Back to School, Vintage Style


Well, today is the day. It’s a day I have been waiting for since the spring, and it’s finally here. I am heading back to school! I will be going into the nursing program at a local college, and taking on a full-time course load – 13 credits. I haven’t been in school since I went for my bachelors at Rutgers University in New Brunswick five and a half years ago! It is a little bit daunting, so I am going to dedicate myself to school initially, until I get back into the swing of things. Then when I feel comfortable, and will relax a bit. This is something very important to me, and I intend to receive amazing grades, as this is one of the stepping stones on my way to going to medical school and ultimately becoming an orthopaedic surgeon.

I will be older than nearly everyone on campus, but I think of it more as an advantage than a disadvantage. I have the gift of my extra years of wisdom and experience to help me, as opposed to being so young and not really understanding the world and basically being kind of lazy and not willing to work too much for anything. I know there are kids that are exceptions to this rule, but most have this “entitled” attitude nowadays, which is disheartening. I don’t intend to really socialize, because in addition to being there to learn, I have never really had friends that were younger than me, or even my age. All of my friends have always been older, which I suppose comes from my maturity level and all of the things I have been through and seen in my life so far.

I also do not intend to dress like a good portion of college kids today, which is basically to just roll out of bed and head to class wearing your pajamas. I. Just. Can’t. I know I will be the odd one out being the vintage girl like I am, but I’m proud of that actually. While I may not dress up for every single day of class, I will at least certainly do my best to look put together with a vintage or rockabilly flair. I really believe how you dress shows how much you value what you are doing, and I’m going to dress the same way I value my education.


I am writing this post mainly for the fact of letting all of my readers know more about me, as well as letting all of you know that I will still try and post as much as I can. Sometimes I may not be able to, but I promise this blog will not die. I will at least post a handful of entries a month. I love doing this blog, and being able to share my passion and knowledge with others as well as meeting others in this vintage/blogging community. I believe moderation is key, and immersing yourself completely into one thing is detrimental. This blog will serve as my sanity and escape when school gets crazy, and when I feel a little burnt out and I need an outlet. I have had a magnitude of wonderful things occur since I started this blog, such as being offered modelling jobs, having an author of a best-selling biography comment and thank me for my review, as well as meeting wonderful new friends such as Bunny Moreno from The Musings and Adventures of a Pinup Mama. I can’t just give that up, and I won’t. I will continue to be here, blogging away, and continuing to offer the same calibre of writing. I just ask that you understand when there may be a period of a week or two of no new posts. I will try to make that as rare an occurrence as possible, but I know it will happen at least once during exam time. But not to fret, you can’t get rid of me that easily! I’ll still be here for you, and I hope you will still be here for me.

10 comments on “Back to School, Vintage Style

  1. Bunny Moreno says:

    Yeah!!! So proud of you!!! Great post and you looked amazeballs for your first day of school!! Whoot!!! xox PS Thank you for the shout out hehehe You’re too sweet!!!

  2. Love the outfit, and love the plaid skirt!!! Congrats on school.

  3. Joanna says:

    Congrats on going back to school. This is going to be an awesome experience for you. It’s so great that you can focus on this and it’s great that you are not letting your age (even though you look quite young:) get in the way of your dreams and goals. I’m with you on the entitlement attitude that seems to be around nowadays….maybe this is another reason I look back in history to a time when there was a sense of appreciation for what you had and also appreciating the actions of others and a value in the “American Dream”.

    • Thank you! I feel the same way, looking back to the times we do for inspiration and a model for our lives. The entitlement attitude now is very sad…I think my time in the military as well as my other trials in life have made me the exact opposite of that. And I am 8 or 9 years older than most of my fellow classmates! LOL.

  4. amy says:

    go get ’em, you’ll do great and am sure look very stylish while doing it…..

    • Heheh thank you Amy! I definitely intend to look the best I can, even though I may look way different than everyone on campus – I revel in that actually. In my class today we did introduction interviews to everyone, and I was proud to be the vintage blogger/model/stylist/makeup & hair/lifestyle girl 😉

  5. Joanna says:

    Hey Veronica, did you see this dress? It’s inspired by Imelda M. This dress is totally up my alley. I just wish it was $300 cheaper lol.

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