Outfit of the Day: 28 February


Today I had a long day at school – I spent from 3 P.M. to 10 P.M. in class, with maybe about 40 minutes of a break after my first class, and I have three in total. Since today was my long day, I figured I would glam it up a bit. And when I mean glam, I mean vintage glam!

I recently bought a dress from a friend of mine from Australia in the awesome Facebook group “Oh La La!” Vintage Swap & Sell. Kat was selling the gorgeous dress you see above, which is semi-sheer and from the 1940s. She was selling it for only $35 – how could I resist?! It’s part of the reason I sell on eBay – so I can spend some money on fun things like that without diving into my own shallow wallet πŸ˜‰

This dress fits me perfectly. And today was one of the first days in a while since I started my diet that I actually felt thinner and felt good! So I was really feeling fun, flirty, feminine, and confident today. I think I have learned what I need to do and not do when it comes to what I eat and do for exercise – I’m not in my early 20’s anymore so I can’t just limit what I eat and that’s it! It sucks but it also helps me to be healthier.



This was my hair and makeup for today. I apologize for the crappy pictures, but this was taken at 11 at night and I was tired! LOL. It now takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to do my victory rolls now, as opposed to the hour or so it took when I first started. So yes ladies, it is true about practice making perfect! πŸ™‚

One last thing I want to leave you with us a shot of the pattern of my dress:


Isn’t that so cute and feminine? And I love the detailing of the scalloped shoulders πŸ™‚ This is my first time wearing this dress since it now has finally gotten to a decent temperature to wear this dress today and really let it shine. I think this dress will be in heavy rotation from now on!

Review: Fester’s Bazaar

As many of you may know, I am a huge advocate of small businesses. I would rather spend an extra $5 for that super awesome pair of shoes at a small business rather than save it by buying them at WalMart. Now granted, this is probably not a very viable economic policy for a poor as you-know-what nursing student, but when I find out that someone else is also a poor-as-you-know-what student, I feel for them. But then when I find out that they are trying to start their own super cool business on the side? Then I want to do whatever I can do be a rah rah cheerleader for them!

Where is all of this going? Well, let me tell you – I have been looking for a good, sturdy, and bad ass rockabilly messenger bag to replace the polka dot one I had last semester that now has ink all over the bottom of it due to a pen exploding all over. I had found a really nice one that quickly jumped up to the top of my list to buy ASAP. But where was this bag? On Sourpuss Clothing’s website, which just naturally had to have their site down for some cleaning and inventory – for over a month. Sourpuss was the only site I had found this bag on, so to say I was rather upset when I (as well as many others) had not heard back from Sourpuss on their FB page as to when they were returning other than “We will be back up shortly” is an understatement.

So after about two weeks of that hot mess, I started hunting elsewhere for another bag. I was constantly disappointed that no site had my bag (and I had the name of it and everything written down because I bookmarked the bag – yes that’s how much I wanted this bag LOL), and I searched for a good two or three days. I went to bed at night with tears in my eyes and angst in my heart, unable to believe in a world where only one site sold this bag, and it was down. I’m exaggerating πŸ˜›

I awoke the next morning with a hopeful and spirited energy in my mind, and whipped out my iPad to continue my search. I went to one of my last resorts and did a Google search for the exact wording of the item. Why is this one of my last resorts? I seem to always get the most ridiculous results, and most do not pertain to the item because I did not add quotations to my query. But when I do? I got the Sourpuss link – the one that I could not order. Gah!

But about an hour into this, I found Fester’s Bazaar. If there is a digital track of angels singing – please start to play it now. I found my bag! And yes, I do admit, I did find the bag I wanted some other places – but they wanted $65 for it when Sourpuss asked for about $30 for it. You’d have to have me smoke weed laced with every other drug on earth to get me to buy the same bag for over double the price. Oh yeah, that’s exactly how I love to contribute to the economy’s recovery *roll eyes here*

I contacted the owner when he sent me an email noticing I had not checked out yet, and if he can help to let him know. I sent him an email back, that since I am a poor pitiful nursing student, maybe we could take the bag for some PR on my site. He wrote back the he himself is a grad student, and also just starting up his business, which is like a mobile shop of rockabilly/unique items as well as paintings and art from original artists, and he is really trying to promote local artists from where is at in the Midwest, which is very cool. I have seen a lot of the artwork, and it really is worth a look – it will add a look of originality to your home and it will also be a unique piece that no one else has. Who wouldn’t like that? πŸ™‚

I saw he had the bag, and he gave me a 10% discount, which was sweet considering he is a startup and a student who is trying to get a lot of things done. I believe he also works full time, which I give him mad props for because I know it’s super hard when you’re a student. People like that are who we should all be trying to support, as opposed to big corporations.


