know at least one of my friends on Facebook did this LOL!


One of my favourite parts of the car show was that I got to meet Erin Cummings, Masuimi Max, and Doris Mayday at the Pin Up Girl Clothing Model Lounge! All of the ladies were so sweet. Doris gave me this huge hug when I said hi to her, which was a bit unexpected for this New Yorker LOL! But definitely not unpleasant πŸ™‚ Masuimi also basically grabbed my boob when she saw my pen necklace and grabbed it to get a better look. Erin then commented, “That’s the Joan necklace, from Mad Men!” to which I agreed. They were all going on about how much they loved it. Then I managed to get Doris to autograph the latest issue of “The Pin Up” in which she is the cover girl. All in all, some amazing and totally fun ladies!


Then, of course, since I could not go to the burlesque competition, I did the next best thing – burlesque bingo!


This is Audrey DeLuxe, from LA. She was the hostess with the mostess and was such a cutie pie. I wanted to take a bite of her!


These are all of the lovely ladies that were hosting that day. The one lady next to last on the right, Truvy Trollop, was absolutely hysterical! She had all of us laughing 98% of the time. Loved her!


This is a part of Tara MiSioux’s performance. As you can see, she would take her clothes off, and drop them on a board, where Miss DeLuxe would announce the numbers covered by the clothing, which you would mark off on your bingo board until you got a bingo.





After the performances and there were at most four bingo winners, they would go up on stage and roll the fuzzy dice they had, seeing who rolled the highest number, and therefore won. They had great prizes like professional photography packages and things that were absolutely fab!


This is my friend Kitty Kin-Evil, rolling the dice and going on to win! I was happy for her, and had to take a pic πŸ™‚

After the fun of burlesque bingo, we ran to go to the ballroom to wait for JD McPherson. I will have my next post all about it! Stay tuned, dolls!

Burlesque Showcase at Viva Las Vegas 15

Here is my coverage in video form of the burlesque showcase from Friday evening at Viva. You had to get tickets at noon at the box office the day of, and WOW, was the line long! The Orleans is a huge casino resort, and the line must have been 3 or 4 wide, and clear across the casino. But damn, was the show worth it! The proof of this statement is below πŸ™‚

I am so glad I had my iPhone with me in order to take these videos, but I know the quality of them is not 100% amazing as I would have loved for all of you. But I hope you can get the general vibe of the video, and that you can enjoy them nonetheless. I was starting to become disappointed when my phone was giving me issues about taking videos versus what space I had remaining. Damn 8 GB – I need at least four times that much space! LOL.

I have been working on several entries to post over the next few days, all that cover Viva in a more in depth way, and don’t just leisurely brush over everything. I don’t want my fabulous readers to think I don’t care enough about them to just write one post, skimming over all of the fun and leaving them hanging. Stay tuned, for you will be satiated! πŸ™‚