Vote for My Next Bettie Bang Hair Colour!

Hello hello to all my lovely readers. I have really been trying to force myself to write a bunch of posts lately and take some snaps of my huge thrifting trip (yet again, I know) yesterday but I have just been feeling as low as your can nearly get because I do believe I am coming down with the flu that has been going around. Lucky me! And ironic indeed as well as just my luck, as I was unable to receive a flu shot recently because I was taking a special steroid for the pinched nerve/herniated disc in my neck and getting vaccines during the course of that treatment is a no-no. So I missed out and intended to get one this week, but here we are. What impeccable timing.

Anywhos, on to the topic at hand – hair! I have been itching to yet again change my hair colour on my Bettie bangs and am just torn between two wonderful colours. Since I just cannot bring myself to a decision, I am opening up that decision to you! I have entered a poll below for all of you to easily vote on what colour you would think would look best and prefer to see next on my Bettie bangs. I have the black hair besides so keep that in mind too!

Here are the options:

Atomic Turquoise

Atomic Turquoise

Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Go for it and let me know.

Thank you all for your help!

4 comments on “Vote for My Next Bettie Bang Hair Colour!

  1. Bunny Moreno says:

    Hot Pink all the way! Or maybe save that for summer! I will live through you! My one regret was not dying my hair pink during my rave years…ahem did I just say rave years…oh dear…that was a secret hehehe I hope you feel better mama-hugs! xox

    • Thank you hun! I already have the hot pink colour but I have to order the atomic turquoise yet. I love both the colours so it is incredibly hide to decide!

      And don’t worry about saying “my rave years” – at least you’re not saying “my disco years”! 😉

      And thank you about getting better – oh man does this crap suck!


  2. These are two of my all-time favourite colours, so it’s tricky to pick, but I feel like pink is the way to go (but I could be biased, as pink is my all-time fave hue). Whichever you pick, I’m sure it’s going to look stunning!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Well I did the hot pink since I already had the colour, and I figured I would buy the atomic turquoise in the spring, since I feel that’s got more of a spring flavour, for some reason…? LOL.

      Hope you’re well, my dear!


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