Imperfectly Perfect: A Review of Vintage Suits by Mary

Today I received my eyelet swim suit from Vintage Suits by Mary today. This is the suit I had ordered way back at Viva two whole months ago. When I pre-ordered it, I was told it would only take a month to receive it. I willingly obliged, knowing I should receive it before the swimming season began.

I began to wonder what happened about a week after I was supposed to receive my suit. A week after that, I sent the owner, Mary, an email asking what was up. She replied quickly, and said the suit would be going out in the next few days, as it was just getting finished up. I figured okay, sometimes things come up, and I gave it some more time.

Another two weeks later, I had still not received my suit. It had been a full two months, double the allotted time frame. I sent another email to Mary, this time a little more terse than before, stating that if I did not receive the suit by the 15th of June (for a trip to Florida I will be going on soon), I would need my money back and I would invest in a suit elsewhere. In the next day or so, I received an email back from her, saying:

Imagine my surprise when I got this email from you, since I sent out your order shortly after your last email! I looked into it, and apparently the order was “misrouted” (whatever that means), and was not ever delivered. It possibly will eventually be delivered to you, in which case you may keep it. In the meantime, I came to work immediately after our sample sale yesterday and made you another suit. I have already mailed it, and your tracking number is 910115013471139516XXXX. I’m sorry about all of this, it rarely happens, but occasionally the mail gets sent to the weirdest places.

Okay, I have a few questions here. First, if the first suit did get “misrouted”, then how did she know it got misrouted? She must have had the tracking number. And if she had the tracking number, why was it not given to me initially? I just did not understand that, and I felt as if something was awry in that explanation. But I checked the tracking number religiously, and indeed my new suit she made again was resent. I received it in a few days, no issues.


As soon as I opened the package, I investigated the suit, checking its quality and seeing if there might be anything wrong with it. I found the suit to be quite sturdy, and the bottoms were actually fairly heavy, which I felt at least denoted decent fabric quality

However, I found two issues that I deemed to be problematic. First, the straps on the top are entirely too long, and being that I have big girls to reign in, offer absolutely no support for my chest. It’s basically like I wasn’t wearing a top at all. I knew as soon as I saw those straps I would have to shorten them. Luckily, I know how I could maneuver that without damaging the aesthetic of the suit too much.


Second, that bling in the middle of the top? Yeah, that’s a pin. I could take it right off if I wanted to. And I also know that it will start to rust after a few dips, as it’s not plastic, but metal. I am disappointed in this, as I felt like it was such a stunning part of the suit. It may be fine if you just want to lounge pool side, but I actually love to swim, and a swim suit is to most likely swim in, am I right?


I must say I do love the overall look and design of the suit – the eyelet fabric with the flesh tone underneath gives a classy yet sexy vintage vibe. The suit also has an authentic vintage cut to it, which can be hard to find sometimes. But I must say I was very disappointed in how it took such a long time to get to me, and that I had to basically give an ultimatum to receive my suit. Also, the weird explanation puzzles me as well. Just frustrating, but I am glad I have my suit now, and this is all over. I would probably never pre-order from this company again, but I would probably try to order a suit from Etsy from them, if some of ten are already made. But from what I know, the majority are custom made, so I would hesitate about ordering again. Not saying I would, not saying I wouldn’t. I would check other outlets and shops first to see if they had a similar version of what I liked before returning.

Have any of you ordered from Vintage Suits by Mary before? What were your experiences?

8 comments on “Imperfectly Perfect: A Review of Vintage Suits by Mary

  1. Vintage Living Magazine says:

    What a beautiful, classic swimsuit! We just did a post on vintage-inspired suits.

  2. Mary Harrell says:

    This is Mary, from Vintage Suits by Mary. I was just notified of this post. I’m sorry you are so unhappy with your swimsuit.
    As I said before, I HAD mailed your suit out to you right after our first conversation. I did not give the order another thought until I heard from you again. The package WAS “mis-routed” and I found that out by calling the US postal service and waiting on hold for about 20 minutes. The reason I called was because when I checked the tracking number online, there was no information. I’m not sure why you don’t believe me, but you certainly did not have to give me an ultimatum to get your suit.
    Also, the rhinestone accent is a pin specifically so it can be removed for swimming. Plastic looks cheap and tacky and I have never found one that looks good enough to go on one of my suits. If you do choose to keep it on while swimming, it won’t rust as it is not made of steel.

    Again, I am sorry you are so unhappy with your suit, and if you would like you can return it for a full refund.



    • Hi Mary,

      I love the suit, I never said I was unhappy with the suit, per se. I just did not understand why it had to take so long, and also why I was not given the tracking number on the first suit. At the time, I did feel like I needed to put a time limit on the waiting period for my suit, because spending $90 to receive a suit after summer is over is essentially a waste. If I had known the suit was misrouted via the tracking number, I would have contacted you and asked what could be done. I was not aware, so I felt like nothing was going on.

      Thank you for letting me know about the pin. I haven’t gone into the water yet with it as I have to shorten the straps, but I do love the suit and I look forward to wearing it.



  3. Mary says:

    Hi, I’m a little confused. Why did you delete the comment that I left? I just clarified some questions that you seemed to have and offered you a refund. I don’t understand.

  4. smiles says:

    I ordered my swimsuits from this website seven and a half weeks ago, still have not gotten them yet. Pretty nervous I wont have them in time for my birthday pool party I’ve been planning for the past few months. I’m pleased to see you say the swimsuits are made well, there is honestly nothing better than well made clothing! The amount of time it’s taking to get here is pretty disappointing though, she would have had a customer for life if it weren’t for the long delay! 😦

  5. niki says:

    I ordered back in February. Today, April 23rd, I still have not received. It’s really unfortunate. I’ll probably look into canceling my order if not received in the next week.

    • I had to become kinda nasty in order to get my swim suit. I don’t like to go down that road if I don’t have to, it’s not my choice path to get things done. But it worked. I’ve heard several stories like yours since I posted this piece. It’s rather unfortunate. I hope you get your suit ASAP!

  6. Mary says:

    I’m not sure who you are, Niki, but I’ll be happy to cancel your order and send you a full refund. I had some pretty serious health issues which sent me to the ICU for a while.

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