June Status Update


Hey y’all! I am sorry for being so horrid on posting lately, I have had a lot of drama lately, as well as working on trying to get back into the military and my new job I just started. But I wanted and promised myself that I would certainly write a post this weekend to let you all know that I am still around and this blog is still poppin’!

I just started a new job this week as a production coordinator at a printing and marketing firm. It is a very laid back environment, and that very wig you see me sporting I wore on my third day of work! I can keep my nose ring, keep my naturally unnatural hair, and let my tattoos hang out and proud. The office is very laid back – for example, my boss swears all the time and makes fun of everyone, and I love it! We had a barbecue at her house last night, and she made us all margaritas and daiquiris where we all got a little buzzed. How can you not love that?! I am looking forward to working with everyone and really knocking things out of the park πŸ™‚

In other news that may be a little more exciting to everyone, I am having an Etsy summer sale! I will be adding more items over the weekend, and the sale extends through 06 July for a hefty 28% off. You’ll find such lovelies like this late 1940s novelty print pinwheel dress:


Be sure to use the code SUMMERSSWEET28 at checkout!

Also keep your eyes peeled for a guest post I will be doing on the blog Va Voom Vintage. It will have to do with how to do a great pinup/vintage eye, and the fine art of blending and using multiple colours. I plan to have this post done within the next few days, so stay tuned to Brittany’s amazing blog for when it goes live! I will post a link here when it does as well.

I have several new ideas for posts floating around in my cranium, such as a hair tutorial, showing some new dΓ©cor I acquired, new clothes, a movie and documentary review, and much more. Now that I have a new full time job, I will probably feel more active and engaged in doing things again. I’m a weird one – I can work and have a full day and I feel energized and I want to do more; I can sit on my arse all day and it just feeds into itself. I can sleep 10 hours and feel totally lazy; I could sleep 4 hours and be hard charging the whole day. What hath the military wrought upon me?! πŸ˜‰

Stay tuned for all the new and exciting things coming up for Veronica Vintage!

New Tattoo & Odds and Ends

Sorry for not posting for so long, but I have been extremely busy and still dealing with my friend’s death. I have decided that I probably want to go back into the military – probably the Marine Corps, and I have already visited a recruiter and just need a few more papers and to get medically cleared and I may be good to go. There is one other factour, but it’s not something I feel like should be discussed via such a public medium, so I hope you understand. I also checked into the Navy, and may join the Medical Corps, for obvious reasons. I don’t want to waste my education, you know? Yes, I could always finish school later, but why not have the Navy pay for it and when I get out I will be good to go, and feel good about having gotten back into the military like I have wanted for years, but have been feeling more of a yearning for since my buddy’s brother’s death. I told the Navy recruiter I want to work in the FMF, with the Marines – no debate, no discussion there. She understands, and is a badass b*tch that I feel like I can trust will work to get me what I want and really, essentially, NEED πŸ™‚

So, now, on to new business. I have a new tattoo, y’all! It was one I had wanted for years, ever since I got out of the Corps. I researched and researched, and found Supernova Tattoo. Leo “Bulldog” greeted me as soon as I walked in, and this place is just super rad – rockabilly music playing over the loud speaker, Japanese art pieces all over the place, and amazing tattoo art plastered on the walls made by the those who worked there. I had shown Leo a picture of a general idea of what I wanted, but explained some specific differences I wanted for it to fit my ideal piece.


So Leo drew up the general idea, and showed me. It was perfect! I did not alter anything in his drawing, and he plastered the stenciling on.

It took an hour and a half to get it all done. The entire time Leo and I were just chatting up about rockabilly – we both love it, and were talking about Viva Las Vegas, and how we love Johnny Cash. We were talking about how much we hate stupid people, love tattoos, and about martial arts (he’s involved, and I know MCMAP – which isn’t really martial arts, but whatever…). I felt super comfortable and didn’t really feel a thing on my arm, and was either totally agreeing with Leo on something, laughing, or whatever. I was actually sad that it was all over, and wanted to say to Leo, “Yo, dude, tat me up more, this shit has been awesome.”

And here it is, the final product!


It is really scanning up right now, and is rather gnarly looking. I almost don’t wanna show it off, but I just love it too much πŸ™‚

What do all y’all think?!