Again, sorry for the crappy picture but it is either this or use a stock photo, and I would much rather take an actual picture of the actual product πŸ™‚

I have had this bag now for about a month, and how has it help up? Pretty damn well, considering all of the huge medical & science books I have to carry. I also have notebooks, pens, my phone, keys, wallet, lip stick/gloss, iPod, and other assorted stuff all packed into it. It has a good amount of pockets, but not too many where you begin to wonder where anything is! It also offers a lot of room, to where I can have two of my huge texts, two notebooks, my planner, a cardigan, and a bottle of something to drink and it’s still not at full capacity. And it’s made of a nylon type material, so it’s waterproof – meaning no more ink on the bottom of my bag from exploding pens! πŸ™‚

All in all, I would highly recommend that all of my readers check out Fester’s Bazaar, not only for the great and varied unique items they stock, but also for the kick ass customer service. I am sure that there will be something on the site that tickles your fancy, so go support a small business and shop at Fester’s Bazaar!

Bundles for Britain


I’m sure a good many of you have probably not heard of the group “Bundles for Britain” that started during the war, as I haven’t heard of it myself until reading a book on New York in World War II. I figured it was a very interesting and very proactive look at America just before entering the war and our own activities with the war effort for Britain.

Bundles for Britain was started in 1940 by Natalie Wales Latham in a store front as a knitting circle in New York City that sent various knitted goods such as socks, scarves, gloves and other items over to aid the war effort and support those fighting for Britain. In sixteen months Bundles became such a success that there were over 975 branches and over a million contributors. By 1941, the group was sending over much more than just knitted wearables – ambulances, field kitchen units, surgical instruments, cots, and much more were sent during their tenure.


Ms. Latham thought that despite the Neutrality Act of 1939 and the Lend-Lease Program that America should be doing more to help Britain’s cause. She managed to borrow a Park Avenue storefront rent free and posted a picture of a British service member and sat in the window and began knitting. Before the night had ended, numerous others had come to join her. And they joined not a second too late – nationwide rationing began on 8 January 1940, and Bundles for Britain was born six
days later.

Just over a year later, the group had expanded to 975 branches and helped raise over $3 million dollars for their cause. Not only did they collect knitted clothing, but began to collect numerous other items as well. If the items could not be used then they were sold to help raise funding. Before long, Bundles traded their Park Avenue storefront for office space as well as a shipping and storage house on 89th Street. Ms. Latham began to correspond with Mrs. Winston Churchill herself in order to ensure a more efficient use of the items and help she sent. And throughout the months of the Blitzkrieg, Bundles adopted 19 London hospitals and sent money to pair for their repairs.

Bundles for Britain was a very important and oft overseen contribution to the war effort before America officially joined the war. Being able to have a small movement grow into a huge national organization like Ms. Latham did take a significant amount of gusto and also even more of an amount of dedication as well as support. America had all of that. Many think that the U.S. was completely isolationist just before the war, but that is not completely true as evidenced by the sheer power that Bundles had managed to grow in a short period of time. I believe reality was setting in on a good portion of Americans, and we saw Britain as our sister who was in dire straights with an enemy who was becoming more malevolent every day. While Ms. Latham and her Bundles comrades did not serve in uniform, they certainly did serve to help the war effort and surely helped Britain when she needed it most. America entered the war of December 1941 to provide aide in the Allies winning the war, but certainly Bundles for Britain provided as well – they provided help during a time of great sacrifice.

