The “Scene” and Unseen


I have been having this topic on my mind for a while now, because I have been dealing with stupidity, snobbiness, and elitist tendencies from people who also are in this style or “scene”. I wanted to finally get my feelings on everything out there not only to help people, but also to maybe instill the seeds of change. At least I hope so.

Since I have started with my vintage dressing and lifestyle, I have never received so many compliments in my life. It really is a sure fire way to look great. But I have noticed that most people within this lifestyle have this horrid habit of being nasty towards each other and being selfish. I find it incredibly disheartening that whenever I finally find or meet someone who enjoys the same style and life that I do, that they turn out to be nasty, and are ridiculously critical of everything and anything you wear, say, or do. So many people in the scene act like they know everything about it, and that no one could possibly dress better or do anything better than them, and therefore it apparently gives them some right to be nasty, jealous, and hypocritical towards others. I find this to be completely juvenile. Shouldn’t we all respect each other at the very least? Isn’t this style all about expressing yourself and being different? Then why is it that people feel they have some right to make calls on others just because of how they dress, their looks, what they do, and whatnot? Just give it a rest! This should be and needs to be a tight knit community of support, not of shunning and secrecy. I can’t believe anyone would “hide” where they shop for vintage clothes, like other people are going to steal “their stuff”. Help spread the wealth! And mind you, most vintage clothing and thrift stores are small businesses, so you are keeping good business from those that really need it and deserve it.

Let people be who they are. Stop criticizing the girl that you think has “shitty” victory rolls, and go freakin’ show her how it’s done if you think you know better! I gladly and willingly teach and help my clients to achieve styles and looks on their own if they desire to know. No one knows it all or has it all, so lay off. Contribute positively to this community, or keep it to yourself.

2 comments on “The “Scene” and Unseen

  1. Desiree says:

    First of all, fantastic picture. But moving right along, I’m sort of surprised! I’ve never had that experience. I find the community to be very warm and welcoming. There are bits of snobbery here and there (“wtf? she’s mixing 30s and 40s!”) but I’ve had the opposite experience. Where have you had this the most?

  2. Bunny Moreno says:

    I see this mostly in the pinup world and not so much in the vintage world-meaning people who dress or live a vintage lifestyle. A close friend of mine and I have noticed this a lot but again mostly in the pinup world where everyone thinks they will be famous like Bernie Dexter. I dont think they realize that Bernie who is now in her 40s has been doing this for over 20 yrs and she lives and breathes it along with her spouse. Its said to say that women are like this all over the place. I am with you that we should celebrate one another but alas that is not the case. xox

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