Another Thrifting Trip!

I am down by my mother’s house again, which means that I had to go thrifting, natch πŸ˜‰ It was pouring rain outside from the thunderstorms around, but despite that, I implored my Mom to go to the nearby charity shop after I faxed some things I had to do. And we did, and I found some great things, all for great prices of course!


Sorry for the lack in quality of this photo. I wanted to try and appropriately capture the detail in this fabulous peasant shirt. This would give a great ’50s gypsy look that was popular back then.


Amazingly, this orange shirt is my first Peter Pan collar! I have been wanting one for quite a while, so when I saw this I had to nab it. The other shirt is a very lightweight fabric with polka dots on it, and almost has a vintage house dress type feel to me. It will go great with my high waist shorts.


These two are my pride and joy! The first is a nautical boat neck type shirt, and I just love the rockabilly nautical look. I have several pieces that this will go with, including a pair of capris with red buttons in a sailor style that will be a great 4th of July look after I mend it.

The second shirt is my absolute favourite, and I can not wait to wear it! It has an absolutely ’40s look to it, even down to the wooden buttons. It is also made of rayon, which was the fabric de rigeur of the time. Quite an authentic looking fabulous piece for only $5!

I also bought my Mom a great coral and red floral shirt since her birthday was two weeks ago, and I wanted to do something for her πŸ™‚ The grand total? $27.50. Fabulous, is it not?

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