So It Begins


Well, here I am. I really didn’t expect to be here. I am on the cusp of a life change. My husband “got the call” for the NYPD academy on Saturday, July 5th, 2014 at 9:54 AM. Tomorrow it starts. Granted, it’s only orientation, but I know what is coming. The early mornings or the late nights (depending on his tour), the six months of stress, worry, support, and heartache. I’ve been in the military before, and so has he, so this isn’t entirely new to us. I’m well aware of what comes with the job. I’m accruing for that. But that doesn’t mean it won’t still be difficult.

We were both single when we were in the military. But now, we have been married for 5 months. It’s fresh.

I pknow the NYPD will be taking my husband away a lot. The military taught us both that. I would just like to be able to enjoy the time that we do have in our own shelter from the world.

Of course I worry. I know he worries. He mostly worries that I will leave him because of the erratic schedule and “not being around all of the time” – which I think is absolute rubbish. I could not be more proud of him. He has literally waited ten years to get into the NYPD. He has waited so long, and has finally got where he wanted. But I of course worry about his safety – any wife would. But I know he has a leg up on others being prior service as a cop. I am so proud of him I just wanted to tell everyone he got in!

He’s already getting nervous – that’s normal. I’d think it was abnormal if he weren’t nervous. But I’m right here, being his cheerleader, supporting him through all of this.

Let’s do this.