It’s Neither Vintage Nor Rockabilly, But…

…I went to see Maroon 5 last night for their first ever performance at Madison Square Garden, which is quite an accomplishment for any artist!

I originally was supposed to see them in NJ in August of 2011 but Hurricane Irene had to ruin all the fun when the Port Authority had to cancel all the buses coming in and out of NYC. I got screwed out of Adam Levine! I was so upset that weekend, I just drank most of it away LOL.

But yesterday was my makeup concert – and it was awesome! Madison Square Garden is a legendary arena, and you could totally feel that Adam Levine was so honored to be there and playing there for the first time. I have been horribly sick all week, to the point of feeling out of my head, having heart palpitations, and even feeling unable to breathe. I still didn’t feel 100% yesterday, but there was no way I wasn’t going! My Mom and I had great seats, only 11 rows up from the stage. I could see his eyes, his tattoos, and his little bit of scruff – quite delicious! I know he is a tad skinny, but he is just so cute and mad funny that I just think he’s sexy πŸ™‚ And I would swear for just a split second in one of his first runs around our side of the stage, that he looked at me. It wasn’t obviously some long eye-lock, but I just really felt he looked right at me for just a split second. It kind of made me laugh, like all these teeny boppers made all these shirts and painted their faces and all of this, but yet I get seen by him. And I know why – my hot pink hair. I get noticed for it all of the time – I was probably the only one in all of MSG with hot pink hair. And I was close enough for him to notice it. That’s the only reason I can come up with for the eye contact. But it was cool nonetheless πŸ™‚









As you can see, Adam Levine was playing the guitar – and he plays very well. I know he also can play the drums too – quite a multi-talented guy! And he played the guitar more than a few times, was really pumping up the crowd, and singing his heart out.

He had spent the whole day at The Voice blind auditions from 9 AM until who the hell knows when (but I can assure you it must have been more than an eight hour work day!), and then he comes over to Madison Square Garden and kicks ass. I can’t believe how much energy he had after that long day of hearing probably a bunch of bad acts and just a few good ones. I’d be like, “OMG, I just want to go back to my hotel and just sleep this off…” That’s probably why he’s doing that job and I’m not LOL.

Here’s a treat for all of you (or those that enjoy live music or Maroon 5) – I recorded part of their performance of “Misery”, and have uploaded it to YouTube for all y’all to enjoy!

Liebster Award Recipient


I am one of those typical bloggers who love to check out their stats, and when I did, I noticed a lot more referrals from a friend’s site more than usual. Being my typical self, I was inclined to investigate.

It turns out that my fellow blogging buddy Eclectic Epherma has himself won the award, and has been ever so kind enough as to pass it on to me! Thank you dear Bruce, for not only being wonderful in awarding me, but for also answering with my blog as your recommendation to follow as the answer of a question from the blogger who awarded you. I am very happy and humbled you thought highly enough of my blog to pass it along to others!

If any of you have not visited Bruce’s blog Eclectic Epherma, please do yourself a favour and do so now. He covers a little bit of anything in the range of the Victorian era right through to the Fabulous Fifties. Quite work a look if I do say so myself!

Now, if you are not well acquainted with how this award “works”, I have been given eleven questions by the blogger who bestowed this honour upon me to answer, then I must give eleven random facts about myself, as well as nominate eleven other blogs and create a list of eleven questions they must also answer if they choose to accept the award. So, let us get to these questions, shall we?

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I felt I wanted to share my journey into the realm of everything vintage with others right from the start. I also felt like I had a lot to offer others in terms of my knowledge of both history as well as hair and makeup, so that I could help people to understand the eras they loved and their context of it, as well as how to achieve the proper look and keep my readers looking as beautiful as they can be. I feel as if my blog is not aimed strictly at women (I feel being awarded by a member of the male gender displays that much), but being a woman I naturally have a knack in writing about more of the feminine perspective of things. I try not to have one dominate the other overly so, but sometimes I can’t help it πŸ˜‰

Is your family understanding about your love of vintage and your desire to blog about it?

My family tends to be most understanding of the things I do. Most know that when I speak of my family, I mostly mean my Mom – she is the only family member I am very close with, and it was her mother (my grandmother) who ignited my love of vintage, although little did she know at the time.

