Fabulous Fleurs


I wanted to take some blog real estate out today for the ever important topic of – hair flowers! As any vintage loving gal knows, flowers placed just ever so can really just add that perfect finishing touch to your look. It’s also a unique way to add definition and an element of surprise to an otherwise seemingly blah outfit (*coughworkcough*). So, I made it my mission to give you ladies the what-for when it comes to les fleurs.

If you are just starting out with the hair flower business, surely you must be swarmed with choices as to what to get for your first! The best and most versatile piece is a traditional red rose, a good 3 or 4 inches in diameter. You can pretty much slap that baby on with anything and some red lipstick and be out the door. Of course, this is your base until you graduate up and out, as well as receive a firm education in the decorative floral arts ;-). From there, if I were to suggest a secondary purchase after the rose, I would say go for a white lily. A lot of the ladies you see nowadays sporting hair flowers have at least one white lily in their arsenal, and is quite the pinup petal. It is also very feminine without being too dominant or overly dramatic, which is good to start out with as well until you get used to all that staring from looking so fabulous!

What flowers to wear when? ‘Tis an ordeal, je sais. My rule of thumb is that if it’s not in season during this…err…season, then let it be for a bit, at least until it’s a tad closer to said flower’s bloom time. Also, make note of the colour like any good accessory. Would you find the placement of a bright yellow carnation to be appropriate in winter? No, not really. Keep that gorgeous lovely for the spring and summer, darling. Mums, dahlias, and the like in muted or jewel tone colours are much better for the fall and winter. Keeping this in mind helps to keep the look very authentic, and very much time appropriate.

And how exactly to wear your flower? First, make sure it matches with something in your outfit. We’re not dressing in modern day here honey, where it is all avant garde to mismatch everything and have it look “cool”. Going for the retro look means going for it. That means that you must try to abide by the fashion rules back in whatever decade pleases your fancy. But with any time in vintage fashion, making sure that everything matched together was essential and expected to ensure you’re looking your most magnificent. What I usually do is choose a colour that is secondary within my outfit, and choose a flower in a corresponding colour. For instance, today I wore a black dress with a red belt and red shoes. What flower did I go with? A red rose. Let’s say you have a novelty print dress with just a bit of blue in it. Bringing that ensemble over the top just means putting a blue flower in your hair! Also, please remember the balancing system, as I call it. That means making sure your flower is placed where it “balances out” the rest of your look. For instance, let’s say you did a cold set on your hair and brushed it out with a side part. That hair flower needs to go on the side with the least amount of hair on it, just above the top of your ear, to keep it balanced. And please – no victory rolls with flowers in the rolls – use the side entrance, please 😉

Where is a girl to get fabulous flowers? I have bought all of mine from a great place called HairFlowers.net. As a matter of fact, I just received my most recent order today, that which you see above, containing a white azalea, pink rose, yellow carnation, and a navy blue peony. This brings my total of flowers to nine, and I already have my next order lined up for when the funds come in – a vintage girl can never have enough hair flowers! I intend to have every flower and every colour under the sun if I can 🙂 HairFlowers.net has been absolutely fabulous for whatever I may need or want; I have seriously spent a good couple of hours just oohing and ahhing over everything they have – the selection is second to none. Your order always comes immaculately packaged, just like you were opening up a gift! Great care is taken to ensure a safe transit for your items. I have also found their flowers to be rather durable, and also intricate. They even have flowers for you sticklers out there who want the longevity of a falsie but the feel and touch of the real thing! They also have a lot of flowers that also have a pin along with its clip on the back, in case you feel like decorating your clothes instead of your hair 🙂 And might I add, I am not being compensated or anything by them – they don’t even know I’m giving them the thumbs up. This is my unbiased opinion from my own personal experiences and purchases, and you can always count on that from me 🙂

3 comments on “Fabulous Fleurs

  1. missflamboyante says:

    These are magnificent – I love the middle one (red)

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