The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow! (Probably Not)


All of this gloom for the past two weeks has really gotten to me lately. I don’t want to do anything, and I’ve been wearing my robe like its a uniform lately. And trust me, this robe ain’t glamourous, honey. I’m sure my recent bout of flu didn’t help either. But what is a gal to do?

Well, I have been trying to think of precisely that, my dears. I have been doing some things lately that have made me at least smile a bit and feel more like a homo sapien again, which is always nice 🙂

So, being the lovely lass that I am, I have decided to conjure up a list of helpful activities and non-activities to help brighten your mood and your spirit. Some vintage/rockabilly related, others besides. But all great for their intended purpose!

1. Plan a day with friends – I know it may be hard to feel motivated to get out of bed and head out of the house for anything, but trust me, you will have just as good of a time hanging out with them as you do in the summer – maybe even more! Laughing and having fun has been proven to produce endorphins, and make you feel happy! And I am sure your friends could use that same boost as well. Do all of yourselves a favour!

2. Wear bright colours at least somewhere – I know some of you ladies tend to follow that old fashion rule of darker, more subdued colours in fall/winter and more brights in the spring/summer. But don’t you feel ever so much more peppy and fun in a nice bright red or sunshine yellow? Why not do that now, when we need it most? If you’re still a little put off, then wear some bright nail polish, bright leggings, bright lipstick, whatever – it will make you stand out and seem way more happy than all those other depressing people wearing black and grey and blahhhh.

3. Start your spring and summer wardrobe shopping now – Get ahead of the game on your spring and summer wardrobe before anyone else does. You will already feel like the sun is getting warmer and the leaves are sprouting on the trees! You will have something to look forward to and oogle and gush over what to wear in the warmer weather. Plus, you will probably get most of these items cheaper since it is considered “off season” – yet another plus!

4. Go for a walk – I know, I know, it is cold. But hear me out. Go for a walk when it is sunny out – get some fresh air, enjoy nature despite it’s “down time”, and get your vitamin D! Vitamin D from the sun is vital to keeping the chemicals in your brain being balanced on the happy side, and all you need is at least 15 minutes! I go for walks with my dog and even though it may be pretty darned cold, it’s always nice to get some fresh air and sun on your skin, no matter what the temperature may be.

5. Watch some classic movies that have a happy vibe – There are quite a few movies from Old Hollywood that are just silly and fun. I like to watch them just to cheer me up. Some good ones that I like are I Was A Male War Bride with the ever debonaire Cary Grant, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Monkey Business with Marilyn Monroe. The Thin Man movies are rather funny in their quips and are more light hearted despite the murder premise. Rita Hayworth’s Cover Girl is great, and Gene Kelly’s Singin’ In The Rain always puts a smile on my face. There are a ton of great classic movies out there to make you come out with a little more pep in your step!

6. Treat yourself to some luxury – Take a nice long bath. Go get a massage. Have a manicure or pedicure. Sometimes, us girls need to treat ourselves to these things to relax and destress and just make ourselves feel like we are in a happier place. Surely the winter blues can’t take the joy out of a good massage! Ohh, to have a massage right now…

7. Read! – I highly agree with ReeRee Rockette’s finger tattoos that say “read more” – everyone should! I am currently reading an excellent book entitled Over Here! New York City During WWII by Lorraine Diehl and it just makes me happy in that I am learning some very interesting and cool things that I never would have learned otherwise. And with this being my hometown especially, that makes the book even more fun to read! So go to Amazon, go to Barnes & Noble, or go to the library and find yourself a book you will thoroughly enjoy and get lost in. The right book is like a sedative for the soul!

8. Glam up – You know what always makes me feel good? Having some kick ass makeup on and my hair looking fabulous. I seriously have an extra pop in my step because I just feel better than usual. “But what if I don’t really have any place to go?” you may ask. My answer? Who cares! Find that time as a wonderful opportunity to practice on your vintage hairstyling, eye shadow applications, and getting that cat’s eye liner flick just right. Practice makes for a better look later on, and it sure is fun no matter what.

I hope these tips help all of you out there who feel like…well…crap during these total downer winter months. Is there anything else that any of you do that helps to take the funk away?

Just For The Hell Of It Sale!

Hey y’all!

I am having a sale in my Etsy shop – a Just For The Hell Of It sale! You can take 18% off anything in my shop by using the code FORTHEHELLOFIT at checkout. Why 18%? Just for the hell of it! (That and this student lady needs some cash for school stuff 😉 )

I have added some new dresses and purses to the shop recently, and more will be listed soon. This sale will last until the beginning of February, so go for it while you can, ladies! Get yourself a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to help make these grey and cold winter days a little brighter 🙂

Go see my shop in all of its splendor right here!

Vote for Me as Ms. February at Dressed to Kill Clothing!

Hi there dolls!

I have some exciting news – I have made it to the voting stage of being Ms. February 2013 for Dressed to Kill Clothing!

Here is the photo in the contest, taken by the wonderful Jodie King Photography:


If you think I should win, please click the “LIKE” button for me and help me to knock it out of the park! I love all of my readers, and I hope the same of you for me and you can help me win this fun contest!

What do you have to do? Just go here and look for my picture, then click “LIKE”. That’s it!

I love each and every one of you, and I can’t wait to see what happens! 🙂

Vintage Toms River

Today I took a drive with my Mom to the town hall in Toms River, NJ for my fur baby’s dog license to get renewed. Scattered amongst the room were old photos of the Toms River of the past, and I was instantly fascinated and enthralled. And naturally I had to take pictures to share with all of you!

I included the captions for all of you – I hope you can read them. Please enjoy!












