Veronica Vintage Photo-A-Day on Instagram!


I’ve been seeing these “Photo-a-Day” challenges for months now and I have gotten in on the fun quite often. I really enjoy it, and the limits of the word or two makes you really think outside the box about what could fit those parameters. I look forward to what the new challenge is each day!

That’s when I decided – why not do a photo-a-day myself?! I have the one up above all ready and set for April, and I hope that you will enjoy participating as much as I will. We can all be battle buddies and learn and grow from each other. What a better way to make more friends while having fun exploring your creative side!

Of course, I will be following my own photo a day as much as possible (everyday, really), and I hope you will join me. And if any of you have any requests or ideas for a topic for next month’s photo a day, please let me know by contacting me by clicking the link on the above bar.

I am excited to start this fun journey and exciting hobby with you. Let’s go!

*Don’t Forget, Dolls!* – only THREE more days to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway!

Vine is Just So Divine!


I have found just about the coolest app on app-dom – Vine. It allows you to take moving slide shows for all to see! I have a feeling I will be playing around with this app way more than Instagram now. Vine is like Instagram on speed! LOL.

My username is RockSteadyUSMC. Follow me and I will be sure to make some cool shows for you! The app is free on the App Store for Apple products, and I am assuming for Android as well. Try it out ad see what you think! I have already followed some kickass people such as Cherry Dollface, Dita Von Teese, and others. It’s well worth at least a look! I am sure you will find it to be just as kickass as I do 🙂

It’s fun, very easy to use, easy to find your friends, and a great way to share your life. Go ahead – try it out! Look forward to seeing y’all there!

The Start of My Vintage Yearbook Collection…


…begins with this 1945 Westwood High School yearbook from New Jersey!

As some of you know, I was born and raised in New Jersey, so naturally when I saw this, I was immediately pulled in. And best of all, I know exactly where Westwood is! I love looking through the yearbooks; it gives me a real connection to the eras that I love and allows me to know what people’s everyday lives were like – especially those just starting their lives in a very scary and trying time – World War Two.

Regrettably, my mind sometimes goes to places that are depressing, and looking at a lot of these pictures made me think of how many had died in the war. I know it is a very viable prospect, and highly likely that this is a situation that exists in high numbers. It really makes things hit you that much harder when you see faces and lives in cold, hard ink. There is even a list in my 1945 yearbook of all the alumni who died in the war until that point, and later on in the book you see a list of who is going into the service from the graduating class.

But one of my favourite things is that it does give a real face to those in the war, and commemorates their lives rather than their deaths. I also enjoy the intense patriotism that these yearbooks show, and it makes my heart swell with pride to know that quite literally, everyone partook in the war effort in one way or another.






The yearbooks also give a great glimpse into the real fashions that people wore, from the teenage/twenty-something students to the faculty and other people in between. I love looking at the outfits and the hair of the girls – I get rather envious of some girls with great dresses and perfect hair to match!

I have five yearbooks now – three from high schools, and two from colleges. Why the college yearbooks? It gives another insight into life back during that time. I love to look at the majors of everyone and see what kind of path they were paving for themselves. I just so wish I could further investigate their lives and see what they made of it. I may have to at least pick a few of the ones that interest me the most and do some research! As would be anticipated, most of the women in college either majored in home economics, English, or education. But I did notice a few outstanding women who went above and beyond the “boundaries” of their time to major and go into fields such as political science, psychology, chemistry, and even medicine. These women make me proud – they didn’t let stigmas of the time dictate what kind of live they led. They let their passion take the driver’s seat rather than what was “expected” of women during that time. And that is trailblazing at its finest, my dears! 🙂




My favourite yearbook has to be the 1942 Flambeau from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It’s called the “Victory Garden Edition”, of course paying homage to growing your own veggies to offset the rationing of the time.


This yearbook is unusual first off in that it is spiral bound – this has to be the first and only time I have ever seen this! It was owned by Howard Lensmire, a junior during this time and was slated to graduate in 1943. He seemed to be quite a popular and well-liked guy by all of the signatures he acquired!



