Hot Weather, Cool You


Today, it will be 98 degrees outside, with pretty high humidity. I don’t mind the heat so much from living in Vegas for two years, but the humidity is what can get to me. That sticky, sweaty feeling? Yuck!

In times like these, how is a girl to look vintage fab yet stay cool? I have found several tips and tricks to looking good yet staying cool in these times of being able to fry your morning eggs on your car’s hood.

1. One of the best ways to keep cool is to have your hair in updos as much as you can. Whether it is a simple rockabilly ponytail with a bandana, or an elaborate wartime style, you can’t go wrong with having your hair up and away from your face. I will soon be posting my first YouTube video on how to achieve a fabulous updo which I just had recently:


2. Day/house dresses are your best friend. They tend to be lightweight, flowy, and made to be comfortable. I have a good deal of them, and I would much rather whip them out to wear than pants/capris/shorts any day. As a matter of fact, I much prefer to wear dresses just in general as I find they are much more comfortable. Am I alone in that? I somehow don’t think so 😉 Try to go for light fabrics such as linen or a light cotton, and you will be nice and fine.

3. If you haven’t already, invest in a good parasol! I just bought one recently from On The Trashy Side, and I love it! It is amazing how well they keep you cooler than being right out in the sun. And as well all know, long sun exposure is a big no-no! At least wear some SPF 30. But as most of us vintage gals tend to do, we want nice pale, porcelain skin. I have SPF in my foundation and powder, and I use SPF 85 sunscreen on the rest of my body as well. Don’t forget places such as the tops of your feet, the tips of your ears, and such!

4. Hand fans are also a great investment. Not only will you look elegant and divine, but you will cool yourself off at the same time. Check on eBay for some good hand fans for not too shabby of a price.

5. Wear lighter colours, such as white, pink, yellow, et cetera. Lighter colours are known to reflect light/heat, and darker colours absorb it, making you much warmer than you would like to be. Plus, it’s summer – why would you want to wear dark colours anyway? 🙂

6. Go hang by the pool! Whether you have your own pool, use one in your neighbourhood, or go to the beach, spending some good time in the water does wonders. So put on that gorgeous vintage suit you’ve been dying to show off, grab your parasol, and have at it!

What other tips and tricks do you ladies have to beat the heat?

2 comments on “Hot Weather, Cool You

  1. femmemcgee says:

    You are not alone. I think dresses are much more comfortable. Thanks for reminding me about hand fans. I always forget about those!

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