Why I Don’t Blog Everyday


As you may have noticed, I don’t post every single day on here. Some would (and do) say that is not a good thing to get followers or “entice” people to read. But there is a method to my madness, and I find following what I want to do more often than not proves to be the right decision. The last thing I want is for the writing of a post to become drudgery, where I mark it down on a calendar, next to having a test to study for.

I know all of you reading this have had your days of intense gusto for something, and then a few days later feel not motivated for said activity. That doesn’t mean you live it any less; it just means you have your ups and downs, as with everything else in life – health, money, weight, relationships – I could go on and on. I know the typical “advice” for a blogger is to blog regularly and as much as possible. That is all fine and dandy for someone who makes a living out of blogging – that’s a very small bunch though. And even then, surely they have their off days too! It’s just not feasible to expect someone to churn out blog posts like a printer churns out paper. Humans are not machines – we are cerebral, stimulated creatures. We all are after that “good” feeling in one way or another, and I certainly feel that when I write a post for all of you and share my expertise and thoughts with you. I put immense detail and thought into my posts, and try to make it as informative and entertaining as possible. To expect someone to constantly be at that level every single day is not only silly, but draining. I feel that if I were to put out a post every single day that it would diminish the quality of my writing as well as make the topics I write about be dwindled down to nothing, to the point where I would rehash old topics. Granted, this might take a while, but I strive for originality and thoughtfulness any day. I always think that I want a life of quality, not quantity – I’d rather 60 years of an amazing, full life than 100 of a mediocre life hands down. That is also my approach to blogging – quality over quantity. I believe my readers prefer one good, dense piece over many pieces of fluff. I know I would. And I feel that will help me keep readers and maintain their interest, rather than some bit of air I coughed up in five minutes flat. Would you rather have an oven roasted chicken or 40 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s? My point exactly!

Another part of why I don’t blog every single day is that I, not unlike the rest of you, have a life outside of blogger land. I somehow get the vibe that the “advice” given to bloggers assumes they have infinite time to dedicate to their little piece of cyberspace, but that is just ludicrous. I am a full time student in a medical program that is very demanding, and as such, school will always take priority. I’m not saying I would “dump” my blog, not by any means. I see this site as being an addition to my life rather than being the focal point of my life. I am a woman of many colors and shapes, and I take pride in that. I believe that makes me more well-rounded, and allows me to actually partake in life, rather than just writing about one.

So now I close this post by asking all of my wonderful readers – what do you prefer: frequent posts with less information, or less frequent posts with more substance and information? Let me know below!

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