Weekend Adventures on Long Island

Hi y’all!

This weekend has been crazy busy and I’ve been doing a lot! But I took pictures of it all for all of you to enjoy.

Last night I went to Havana Central, which is a gorgeous Art Deco Cuban restaurant near a mall called Roosevelt Field in Long Island. You can tell it has an amazing vintage 30s/40s vibe right from the outside.


The inside is even more gorgeous, and you just totally get this Miami during the 30s and 40s aura about the place. Great design, wonderful vintage showgirl photos, amazing colors, and foot moving music.


I noticed some vintage pictures on the menu and I was instantly in heaven!


I had the picadillo which was amazing! We all got so full that we could barely finish what we had (*FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS*). It was incredibly crowded in the restaurant so afterwards I needed to get some fresh air outside, and we went back to my boyfriend’s house and had some drinks before crashing.

Today we went to Bayville, which is this very quaint little beach town on the north shore of Long Island. As soon as we got there, we immediately felt our stresses and the “real world” melt away. It was just a gorgeous day, and we ate on the roof of a tavern that made amazing food and was so much like Pleasantville that even the ketchup came out of the glass bottle without problems, as my boyfriend said LOL.

The beach with the clouds and sun made everything so picturesque, that I had to snap a shot. So, of course, I will leave you with a little slice of my own personally heaven…


2 comments on “Weekend Adventures on Long Island

  1. That sounds like tons of fun! Love the vintage photo filled menu – I would have been tempted to ask if they’d be willing to sell one so I could take it home with me. 🙂

    I really hope you keep on having a stellar August, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Love the vintage styling, and photos on the menus are so cute I think they would distract me from choosing food!

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