Outfit of the Day: 06 February

So yesterday I had my anatomy & physiology lecture class. I actually enjoy all of the three (yes, you read that right – the number three) hours of it because the human body fascinates me. I love talking about it. I love learning more about it. It’s one of the things that drives my passion for medicine (that and orthopaedics 🙂 )

So, in my typical fashion, I had to glam it up! I don’t care that it was my only class that day, or that it is “only” an outing of three hours – I want to look good and feel good. If I showed up wearing sweats (which would be NEVER), I’m sure I wouldn’t be walking around campus with that extra swag and confidence. I really believe dressing “up” helps me with school. It’s like they say about those who work from home – still get dressed in work/professional attire, and you will psychologically change into “work mode”. It works. Trust me.

So, I primped – full makeup, and I got to wear some of my many new additions I have acquired over the past month or so. I was so excited about this outfit that I took my coat off in class, although I was a tad cold the whole time. But damn, I had it goin’ on (at least I think so heheh):


I really do apologize for the completely horrid picture. I have a self timer picture app on my phone, and this was a spur of the moment thing right when I got home. This also explains the hair, as it was in a wig cap at this moment, since I had taken off the wig already. My bad. But here’s what the wig looks like!


Again, I apologize for the abhorrent picture. I promise I will get better at this outfit picture taking thing! I have no husband or boyfriend to take snaps for me like most other bloggers – it’s just all me. So please bare with me 🙂

I thought this wig went well with the outfit, and since I spent a lot of time reading today I didn’t have the time to do my hair. What’s an instant fix? Wigs! I have a blonde one too, but that is mostly for events/occurrences where I need to be “normal looking”, such as job interviews and whatnot.

My absolute favourite part of this outfit? The WWII V for Victory pin I fought to the death for on eBay. And the eBay gods worked in my favour 🙂


Less than $20 all together for it. It is my pride and joy. This and my FDR reelection pin, because I am blood related to him…so of course I would be proud of that 🙂

I had taken my red lipstick off by that time of the photo, as I was waiting to nosh on some General Tso’s chicken despite my diet. Hey, I needed more protein – or at least that’s what MyFitnessPal tells me (I’m RockSteadyUSMC on there BTW). I’m working on whittling my body down to fit better into my clothes. Despite my chronic pain, I can at least work on my food intake. Exercise? That will be discussed with my surgeon this Friday.

So what do all y’all think? Cute? Not so cute? Too much for school? Great for school? I firmly believe that there is no such thing as being overdressed 😉

Navy shirt: NY & Company
Red cardigan: Thrifted
Vintage ’40s skirt: eBay
WWII V for Victory brooch: eBay
Wig: eBay

6 comments on “Outfit of the Day: 06 February

  1. Janey says:

    I am so in love with this brooch!


  2. Desiree says:

    That pin is a fantastic find! And re: your last post, the Katy Perry this is pretty reductive.

    • Isn’t it great? I ripped that sucker open as soon as I received it, and that was the perfect opportunity to wear it. Like I had said, it’s one of my most prized brooches, and I have about 15-20 or so, including the vintage ones from my grandmother that I inherited 🙂

      And you are so right about Katy Perry being reductive to the whole rockabilly/vintage world. Especially here in NYC where you don’t see the style much. It’s a shame really. Like I said, flattering because she is a gorgeous woman, but I hate being pigeon holed like that. It’s like saying a blonde must be ditzy because of her hair colour. Right along the same line there. I used to take it as a compliment, but now I more take it as a backhanded compliment now. People just don’t know and are ignorant, so I just try to let it go LOL.

  3. Nicole says:

    I think you look gorgeous! I am reasonably certain that I will actually shrivel on the sidewalk and die if I leave the house in sweats.

    • Thanks, doll! And the only time I would ever leave the house in anything remotely near sweats are my yoga pants, flats, and a tee shirt for when I run to the CVS that is literally a 1 minute walk from my house. That’s IT LOL.

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