Get Your Thrift On!

Yesterday I went on a glorious trip around town with my Mom going thrift shopping. I went to four different stores each in the span of a few hours. I found some great things, only for a few dollars each – how can you beat that?!

The first store I went to is a place called Encore Thrift. It gives all of its profits to veterans, which I love, having been in the service myself. I would buy the whole store if I could, just to help out! I got my shop on, and found a great white cardigan in a cable knit that I had been looking for, as well as a red gingham shirt (perfect for my high waist capris!), and a beautiful vintage inspired shirt.


But you have to check this out: the vintage inspired shirt was new – with the tags! You gotta check out the retail price versus the thrift price:


Amazing, right? This is yet another reason thrifting is awesome and addicting πŸ™‚

The girl who works there is so sweet. I remember her from when I went there when I was recovering from my shoulder surgery, and she was really nice even then. I was about to pay for my things, which equaled $14, but as I gave her my debit card, she said there was a $15 minimum for cards. So, since I was checking out the jewelry bobs and things, I got this one ring I thought was cute. The girl makes them herself, from authentic playing cards from the 1940s:


After that, I went to another store, called Save Thrift. I was excited, because the money from there goes to helping dogs and cats, another passion of mine. But alas, they only really had house ware stuff, not much else. The store was also rather miniscule. So that was a bust. But the next two I went to more than made up for it! The third is called just the Charity Resale Shop. Pretty plain and straight to the point LOL. This place was gigantic, and had tons of racks of things from kitsch to clothes to purses, belts, hats and more! I squealed with glee when we went in there,and happily perused everything. I checked out the shoes, but I don’t even know why I try – my feet are a monstrous size 11, so I know I am only destined for online foot wear purchases only LOL. But I found a great red sweater tank, perfect with a bullet bra underneath, as well as a bright yellow cardigan, followed by three scarves. I also found a black patent leather belt that I needed for a Bettie Page dress I have because the original broke, so that worked out very well πŸ™‚


I also found this cute little purse for only a few dollars, great for summer trips and such:


I believe I spent a total $20 all together in that shop for everything. We next voyaged on to Second Chance Consignment Shop, which was also gigantic. My Mom found out about it from her friend Sheila, who had gone there earlier that day! It was kind of off the beaten path, but well worth the effort. Racks and racks of great stuff! I found three great vintage looking tops, as well as a chiffon scarf for only 25 cents! A grand total of $12 was spent here πŸ™‚


I would say yesterday had to be one of, if not the best day I have ever had going thrifting. The thrill you get when you find a real gem after all the work of sifting through all of the other junk is remarkable. And then the prices just seal the deal! Around by my Mom here in southern New Jersey, there is a large population of older and retired people, so you have a higher chance of getting really great stuff. Always keep that in mind if you plan on thrifting – if you know of any stores near retirement/adult communities, do go to them, because you have a greater chance of hitting the jackpot. And also, please do go to the charity shops and spend to your heart’s content – your money is going to great causes, so it is completely guilt free shopping!

I plan on getting rid of a whole bunch of old clothes that I am not going to wear anymore since I have gotten into the vintage scene, and I plan on donating them to the military charity shop because they will get loved again and the proceeds go to a great cause. I just can’t throw away clothes, I just think that is a horrible waste! So to the charity shop they shall go. I gotta make more room for other thrifting and vintage finds, ya know πŸ˜‰

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