What country would you most like to visit?

Since it is one of my life’s ambitions to move there someday, I think the best answer to this question is England πŸ™‚

When did you discover vintage?

As I had mentioned before, it was my maternal grandmother who ignited the passionate fire of vintage within me at a very early age. I remember being only single digit in age and hearing my grandma regale me with stories of her younger days from the 1920’s even up into the mid-1960’s, often stopping to say, “Oh, I should probably quit babbling on, you are probably bored to death hearing any of this”. Only I would hop up and down to deter her from stopping, almost screaming at her to keep going. I could never get enough. When she came out with the boxes of old photo albums, I instantly felt like I was home, as if it were my life she were recalling instead of her own. I never felt so much excitement yet so soothed as when my grandma would do a show & tell of her earlier days. I realize now that is where my love of vintage began. I so wish she were still alive to see how I dress and style my hair, and to keep hearing those same stories she used to tell me dozens of times over, because I’m sure even still hearing them dozens of times more would still never be enough.

What’s your favourite vintage shop?

I can’t honestly say I have one. The selection of “vintage” in NYC is so poor that you would be appalled at how such an “everything” town could be so lacking in good vintage. Unfortunately, a good many hipster has changed the stock of “vintage shops” into concert tees from the ’70s or ’80s and maybe a few ’50s or ’60s skirts that are woefully paired with Doc Martens and one of those concert tees. I mostly shop for my vintage online, at either eBay or Etsy.

Is there a lot of vintage in the city where you live?

Vintage clothing from the eras I love, no. If you hit the jackpot and do manage to find some decent vintage, then it is grossly overpriced. You want $300 for this plaid 1950’s day dress, you say? No thanks. I could just sew one myself from a vintage pattern with vintage fabric for much cheaper πŸ™‚ For vintage culture/history, NYC is top rate. This area is just so rich in history that even if you lived here your entire life you still could never take it all in. I am currently reading (or trying to read – damn you school and all your required reading!) a book entitled “Over Here! New York City during WWII” by Lorraine B. Diehl, and it has been such a breathtaking look into my city during one of my eras of most piqued interest. I would suggest the book to anyone even though I haven’t finished it yet – you would be both disgusted and amazed by what you discovered within its pages.

Did you discover new hobbies or interests after you discovered vintage?

Of course I did! I never used to be too interested in fashion history, but now I have read up so much on it (as well as beauty, but I believe that falls under the umbrella of ‘fashion’ for all intensive purposes) that immediately upon seeing a dress listed on eBay or Etsy I can tell you as to whether or not it is indeed to decade it is being flaunted as being. Sometimes I see some dresses being advertised as being from the 1940’s when just a glance makes me laugh because I can instantaneously ascertain that those shoulder pads are way ’80s, as is that peplum. Just the pattern alone screams “AQUA NET!” I’m all for saving a few bucks and buying an ’80s-does-’50s or ’70s-does-’40s frock now and then, but that’s only when I myself can genuinely be a bit puzzled as to its decade of origin. If it is apparent that Molly Ringwold may have worn it in “Pretty in Pink”, then it’s a total no-go for me.

I have also become more of a dΓ©cor aficionado, and although I do not have much to decorate as of right now, I am currently trying my best with my ’50s barkcloth curtains, kitsch collection, pin up girl sheets, and the like. I am also aiming high in hoping to learn how to knit soon; I bought myself an original 1941 beginner’s guide, and I have already inquired about a class to take soon. Let us just see if school will allow it – that’s another question!

What famous person from the past or present do you think you look like?

I’ve been told that I look like Marilyn Monroe a lot. I have no idea how, but I think the fact that it comes from guys who want to go out with me and already are aware of my love of all things Marilyn tells you all you need to know on that front. Other than that, I have no idea. Does anyone think I look like an Old Hollywood actress? I get told that I look a lot like a young Kirstie Alley, and if here in NYC the 80’s is considered vintage, then there’s your answer LOL.

I have also gotten told I look a lot like Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, as well as Katy Perry more often than not, like I had mentioned in my Campus Katy Perry post a few days prior.

Who is your favourite author?

