Oops I Did It Again

Well, I did it again. I got another tattoo, that is. I’ve been stressed out a lot lately and felt a pull to get more ink. I made my appointment and my artist Leo was ready to go. I wanted an old school Sailor Jerry tattoo, and that what he absolutely lives to do, so he was beyond elated to ink it on me. And you know I was beyond elated to have him ink this beauty:


I had wanted it for a while and couldn’t wait to head to Supernova in Astoria. I feel like it is a second home to me now. As soon as I got there I felt my stress level go down and my excitement go up! And the atmosphere there is awesome:





You can see Leo is quite the old school tattoo artist with his Sailor Jerry books full of old school designs you’d be likely to see on a seaman 50 years ago. I love the vintage/pinup/burlesque vibe that these tattoos offer, and I know I want more and more! I have a feeling I’m going to be totally tattooed in a few years 😉

As soon as that needle hit my skin I felt my stress level and pain just melt away. Sometimes getting a new tattoo helps my pain more than the pain meds do – weird, huh? But it’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

So what does the grand finale end look like? Here it is…


This is from Leo’s Instagram, and as you can tell, he had an awesome time doing the tattoo. I had a great time too! I can just sit while he inks me and shoot the shit with him. The best part was he was wearing a Viva Las Vegas shirt from when he was there in 2011. I went in 2012. We both want to go next year! All in all, an awesome experience. But that’s par the course at Supernova 😉

Pop Up Post – 09 August

I decided to up my frequency of posting by offering “Pop Up Posts” – short posts of more pictures than words or just a thought or two to offer my readers as a niblet between posts. Sound good? Let’s go!


This is a page from a magazine that my boyfriend’s mom left for me when I arrived earlier today. As you can tell, she knows me so well already! 😉 I thought it was really nice of her to think of me and make the effort like that – I may have to buy her a little Audrey Hepburn giftie soon!

The clothes are totally ’30s and totally to die for. Take a look-see:








Aren’t these outfits to die for?! They need a little better accessory styling on some, but all in all, a total win! I’m not hard to guess what I’d like, huh? 😛

My Love List

I always tend to go through periods of things that I am obsessed with on a rotation. I will be completely into something and want to be immersed in it for weeks at a time, usually. Of course, the vintage lifestyle is more than just a fleeting obsession for me, and it has become a part of who I am at my core. But there are elements of it that I may pick up for a while, and then move on. But it will always be there! Maybe I am a little weird, but I like it that way 😉

Here’s what I am totally into at the moment:

Getting Myself Doris Mayday’s Haircut


I am completely infatuated with her ‘do. I want it. I NEED it. I will have it. I know I need to get my hair trimmed at least, and I figure this is the perfect balance of length for it still looking feminine yet short enough to have the style hold and to have it be manageable. Getting her perfect style may require a bit more of an effort, but I think it is ultimately worth it. Vintage pinup perfection, my dear!


Breaking Bad on Netflix



I know, I know – it took me long enough to watch this show. It takes a lot for me to get into a new show (new to me, mind you). The last show I got into was Freakshow; before that was Mad Men, if that gives you any idea. But I have been wanting to watch Breaking Bad for the longest time since I heard such good things about it, and I tend to go for gritty and deep shows. Well, I was right! Immediately from the first episode I was drawn in. The new season starts this weekend, and even though I am not through all of the prior seasons on Netflix, I certainly will be tuning in this Sunday!


Double Indemnity (1944)



I loved this movie to begin with when I saw it late last year, but over the past week or so I have really gained an even deeper appreciation for this film. Barbara Stanwyck was genius and gave an amazing performance. This is a totally typical film noir, and was one of the very first in the genre. This type did not start getting popular until after the war; this was released during a time when very upbeat and chipper movies were de rigeur for the time, in order to lift the moods of moviegoers during a time deep in war. Double Indemnity broke that mold and offered patrons a taste of something different, which took movie making in a whole different direction.


Alex Minsky



Marine turned underwear model. You’re welcome, ladies 😉


L.A. Noire video game



I never EVER thought I would want a video game in my life. I’m not going to dive into why, but let’s just say I’ve had more than my full share against my will. But after being introduced to this amazing game, where you interrogate suspects and victims based in 1946 Los Angeles, I am all in. I am going to be grabbing myself an Xbox along with this game next week after I get paid, because I need this awesomeness in my life. You get to read people’s body language and how they act around you and respond to your questions, and guess whether they are lying, telling the truth, or you have doubt as to their answer but have no proof to shoot back in their face. You work at solving cases, all while seeing the amazing scene of post-war LA and the drool-worthy cars and clothing. And this game is actually rather accurate to the time period in regards to everything. I can’t wait to get my paws on it!


What items are on your love list right now?


Weekend Adventures on Long Island

Hi y’all!

This weekend has been crazy busy and I’ve been doing a lot! But I took pictures of it all for all of you to enjoy.

Last night I went to Havana Central, which is a gorgeous Art Deco Cuban restaurant near a mall called Roosevelt Field in Long Island. You can tell it has an amazing vintage 30s/40s vibe right from the outside.


The inside is even more gorgeous, and you just totally get this Miami during the 30s and 40s aura about the place. Great design, wonderful vintage showgirl photos, amazing colors, and foot moving music.


I noticed some vintage pictures on the menu and I was instantly in heaven!


I had the picadillo which was amazing! We all got so full that we could barely finish what we had (*FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS*). It was incredibly crowded in the restaurant so afterwards I needed to get some fresh air outside, and we went back to my boyfriend’s house and had some drinks before crashing.

Today we went to Bayville, which is this very quaint little beach town on the north shore of Long Island. As soon as we got there, we immediately felt our stresses and the “real world” melt away. It was just a gorgeous day, and we ate on the roof of a tavern that made amazing food and was so much like Pleasantville that even the ketchup came out of the glass bottle without problems, as my boyfriend said LOL.

The beach with the clouds and sun made everything so picturesque, that I had to snap a shot. So, of course, I will leave you with a little slice of my own personally heaven…