Just Call Me Miss Thrifty

Well, I am sure you can guess as to what this post concerns! I went thrifting yet again yesterday, as that has now become my ritual to hit up as many thrift shops as possible when I am visiting my Mom down here at the Jersey Shore. I went to my two usuals that I go to every time, which are the charity thrift shop on route 37 and another a little more down 37 and off the beaten path. And damn, did it seem like it was thrift day for everyone yesterday! Both parking lots were packed; I think it may be because most shops get/put out their new acquisitions on Tuesdays. But I am a champion fast browser, so I made sure to look quick and grab anything I may have liked. That way, I already have it and can decide later as to whether I really want to buy it. That’s always a good rule of thumb to go by, especially when shops are busy.

“So what the hell did you buy?!” I’m sure you’re asking by now. Well, lets dive in, shall we?


I got one fabulous tea length a-line plaid skirt, and I nearly died when I saw this amazing barkcloth circle skirt on the rack – in my size, too!

But the detail is killer:


That is at the bottom near the hem of the skirt. But check out the waist – and the price!


Amazing, n’est pas?

I also bought a basic black silk blouse that can go with anything. Every vintage girl needs a decent basic white and basic black shirt in their wardrobe so that it can go with anything. I have my white one coming in the mail, and this is my black one:


I also snagged myself a beautiful cream white chiffon scarf for cheap:


Next, I went to the thrift shop that you kind of have to “know about”, if you know what I mean. It’s a bit off the beaten path but well worth a good run over there! Let’s look at what I snagged there:


These are two shirts that just screamed “BUY ME!” as soon as I spotted them. They definitely have more of a rockabilly vibe, which I wear a lot as well of course. Leopard print is something you can never go wrong with, and I just loved the colours in that plaid shirt!


This is a dress I am not too sure about. I’m not sure if it looks ’40s or ’50s enough. Does it look too ’80s, too ’90s? It has a cute white print on a forest green with some nice detail, but I still can’t figure it out.


I figured for only $4, why not give it a shot. What do you all think?

I think my only problem now is how I am going to haul all of this clothing back home with me, between my backpack full of clothes I already brought and my cat in her carrier, this is going to be a logistical nightmare! LOL.

America Right After Pearl Harbor


As we all know, the “date that shall live in infamy” was on 07 December 1941. America changed forever, and we still feel its effects today. But what was it like immediately after the bombing?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (of whom I am related to…not to brag heheh) soon addressed Congress and thereafter declared war on Japan. Only only representative, the Pacifist Jeannette Rankin of Montana, objected. FDR also signed executive order 9066 to take Japanese residents and place them in internment camps. While we look back at this move with disgust, you must remember that during this time there was an intense hatred of anyone of Japanese heritage, and FDR was also helping to keep them protected from others in a way. But this still does not absolve this action.


All over the country the country’s young men were lined up to the brim with viable candidates to serve. There were seriously long lines outside of recruiting stations, and the military sure had their choice as to whom they would accept. This was completely different during Vietnam, where the armed forces were just trying to get just about anyone to sign a contract. But we also saw another post-Pearl Harbour enlistment surge right after 9/11. Even by the time I joined the Marines a few years later, they still had pick of the litter.

As America’s men went to war, our women went to work. This would be the first major time that you see a widespread and widely accepted time of women working out of the home. Even Marilyn Monroe found herself working in a factory for the war effort, where she would soon be discovered by David Conover.


Even the men who were labelled 4F still did their part. For instance, my grandfather was labelled 4F because of his bad colitis, but he still worked in a propeller factory. And those who did stay in the states to help with the war effort also helped out in another huge way: rationing.


These are my grandparents’ gas rationing stamps. The rationing in the U.S. spread to nearly everything – food, meats, gas, fabrics, metals, and women even had to forgo their beloved nylons for the war effort. But soon they were drawing lines on the backs of their legs to simulate the seams of stockings. You can also see how the fashions changed, as any way to use less fabric was encouraged. Skirts became a bit shorter, rarely were many pleats, ruffles, or any other “embellishments” used as in the past.


Victory gardens were a common occurrence that you could find at almost every house. It helped offset the war rationing for the house, and even helped to cut down on using your stamps. Using vegetables and the sort was common and thought of as very patriotic to helps our boys fighting overseas.

Life during WWII was certainly not easy at all, but you can sense a real camaraderie and patriotism in everyone that sadly is not longer present today. I think that is why I love this era so much, that there was so much humanity on the home front while there was so much bloodshed all over the world. It is such a fabulous and amazing time to learn about, and surely will pique any history or vintage lovers out there!

Vote for My Next Bettie Bang Hair Colour!

Hello hello to all my lovely readers. I have really been trying to force myself to write a bunch of posts lately and take some snaps of my huge thrifting trip (yet again, I know) yesterday but I have just been feeling as low as your can nearly get because I do believe I am coming down with the flu that has been going around. Lucky me! And ironic indeed as well as just my luck, as I was unable to receive a flu shot recently because I was taking a special steroid for the pinched nerve/herniated disc in my neck and getting vaccines during the course of that treatment is a no-no. So I missed out and intended to get one this week, but here we are. What impeccable timing.

Anywhos, on to the topic at hand – hair! I have been itching to yet again change my hair colour on my Bettie bangs and am just torn between two wonderful colours. Since I just cannot bring myself to a decision, I am opening up that decision to you! I have entered a poll below for all of you to easily vote on what colour you would think would look best and prefer to see next on my Bettie bangs. I have the black hair besides so keep that in mind too!

Here are the options:

Atomic Turquoise

Atomic Turquoise

Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Go for it and let me know.

Thank you all for your help!