It really depends on the genre we are talking about. But a pretty good bet for me usually is D.H. Lawrence, whether in poem, short story, or novel format.

When you sit down to compose a blog post do you plan/think ahead or just write off the cuff?

I tend to write mostly off-the-cuff. I believe my best writing is done that way, as it allows for a free flow and and genuineness to come forth that “structured” or pre-planned posts just really don’t offer. I like to offer my readers information and new ideas, but also I think the best way for me to put all of that forth is to write without some silly outline nearby like I have to follow a GPS map to a destination. That is also how I write songs. I enjoy writing the most that way, and I believe my best work comes from that style. I’m not saying outlining and planning is a bad thing, because for other people that is how they work best. I am just saying that for me it is cumbersome, and therefore it feels more like “work” to me, which I have never wanted.

Sometimes, I have ideas for posts I plan ahead on, such as for tutorials and the like, but I never pre-plan it every step of the way. Everyone has a method to their madness and that is mine πŸ™‚

If you could be a fly on the wall for any event in history, what would that be?

Oh my word, that is such a great question but just entirely too open-ended. Maybe I’d like to be a fly on the wall when FDR gave his “Date Which Shall Live in Infamy” speech, or when my great grandfather came through Ellis Island all by himself in 1896 at the barely grown age of 19. Maybe I would be interested in seeing how the Olympics were back in 1936 when they were held in Berlin, or to be in Times Square during VE Day. Maybe I could be behind the scenes of the filming of “Gone With The Wind”? Maybe in Hitler’s bunker during his last few moments in 1945? Or on Lexington Avenue during the filming (or fake filming, as it was just a publicity stunt) of Marilyn’s famous skirt scene? Or just see how an everyday housewife made it day-to-day through the war knowing half of her heart was in grave danger fighting for his country half a world away, constantly afraid of receiving a telegram or uniformed officers at her door? There is just too much to choose just one moment. Way too much!


And now, here’s 11 facts and little tidbits about yours truly. It’s hard for me to think of anything so sorry if some of these are kind of boring πŸ˜›

1. I cannot sleep unless I am in a room where it is almost completely dark, fairly cold (65 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect), and totally silent except for a white noise machine. I also need to wear earplugs.

2. I must have my closet organized by type (pants, then capris, then sweaters, long sleeve shirts, 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves, then dresses), with all garments facing in the same direction. I can’t hang an item up and just leave it if it’s not according to this rule.

3. I always start out sleeping on my stomach.

4. I am the tallest in my family at 5’11”. The rest of my family (mother, father, and sister) are either 5’9″ or 5’10”.

5. I am related to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on my father’s side.

6. I was born and raised in New Jersey.

7. I have had 4 orthopaedic surgeries – three on my right knee, one on my left shoulder.

8. I love the movie “Kingpin”.

9. I am 75% Dutch, 10% English, 10% Swiss, and 5% Scottish. Yes, I have it down to percentages πŸ˜‰

10. I speak French fluently.

11. I don’t own a car. Owning a car in NYC is more of a hassle than it is worth! LOL.

And now, I shall bestow the Liebster Award unto the following blogs:

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Here are my 11 questions for them to ponder over:

1. What started your romance with all things vintage?
2. What made you start a blog about it all?
3. What is your favourite vintage item you have acquired so far?
4. If you could own one item of clothing from an Old Hollywood film, which would it be and why?
5. Would you rather live back in your favourite era(s) or would you prefer to stay in present day? Why?
6. If you could be a female historical figure, who would you be and why?
7. Same question, but as a male historical figure and why.
8. How do you come up with topics to write about?
9. What nationalities/heritages are you?
10. Do you pre-plan posts of write off-the-cuff?
11. Where do you see the future of your blog? What would you like to see it as being in about one year? What about five years?

