The Watch TCM App


Recently, in my household we have had a change in cable providers. I was excited, because that meant I could finally actually get to use the Watch TCM app on my phone! I have had it downloaded for months but never got around to using it because of forgetting what the username and password was for our old provider.

I was able to check it out before, but without watching. It has a whole list of showtimes, who stars in each movie, as well as trivia and images. It also includes blogs and the Shop TCM store for when you just gotta have that movie! The app layout is very nice, and works very well. I have yet to have it crash or freeze on me, which is always a plus!

Absolutely the best feature of this app is that you can watch On Demand movies (I note that only movies that have been recently shown are On Demand), and you can also watch live, from anywhere. That means when you are waiting that hour in the doctor’s office or for that late train, you can watch the beloved TCM! I love that. I know I will be utilizing this on my LIRR train rides to the city to keep me occupied for 40-ish minutes.

The resolution is fab, and the audio works great. I love being able to watch whenever the mood hits me, especially when the husband has a day off and he is playing his video games and I have no TV access. That’s what I wanted it for in the first place! 😉

Here’s a visual peek into what the app offers:

3F_v6GSIkfMq_NvVWmx51wlRKikjl4-CBX5zymiFSgrig9HlSUM6e15pBYWod2P7ndQ=h900 Nv7MybR6eb4uxmhWdbcohc0jtC1HQI6IN9QJmopcg-p62nHgm0IxlMgCzeUNBD2O_ikP=h310 screen568x568

All in all, I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who loves TCM or old movie buffs. Go check it out in your App Store or click the image below to be taken to TCM’s website!

All images courtesy TCM

All images courtesy TCM

One comment on “The Watch TCM App

  1. That is so cool! I wonder if it’s only for US viewers/customers? I would imagine so, but will be looking into it all the same. Thanks for the lovely intro.

    Happy movie watching!
    ♥ Jessica

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