Thrifting – Part Deux

I was feeling a bit restless this afternoon, and I was still feeling the thrifting bug itch. There was the one store I had also wanted to go to yesterday, but decided against it as the weather was very poor due to severe thunderstorms. I got ready within five minutes (no makeup, since it was 2:45 at the time and the store closed at 4:00), and was out the door. We got there within ten minutes, and as soon as I got inside, I was excited to see what treasures I could find.

There are two stores in the area here that are rather large, and I like to visit. The one I visited yesterday was just called “Charity Resale Shop”, and this shop I visited today was called “Second Time Around Consignment Shop”. This store also is a non-profit that has its profits go to the local branch of the Barnabas Health system of hospitals. I also like another store called “Encore Thrift”, which has all of its profits go to an Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps veterans associations, which I love naturally 🙂

Here are today’s finds:


I bought that white tank just for the sheer fact that it has an over-the-shoulder boulder holder built in, and in my size! Great as a basic to build on. The other shirt has a great tiki feel and would go great with high waist shorts.


I call this my “nautical collection”. Both of these have basic rockabilly elements of the stripes on the first, and the button details on the second. I’m a sucker for the nautical look, so I had to have them.


Oh my, how excited I got over these earrings! I have been wanting a pair of cherry earrings for a while, and as I was working my way to pay for my items, I checked out some of the jewelry they had going on. Lo and behold, I find these little lovelies in a random basket! Three bucks? How could I not?


This is something I got rather excited about, since I had just talked about using hand fans to keep you cool during the summer. I know this will serve me well to keep me looking lovely during those hot and humid summer days coming up soon. I found this fabulous fan in a random basket of clutch purses for 50 cents.

Another great day of thrifting down around my mom’s house!

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