I tried to come up with original questions, and ones that could help you as well as your blog, as well as other bloggers out there who may need some guidance. Plus it is just kind of fun to see how others work πŸ™‚

Thanks again to Bruce of Eclectic Epherma for bestowing me with this award! He has a fabulous blog that I would have awarded him with this award again, but then it would just be redundant and a never ending circle LOL. I hope my question answers and 11 factoids were interesting at least – I tried to keep it vintage or rockabilly related but without having too narrow of a scope. Congratulations to all of the winners I chose to give this award to! Some of you may have received this award before like I had a few months ago (and I was just too busy to accept to do the whole post, blargh), so it is your option as to whether you want to do another post or not. I just wanted to let all of you know that you are amongst a small group of my favourite blogs that I read consistently and love. I don’t have much time to read many blogs because of school and a new study I am involved in, but I think the 11 blogs above epitomize the vintage/pinup/rockabilly blog world and have tons to offer its readers. I also love the theme of this award, because it is a “feel good” award, allows your readers to know more about you, and the best part is you get to pay it forward. All of you are great and are what keep me going and striving to make my blog the best it can be!

Why I Want to Lose Weight


As you recently found out, this girl is on a diet. I’ve been on a diet ever since I was at my Mom’s house, where I wasn’t really on a diet, per say – I just ate way less than I did normally, or before.

Because of my pain levels shooting through the roof recently with school, the cold, and now this pinched nerve/herniated disk in my neck, as well as that lovely friend stress, I used to eat as a way of comfort. I am sure every single person reading this can relate to my saying this. And I am not proud of it. When I was in the military, and even for a period of about two years afterwards, I had rock hard abs, a defined back, arms that could have competed with Serena Williams (seriously – I still have mad arm muscle even now, and I do absolutely nothing to work them out), and an ass and legs that could crack walnuts (or heads, depending on who wanted to piss me off that day πŸ˜‰ )

But now? I have a 33″ -34″ waist, and I am not proud of that. I feel my abs underneath that inch or so of fat, and they are screaming, “Give me freedom!” I’ve been feeling that for months, but with this recent streak of not eating much at all at my Mom’s house, I decided to make a diet of it. Just like in high school and before the Marine Corps, I eat only 1500 calories a day. That’s a big difference from what I am assuming was a calorie intake of 3000 or 3500 a day. But it is proven that if you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight. Even bedridden hospital patients need 1200 calories a day, so I figured 1500 was good for me, and what has worked for me in the past.

I also got “semi-cleared” for exercise, which is somewhat a mix of joy and depression; joy for the fact that I can now work out, but depression for how incredibly limited my exercise regimen can be. No running. No push ups. No pull ups. No lateral pull downs. No elliptical (my favourite! My buddy!), and no treadmill. I can speed walk to the extent that the pain from the RSD in my left foot can take it, and no push-ups and stuff of that nature because of my shoulder and particularly because of my herniated disk/pinched nerve situation. I am limited, but I am sure there are other ways to work out these groups of muscles without potentially causing more harm than good. I have a good friend Kim who is a physical therapist (we became close friends when I was in high school and she was my PT for all of the 10 times I went to physical therapy. She’s a workout aficionado, and she knows her stuff. I will ask her what alternative things I can do.

Why am I doing all of this? Because I realized I need to get healthy. I’ve been in an unhealthy bunch of habits for months, if not years. For instance, the over eating has been since mid 2012; I have been smoking (again) for nearly two years in June; and I have been drinking diet soda for easily over 20 years (yes, you can cringe now). These are all things I want to taper off on and cut them out. The worst will be the soda. I have absolutely no love for water, and it has no taste and does not quench my thirst at all. Only soda does that. And if I go for more than six or eight hours without soda? I get a raging headache that only soda and Excedrin will cure. That’s horrible, isn’t it?! And let’s not mention the bloat that soda gives you – I’m sure I’ve got a few extra pounds of water weight just from the soda. Then when the red river is nearing breaking the dam, I puff up like a balloon. It’s horrid. I feel like I should be the girlfriend of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man some days.

