The 7th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party

Today I had the pleasure of going with Miss Bunny Moreno of The Musings and Adventures of a Pinup Mama to the Seventh Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, which is themed mostly in the ’20s and ’30s. It was held on Governor’s Island, which was an old Army installment from the turn of the century and gorgeous, might I add!





They had several posts there of the history of the island, which is undergoing renovations in order to make exhibits more like a large museum due to open in 2013.




We took a free ferry to the island from Pier 6 in Brooklyn, which Bunny’s husband drove us to, which was super sweet of him because he is an über-busy guy!

I did Bunny’s makeup and hair, but skimped a little bit on mine because my shoulder has been acting a hot mess, especially lately since I recently moved and did a bit too much myself 😦 I did a pin curl set on her the night before, and did very natural makeup to coincide with her dust bowl dress straight out of the ’30s.


This is Bunny with a dress she has had in her Etsy cart for two weeks now, and it just so happens that the seller was at the event! We did some business hob-nobbing with the two ladies, and we are planning to go to their store opening on 15 September of Pin Up Queens on 22-03 Astoria Boulevard, which looks fabulous.

Then we got to the task at hand, and started walking around and investigating. Some people were really dressed to the nines, while others were totally off the mark or didn’t even try at all. But it was fabulous to hear a full orchestra playing classic tunes of the time, and feeling completely immersed in the life of 85 years ago!






There were some great vendors there selling some b-e-a-utiful things, which Bunny and I drooled over.





We even got to take a retro type picture by Tsirkus Fotografika, which will posted soon, as it needs to be posted by them. They had a cool vintage looking camera mixing the old with the new of a digital camera.



We walked around the island further, and took some pictures of us with the beautiful houses all around there.



After our fun time it was back to the present and we hopped on the ferry and took a gander at the beautiful views it had to offer, and took a picture of us together, of course!




It was a fabulous time and well worth the trip, and I hope to go next year!

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