Review: Dollsville NYC


I had the pleasure of coming in to contact with Dollsville NYC at the Burlesque Festival Teaser Party. They had a huge booth open as a vendor at the event, and they had an enormous range of goodies. I introduced myself, and said that I would love to review their products, and the fact that they are based here in New York is awesome, since most companies the are rockabilly/retro are based in southern California.

I chose the leopard print bow with a nautical anchor center, and the vendor was more than happy to let me try it. The very next day, I wore it to both of my Friday classes and I must say, it was a hit! I received a few comments/compliments on it, and I loved the cohesive look it gave my ensemble (I was wearing leopard print jeans and a black shirt). It is very unique, and very well made too, might I add.


The bow is made of a vinyl type of fabric, which is great since that means more durability, less chance of staining or fraying, and it keeps its shape much better. The nautical addition in the center is very well anchored (no pun intended – okay, maybe a little 😉 ), and the ribbed ribbon that covers part of the clip (pin curl clip) helps to grip your hair better. I love me some alligator clips, but when you have an updo like victory rolls, if you want to adjust your embellishment, it really screws up your ‘do. The way they used the double prong pin curl clip with the ribbon is the best of both worlds, and I never once had to adjust my bow.


Dollsville NYC is definitely a company I hope to order more from in the future! They do fascinators, bows, custom work, bridal, veils, and so much more! Go check out their website here – tell them I sent you!

P.S. – I have created my first YouTube video for y’all! I just need to figure out how to send it to my phone so I can upload it. Stay tuned!

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