It’s Neither Vintage Nor Rockabilly, But…

…I went to see Maroon 5 last night for their first ever performance at Madison Square Garden, which is quite an accomplishment for any artist!

I originally was supposed to see them in NJ in August of 2011 but Hurricane Irene had to ruin all the fun when the Port Authority had to cancel all the buses coming in and out of NYC. I got screwed out of Adam Levine! I was so upset that weekend, I just drank most of it away LOL.

But yesterday was my makeup concert – and it was awesome! Madison Square Garden is a legendary arena, and you could totally feel that Adam Levine was so honored to be there and playing there for the first time. I have been horribly sick all week, to the point of feeling out of my head, having heart palpitations, and even feeling unable to breathe. I still didn’t feel 100% yesterday, but there was no way I wasn’t going! My Mom and I had great seats, only 11 rows up from the stage. I could see his eyes, his tattoos, and his little bit of scruff – quite delicious! I know he is a tad skinny, but he is just so cute and mad funny that I just think he’s sexy 🙂 And I would swear for just a split second in one of his first runs around our side of the stage, that he looked at me. It wasn’t obviously some long eye-lock, but I just really felt he looked right at me for just a split second. It kind of made me laugh, like all these teeny boppers made all these shirts and painted their faces and all of this, but yet I get seen by him. And I know why – my hot pink hair. I get noticed for it all of the time – I was probably the only one in all of MSG with hot pink hair. And I was close enough for him to notice it. That’s the only reason I can come up with for the eye contact. But it was cool nonetheless 🙂









As you can see, Adam Levine was playing the guitar – and he plays very well. I know he also can play the drums too – quite a multi-talented guy! And he played the guitar more than a few times, was really pumping up the crowd, and singing his heart out.

He had spent the whole day at The Voice blind auditions from 9 AM until who the hell knows when (but I can assure you it must have been more than an eight hour work day!), and then he comes over to Madison Square Garden and kicks ass. I can’t believe how much energy he had after that long day of hearing probably a bunch of bad acts and just a few good ones. I’d be like, “OMG, I just want to go back to my hotel and just sleep this off…” That’s probably why he’s doing that job and I’m not LOL.

Here’s a treat for all of you (or those that enjoy live music or Maroon 5) – I recorded part of their performance of “Misery”, and have uploaded it to YouTube for all y’all to enjoy!

4 comments on “It’s Neither Vintage Nor Rockabilly, But…

  1. Sooooo very, very cool! I don’t doubt for the tiniest of moments that he cast an intentional glance in your direction. You’re a show-stopping beauty, amazing gal, and just as stylish-as-stylish can be – any chap (celebrity or otherwise) would be wise to lock eyes with you!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Aww thank you so much, Jessica! I really felt like this pang for a split second when he looked at me, that’s how I knew. Just body signals/language, and that doesn’t lie, does it? 😉 I just found it awesome and funny that all these other girls painted their faces and wore handmade shirts or made signs but yet he looked at me. I’m telling you, this hot pink hair *always* gets me noticed, 24/7! LOL. It was very cool though 🙂


  2. Desiree says:

    I saw Maroon 5 at the Garden in 2008, I believe. It was a great show and this looks good, too. Although Adam Levine’s ego has become ENORMOUS.

    • Yeah I remember him saying, “This next song is from MY second album…” My Mom and I turned to each other, like, “Really? You know you’re a part of a group, right?” LOL. The show was fabulous though!

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