These are things I need to remind myself to gradually cut down on. I got two bottles of flavored seltzer water, so we will see how that goes. I need to buy caffeine pills for the inevitable headaches and migraines that will ensue (Did you know the best treatment for a headache or migraine is caffeine? Just look at Excedrin – caffeine is in it! That’s what makes it really work), and I need to buy the nastiest cigarettes they have at the store as opposed to my usual Camel Crush – that usually helps in cutting down. Who wants to some some nasty Maverick smokes that taste like stale tobacco from the colonial era? My point exactly. After that, I start my speed walking. Now, back in the day, I could run a half marathon no problem. Now? I’m not sure I can even run because of the RSD nerve damage in my foot. I pretty much figure if I can’t wear higher heels then I can’t really run. But the speed walking? You bet your ass I’m gonna hit that ish out of the park! And there are a lot of hills here too – perfect πŸ™‚




So what else is motivating me for weight loss? Well, I have about four gorgeous vintage 40s and 50s dresses that have a 32″ waist, meaning I need a 31″ waist or below to fit into them. I also got a fabulous pair of Freddie’s of Pinewood ’40s work jeans from the Ohh La La! Vintage Swap on Facebook that has a 32″ waist also – meaning I need between a 29″ to 31″ waist to fit into them. Each of these pieces are shown above. I also hope to lose some boobage (I never thought I would ever say those words!), because my bust is often too big for even the dresses that do fit my waist. These DDs are rather cumbersome, and hurt my back rather frequently. Sorry guys, you may have to just deal with a D gal (not that I have a hot dating life lately to begin with, but I digress…), but they will still look the same size if my frame is a tad leaner. Which I hope will be soon πŸ™‚

I know weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve been on this diet for two weeks just about and since I lose weight first in my face, I can see more definition of my cheekbones and less of a double chin (thank GOD – that really bothered me something fierce). I am taking more in the line of measurements of my weight loss, since that is more of what I am after. And also, like I learned when I joined the Marines and first went to boot camp, you will drop weight initially, but you will find it going back up, despite your size staying smaller – that is the muscle building up my girl! And muscle weighs three times more than fat per volume, and also burns additional calories even at rest. There are absolutely no negatives for a girl having some muscle! πŸ˜‰


I am on MyFitnessPal, which is an app you can find for free on iPhone, Android, as well as using it on your PC (although the mobile versions have UPC scanners and all that cool stuff to help you). I have set my calorie limit at 1500, and I try to stay at or below that level. Yes, sometimes I go over my limit, but luckily I’ve kept it to about 100 – 150 calories max, which is not so bad. I can also plug in my walking to and from school, as well as my vigorous cleaning spells – it all burns calories, ladies! Hell, even when we sleep we are still burning calories (20 an hour if I remember correctly). It is the best tool to help in weight loss. I already have a platoon of fellow rockabilly/vintage people that are doing exactly what I am doing – losing weight and getting healthier. And we cheer each other on! Having that support is priceless and makes things so much easier and so much more fun. If you happen to be on MFP, or are going to join, feel free to add me as a friend: RockSteadyUSMC.

I really want to fit into those dresses and those Freddie’s, but I also want to be a lot healthier. I know it is a journey, I have been in this position twice before, so I know that it can be challenging, but also very rewarding. And I am so ready for it.

Outfit of the Day: 08 February

So yesterday I had an early day – I had a 9:30 appointment for my orthopaedic surgeon. We had quite the snow storm/blizzard here from yesterday afternoon into today, and the rain and sleet BS had already started even by the morning. So I was just super excited to go out in all of that crap. I also had a lab class from 3 to 6, but the forecast said the real crap would flow between that exact time span, so there was no way in hell I was going.

So what was a girl to do? Hit the streets still looking vintage fabulous, of course! I recently bought an absolutely stunning 1940s WWII suit that – get this – was made in Great Britain during the war. To me that just upped the fabulousness factour to an 11!