On nearly every page you see a few signatures from kids in the school. I love reading them, and knowing that real people wrote on that exact page back in 1942. It just blows my mind and makes me smile 🙂

But the real cherry on top of this ice cream? Well, when I opened up this yearbook initially, a piece of paper fell out. It was yellowed, obviously showing some age. I opened it, and immediately was stunned – it was the whole wedding coverage of the yearbook owner’s nuptials! Not only that, there was the announcement of his second child’s birth!


How amazing is that?! I feel like I know Mr. Lensmire personally because of having all of this first hand information. I want to research more of his life and if he is still alive! I think this may become a pet project for me now LOL!

Howard was also on the Junior Varsity Football Squad, and in the picture I have the yearbook opened to that page. You can see him in the group by looking directly where the lower right hand corner of the birth announcement is pointing to in the picture. I believe his jersey was #17.

I have had a few people give me weird reactions when they know I have a collection of vintage yearbooks. My one friend even said, “Why do you have yearbooks from a school you never went to and people you don’t know?” But I feel that unless you are either a history nerd or a vintage buff, you won’t entirely understand the magic of it. But if you are a history nerd or vintage buff, I highly recommend getting yourself a vintage yearbook or two from your favourite eras. They’re not expensive at all, either – the most expensive one I have cost $15 with shipping included on eBay! It is a very cool and very fun way to have an authentic attachment to a period that holds a special place in your heart.

Why I Don’t Blog Everyday


As you may have noticed, I don’t post every single day on here. Some would (and do) say that is not a good thing to get followers or “entice” people to read. But there is a method to my madness, and I find following what I want to do more often than not proves to be the right decision. The last thing I want is for the writing of a post to become drudgery, where I mark it down on a calendar, next to having a test to study for.

I know all of you reading this have had your days of intense gusto for something, and then a few days later feel not motivated for said activity. That doesn’t mean you live it any less; it just means you have your ups and downs, as with everything else in life – health, money, weight, relationships – I could go on and on. I know the typical “advice” for a blogger is to blog regularly and as much as possible. That is all fine and dandy for someone who makes a living out of blogging – that’s a very small bunch though. And even then, surely they have their off days too! It’s just not feasible to expect someone to churn out blog posts like a printer churns out paper. Humans are not machines – we are cerebral, stimulated creatures. We all are after that “good” feeling in one way or another, and I certainly feel that when I write a post for all of you and share my expertise and thoughts with you. I put immense detail and thought into my posts, and try to make it as informative and entertaining as possible. To expect someone to constantly be at that level every single day is not only silly, but draining. I feel that if I were to put out a post every single day that it would diminish the quality of my writing as well as make the topics I write about be dwindled down to nothing, to the point where I would rehash old topics. Granted, this might take a while, but I strive for originality and thoughtfulness any day. I always think that I want a life of quality, not quantity – I’d rather 60 years of an amazing, full life than 100 of a mediocre life hands down. That is also my approach to blogging – quality over quantity. I believe my readers prefer one good, dense piece over many pieces of fluff. I know I would. And I feel that will help me keep readers and maintain their interest, rather than some bit of air I coughed up in five minutes flat. Would you rather have an oven roasted chicken or 40 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s? My point exactly!

Another part of why I don’t blog every single day is that I, not unlike the rest of you, have a life outside of blogger land. I somehow get the vibe that the “advice” given to bloggers assumes they have infinite time to dedicate to their little piece of cyberspace, but that is just ludicrous. I am a full time student in a medical program that is very demanding, and as such, school will always take priority. I’m not saying I would “dump” my blog, not by any means. I see this site as being an addition to my life rather than being the focal point of my life. I am a woman of many colors and shapes, and I take pride in that. I believe that makes me more well-rounded, and allows me to actually partake in life, rather than just writing about one.

So now I close this post by asking all of my wonderful readers – what do you prefer: frequent posts with less information, or less frequent posts with more substance and information? Let me know below!

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? Surely all of us do! Well dolls, I have some exciting news for you – the vintage clothing company Shabby Apple has contacted me to do a giveaway for my readers!


