Outfit of the Day: Anatomy & Physiology of a PUG Outfit


Friday I went to my Anatomy & Physiology lab class and I decided to get gussied up a bit for a Friday. I decided to whip out my new Pinup Girl Clothing Doris skirt in a turquoise atomic print, as well as the Deadly Dames peach top that just makes your boobs go BOOM! LOL. I decided to accessorize with a vintage chiffon hair scarf that just happened to match my top perfectly!

I got a lot of looks and many compliments on my outfit. I can honestly say I feel so sexy and so confident wearing anything rockabilly and/or vintage. My style before was okay, it didn’t make me feel neither good nor bad, but the way I dress now just makes me so excited about my wardrobe and my looks that the self confidence I have has just shot through the roof. And who wouldn’t love that? 🙂

Guess what?!: This week I will be starting a brand new fitness and health regime called Revolt from the amazing Nichole Huntsman. This is a woman who knows what she is doing! You can see it in her own results. I was recruited to do the program and blog about it as part of a PR campaign to raise awareness of it as well as its launch. I will be blogging about my progress every week for twelve weeks. Some of it seems a little daunting, but I am going to do my best to kick ass and take names Marine Corps style! 🙂

4 comments on “Outfit of the Day: Anatomy & Physiology of a PUG Outfit

  1. Wowzers, girl, you look seriously fabulous! Love the cheerful colour combo at work here – I don’t doubt for a second that this ensemble garnered plenty of compliments.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* The bracelet arrived safe and sound recently. Thank you so, so much! I know it’s going to become a frequent player and firm favourite in my bangle stacks.

  2. Va-Va-Vooooommmm! Holy hotness Batman! You look gorgeous, fabulous … dropdead HAWT! I tell you, that purchase was well worth the wait.

  3. Helen Mae says:

    What a great outfit, the colours go together perfectly. A stylish way to go to your class 🙂

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