And since it was still colder outside than Dick Cheney’s heart, I decided to wear some black thermal leggings/stockings to aid in keeping me toasty. I’m still not sure if they looked alright with the suit, but I’m sure all of you can help me decide πŸ™‚



Isn’t the suit just to die for?! And I’m sure you haven’t noticed all of the little details such as the interweaved colours, pocket bling, and cuff fold details. But here are some extra pictures so you can further inspect πŸ˜‰



And here is a more scrutinizing picture of the pocket bling/intricacies and ornate yet glamourous weaves of colour detail for all y’all to oogle over:



And guess how much this beauty cost me? Only $45! I saw it on eBay about a month ago from the seller VogueVintageVixen and the start bid was at $40 with the Buy It Now at $45. Now I am not that stupid to just disregard the BIN option and just fight with people until the bitter end and watch the price just climb to nearly $150 or $200 easily. This is a perfect example of when having saved searches is the most genius idea – Diane had just listed this beauty not even a half an hour prior to my discovering it. Imagine if I hadn’t? I would have missed out on a huge opportunity to own one of the items from my Christmas Vintage Wish List – and it was number two on my list, so it was pretty important for me πŸ™‚

In addition to the amazing suit, I had busted out my new brown loafers, which is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own now. I know the brown wasn’t an exact match, but I felt it offered a decent contrast to the black leggings and the colour was represented in a small amount within the suit. One of my own personal “fashion rules” is to wear accessories that go with the minor/accent colours, such as with my loafers here and the yellow dahlia and blue rose earrings I had on, as well as my bakelite bangles. I feel following this rule really makes an outfit comes together in a much more natural, subdued, and amazing way.

As some of you may have noticed if you have been following my blog for a bit now, is that I usually am not a wearer of hats. At first I figured, “I would rather have more dresses, tops, skirts…” meaning more actual clothing in and of itself, rather than hats. Then I figured, “Meh, I don’t really look so hot in hats.” I’ve seen hundreds of pictures of my maternal grandmother from around this era of dressing, and she really knocked wearing hats way out of the ballpark. Then I decided, “Hats are really a necessary staple for most vintage wardrobes”, and I started hunting. I’ve gotten just four hats in the past month alone, all for first cheap on eBay. eBay has really become my main source for vintage clothing, because if you save searches and play your cards right, you can save some major money on these things! Most of the vintage items I have bought on eBay have been at least half or even a fifth of what it “should”/”would” be on Etsy. Just remember – perseverance and saved searches! To figure out my bidding strategy that has worked so well for me (for the most part! LOL) you can click here to read my previous post.

I did, however, have one ’40s hat. I bought it back in December 2011, soon after I had my shoulder surgery. It screamed at me constantly to buy it, and plus it was only $10 due to the netting being all torn n’ worn. I’m not a big fan of having a net over my face anyway, so when I received it, it was promptly removed. But have I worn it since I bought it over a year ago? Nope. Not even once. I was even thinking about selling it. But as soon as I saw that suit, the whole status of the hat changed as well. It now has a life! And it was given many compliments during its outing today. I am sure all of my other hats (I keep wanting to say “covers” instead of “hats” – old military habits die hard LOL) are quite jealous. I will get to the rest of you my lovelies, no worries, as I now have a newfound love of hats thanks to this spectacular little brown number that took me 14 months to wear:



Isn’t it beautiful? I have no idea why I never wore it before other than my firm belief I had nothing to wear with it, which was an invalid idea even before getting this suit – I had a few dresses with some brown in them prior, so I don’t know where my mind was for 14 months in regards to this hat!

The seller of this suit also had several other items she needed/wanted to unload, as she really isn’t going to sell anymore because she just said being a seller, especially on eBay, is just too much BS anymore (to which I agreed, as I’ve had my own issues). Then she went on to say she would send me a few other vintage goodies for me, since we seemed to have the same measurements. She sent me a 60’s black sheath dress with incredible beading and jeweled detail at the neckline, a 50’s nude lace skirt and top set, again with great neckline detail also. And last but not least, she sent me a tea length black 50’s fully lined coat with mink fur at the collar and around the a cuffs, made in the USA by the union(s). Isn’t all of that amazing?! I must take pictures for all of you to see, because it is just breathtaking, all of what she sent me. I thought about selling the 60’s dress and 50’s shirt/skirt set, but I just can’t because they have sentimental value now – it reestablished my faith in humanity and the kindness of strangers in a way; it made me smile to know that there are still some decent people out there that you are fortunate to come in contact with once in a while πŸ™‚

So despite this heinous weather we are having now, I still made an effort. Like I said in my first outfit post – I try to look the best I can to look presentable and dress the way that I always feel best in – true vintage or rockabilly style πŸ™‚

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