What’s the prize? A $15 gift certificate! If you have always wanted to try their line, or have yet to discover what they have to offer, why not try now?

They are a vintage inspired clothing company that offers everything from dresses to tops to skirts and more. Go check out the Shabby Apple site and see what vintage clothing they have to offer! In sure there will be something there that tickles your fancy!


Now, how do you enter to win this certificate? All you have to do is “like” the Veronica Vintage Facebook page as well as leave a comment below telling me what your favorite vintage era is. That’s it! You can also enter again by sharing this giveaway on Facebook as well.


The time to enter the giveaway ends 31 March. On 01 April I will announce the winner via Facebook!

Good luck to all of you! Go for it!

St. Patrick’s Day Etsy SALE!


In honour of St. Patrick’s Day (although I am not the least bit Irish) I am having a sale in my Etsy shop! You can receive 17% off (for the 17th, get it? LOL) only until Monday! I have added a whole bunch of cool new items to the shop, including some of these gems…


This beautiful 1940s lace detailed blouse! It is a harder to find larger size, and looks very delicate and beautiful. A separate that will match nearly anything.


These totally amazing 1950s Vintage Cat Eye Rockabilly Eyeglasses are in wonderful condition and are just awaiting your prescription to be put in them! You can even have non-prescription lenses put in if you have 20/20 vision (jealous!) or wear contacts most of the time. I have a referral for a good place that does the lenses for you for $25 as opposed to the much higher amount you would spend at an optometry store if you would like to do that.


This 1940s celluloid palm tree brooch has amazing detail and is in mint condition considering its age! It is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months to add a little tropical flare to your wardrobe (or help remind you that warmer weather is coming if it is as cold near you as it is here in NYC today!).


I also have this wonderful 1960s embellished and beaded sheath dress available. It is a very high quality dress, and feels very sturdy and has a good weight to it. It is fully lined and has the most amazing beading and embroidery detail that I wish I could capture on photos properly!

The coupon code to use at checkout for 17% off is: STPATS17

There are a bunch more items available in my Veronica Vintage shop and I may be adding even more this weekend, so check everything out and treat yourself to some wonderful vintage 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful & fun St. Patrick’s Day weekend! But not too fun, otherwise you’ll be waking up with a headache Monday morning! 😉

Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead & the Gang!

Many of you may not know, but I have been a fan of the Archie comics gang since I was single digit in age. I remember going to the Foodtown in my town and looking at the Archie digests near the checkout and imploring my Mom to buy it for me. I would read and re-read them, always enjoying the antics and situations the characters got into. The past few years I kind of lost my connection to the gang of Riverdale High, but with the recent release of MAC’s “Archie’s Girls” collection, one could say I’ve gotten back into my groove and love for the comics!



These are the glosses I recently bought on eBay – one from Betty, and one from Veronica. I lived both the colours, and wanted a gloss from each “side” even though I’ve always fancied myself as a Veronica (and apparently so do my friends as well!). After I purchased these glosses, I went on a hunt for some Archie comics themselves. Soon, I found this comic from 1970 for only $1 on Etsy!


I read the whole issue in less than an hour after receiving it in the mail. Even though these comics are meant for kids, many of us “older folk” still enjoy reading them for the nostalgia factour. I also love the vintage flair they have – you can sense it in the clothes as well as what the characters say and do. I was instantly re-addicted! I immediately bought more old comics 🙂


These are all issues from around when I bought them when I was a kid. Seven digests and seven double digests. I have already cracked open one of them and am enjoying every page. But my real pride and joy!

Right here!





A sixty year old Archie comic, from Jan/Feb 1953! I love looking at the clothes and hair styles of both Betty and Veronica, as well as the ads! I managed to grab this bad boy on eBay for only $10 when most of the other ones around this time were going for $40 or $50! That’s the advantage of having a saved search 😉

Archie comics can go as far back as World War II on eBay, I’ve seen! They usually go over $100 or more, so for now it will be something I have to dream about 🙂