I’ve Got An Addiction

An addiction to thrifting, that is!

After I was informed of something that made me rather irritated and disappointed, I decided I needed some retail therapy – or thrift therapy, more appropriately!

The first thrift store was in a town called Beachwood, NJ and was my favourite of the two I went to. I don’t recall the name, how horrid am I? 😉 This store was set out in a very classy way, and wasn’t just a mish mash of things. Everything was organized by size and clothing type. I found me these goodies:


The first is a very ’50s soft pink sweater. Another to add to my collection, perfect with a bullet bra! Next is a distinctly ’30s type shirt, with the flowiness and the details of it. Just beautiful. And lastly, I managed to snag myself a great pair of high waist cuff shorts that scream 1940s.

But my most prized acquisition? These pretties:


I can’t believe I found these, I nearly shat myself! I have enormously large feet, coming in at a size 11, so it’s hard to find anything in my size, let alone in a thrift store. A lot of times I don’t even look, because I already know it’s futile. But out of the corner of my eyes I saw these, and despite being a size 10, I tried them on and they fit rather comfortably. And the kicker? They were only $3, but they were having a half off sale, so they ended up being only $1.50! Not bad for a pair of ’40s inspired shoes 😉 The total came to $10.

The next store I went to was the usual Goodwill just a few miles down the road.


This store, as are most Goodwills, was very large and there was a ton to sift though; I actually didn’t manage to get through it all because I was so tired. Thrifting can be a lot of hard work!

On the way inside, I saw this sign, and my dirty mind immediately kicked in. It was too funny not to share:


If you have ever been to a Goodwill, you know they have massive amounts of stuff, and it takes a lot of dedication and work to check out everything. And just skimming over things is not good enough – you need to file through each item and look at it, because just a half inch view from the side really can’t tell you much of anything. I spent over 90 minutes in that store, and still didn’t make that much of a dent! But these are the goodies I got:


These are some great rockabilly shirts! And of course I had to get some requisite cardis:


The first is a nice peach colour with a gorgeous cream lace. The other is a thicker knit greyish blue cardi, which is perfect for fall/winter, or places with a little too much of a good thing (A/C).

All in all, only $30 for everything I purchased!

Have any of you gotten any great thrift finds lately?

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