Viva Las Vegas 15 – Fabulous Friday

Hey there everyone! I am here at Viva, and yesterday was my first full day of experiencing the rockabilly weekender. And might I say, it’s AWESOME. I have been having a great time, and there is so much to do I am actually going to miss some of the other things I wanted to also do, but oh well – at least I’m here, right? 😉

I have some pictures for you all! This was all for Friday’s events. I went to learn jive dancing, then to see the vendors, then to see the burlesque showcase which was fabulous! Here they are…enjoy 🙂


The official Viva schedule and guide.


Viva shopping bag filled with goodies!


Jive dancing class – so much fun! The woman who taught it was really funny and cute. I’ll have video when I return, in my overall review.


Viva Las Vegas bowling! I whooped some booty heh 😉


My look for Friday.


My official Viva Layrite! I needed another one since the TSA threw away my other one!


In the showroom.


Burlesque showcase. All of these ladies were fabulous, and super sexy!


They chose three people from the audience to be “burlesque stars”, and there were two girls and one guy. They all rocked it!


More sexy ladies.


The end of the show, and all the ladies on stage. Round of applause!

Well dolls, that’s it for now, but stay tuned soon for more updates!

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