New Year’s Blog Resolutions


Happy New Year 2013 to all of my fabulous and wonderful readers! I hope each and every one of you had a great holiday, and that you are not reading this with too horrible of a hangover today (if you are, I recommend Gatorade, Excedrin, and MUCH napping! 🙂 ) Now that the holiday season is over, normal life will resume once again. But with that, many have chosen to try to improve their lives with New Year’s resolutions, whether it be with weight loss, stopping smoking, getting more organized, or something else.

While I am not a resolution person, I was pondering upon the fact that some resolutions for my log may be a good idea. I have a lot of new ideas as well as things I really should do in order to offer more to my readers, as well as potentially get myself some more. And with that, here are my 2013 blog resolutions – by no means an exhaustive list, but I assure you that these are all things that I have put a lot of thought into, and I really want and hope to achieve each and every one of these. I have been blogging for well over a year now, and I believe now is the time to really take this site to the next level. I am on the threshold of the possibility of making this a major blog, and I want to grab that opportunity and run wild with it. And with those opportunities come other miscellaneous things that need to be done or taken care of in order to achieve this. In one way or another, all of these items on this list are ones I intend to check off as completed!

Veronica Vintage’s New Year’s Blog Resolutions

1. Blog more often
I know I haven’t exactly been the most constant and consistent blogger, but I hope to be. Even if it isn’t some long lecture on how to do victory rolls properly (which I may need to do soon as well), I know I should at least post something for all of you. Which leads me into my next resolution…

2. Post more outfit posts
I know a lot of you enjoy seeing what all of us blogger people are wearing, so I promise to post more outfit posts. The only two reasons I haven’t posted outfits I’ve worn is because I haven’t really had that great of a wardrobe until recently (and growing 🙂 ) and I haven’t had anyone to take photos of me. But now I have an app to do that for me!

3. Do more tutorials
I know I have meant to post more tutorials for all of you, and I have noticed that my eyebrow and ’40s half moon nail tutorial have been rather popular. I have a self timer on my iPhone now so I can take proper pictures for all of you. I intend to do more of hair and beauty tutorials, and please do send requests for any tutorials you may like to see here.

4. History!
I love history and I feel that if you really want to understand the era and that looks of it, then you need to know some of the history as well. Plus it is interesting as all hell (at least I believe it is LOL). I hope to at least post a “look into the past” post every week or two, so you can gain more of an insight and understanding into the eras that we all love so dearly.

5. Complete Blog Redesign
I am a little over this site design, and I really want a personalized and badass streamlined design that really shows the personality and vibe of this site. I already have the ideas going through my head of what I would like, and I have a good friend who does a lot of computer programmer and IT/design stuff professionally, so he is going to help me. Hopefully it will be by this summer at the latest 🙂

6. Advertise
Sometimes you just need to put yourself out there with advertising in order to get the viewership you want and need. I have already contacted a few blogs of friends to advertise, and I may even take advertisers myself this year!

7. Post more in the shop
I really plan to expand my shop with more products and better products. I am starting to get out of that initial “why buy it if it is not my size?” phase that you go through with initially acquiring stock for the shop. And I hope to take better shots of the items for all of you so you can get a better look!

That is all I have for right now, but if anyone has any suggestions for 2013 improvements, please do post a comment below – I would love to hear your ideas! What types of resolutions do you have? Do you even make resolutions?

I wish everyone a healthy, happy, prosperous, and amazing 2013!

3 comments on “New Year’s Blog Resolutions

  1. Terrific list of goals for 2013. Some of them were on my list last year (such as taking more wardrobe snaps, which I’m happy to report, came to fruition – yay 🙂 ), and others are things that I’ll be devoting attention to (such as putting out my first formal call for blog sponsors) this year as well.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blogging schedule post yesterday, I really appreciate it and am delighted to make your acquaintance, my dear.

    Happiest wishes for an amazing 2013!!!
    ♥ Jessica

    • You too, my dear! The only way to improve and get better is by setting goals! And you have an absolutely lovely blog, I must say. Love your style!

      I hope you have a happy and healthy 2013 🙂


  2. Dixie RIsing says:

    The Everyday Pinup blog has nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award.

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