JD McPherson

I am so excited to be writing about the fact that I saw JD McPherson live, you have no idea! This is probably the thing I was looking forward to the most if you really prodded and asked me what I was most excited about going to Viva. I loved everything and had so much fun, so it would really be tough to choose anyway LOL.

I got out of the Burlesque Bingo a little after 8:30 or so, and that meant I already had to run upstairs to the ballroom to get my seats and everything already to see good ol’ JD. I did manage to get some seats, but they were grabbed in vain, as I was destined to stand the entire time. No matter, as I was only three people deep from JD himself, and the kind sir gave ever such an amazing performance that I almost forgot about the RSD pain in my foot for a minute!

When I got to the ballroom, there was a DJ there already, and a band starting to set up. I first saw on the initial schedule that JD was supposed to perform at 9 PM, so I thought it might have changed back from the 11 PM printed in the official program. But alas no, for it was the Sidewynders setting up to play. I figured alright, I’ll hang with their groove for a bit. So I did, and I don’t regret it. Not a bad sound, honestly. I actually looked for their music on iTunes, but did not find anything, sadly.

After their set was done, another DJ came on until 11 PM came upon us. Then, out of the shadows, came a jean jacket clad JD. And my, how different he looks in person compared to pictures I saw! Not too shabby looking of a dude, I’ll say. I think most of his sex appeal comes from his musical abilities!

Now, the rest of his group comes out and he offers us a hello via a wave. This was about 10 or 15 minutes before the show even started, and the group was already about 15 deep! I was lucky and went up earlier than that by about 10 or 15 minutes, and was lucky to be about 3 people deep, at the most. I got great angles for pictures and video, so let’s get on with what I know you all have been itching for!





And my personal favourite of my pictures of JD’s show? This absolute gem-


I just adore this picture so much – I think it just sums up the incredible fun and energy in such a perfect and pinpoint way 🙂

And now, a treat for all of you lovelies, what you all have been waiting for – VIDEOS!

How about that? What a great show! I just found out via his Facebook page that he will be at the Mercury Lounge this week, and you can get tickets for barely $20! I would go if I could, trust me 🙂 And if you haven’t “liked” him on Facebook yet – what are you waiting for? Go do it! 🙂

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