A Very Kitschy Christmas


As christmas has been drawing near, I have become more and more interested in vintage Christmas kitsch. Some may call it chintzy and tacky, but I call it cute and charming!




I am quite fond of vintage ornaments, mostly from the ’40s through ’60s. I bought the vintage Jewel Brite ornaments that you see above, and have plans to do a little something different with it than hang them on a tree. We have three cats, and anyone who has cats knows that they will attack any and every dangly bauble that hangs from its branches.

Here’s a couple ideas:



I love these ideas – untraditional but unique and fun. And who doesn’t love that?

Speaking of things I love, I am absolutely enamoured with vintage aluminum Christmas trees! I tried to bid on a few on eBay, but even the 2′ ones seem to be going for ridiculous sums! I may have to wait it out for after Christmas and save it for next year.

Check out some of these fabulous trees!






The one thing I happen to love about Christmastime is that all of the vintage Christmas movies, music, and décor come out to show. I am waiting for the right time to watch my copy of “It’s A Wonderful Life” and to catch “White Christmas” on TCM. It’s the one time of year where I feel I can actually watch these movies without seeming crazy!


What vintage things do you enjoy most around the holidays?

Viva Las Vegas 17: Part One

Hello everyone!

I had the great pleasure of going to Viva Las Vegas 17 this year, and it was a blast! I was by myself most of the time, except for Friday night into Saturday I got to spend with my bestie and maid of honour Nicole 🙂

I arrived on Thursday afternoon, checked in to my hotel, and immediately got to work. I zipped from the Gold Coast over to the Orleans via shuttle bus. The excitement was building with each second I spent on that bus, and when it pulled in front of the Orleans, I walked in and immediately took in that uniquely sweet smell that only Viva seems to provide.

Let the fun begin!


It was great to see everyone there, decked out in their rockabilly and vintage best! I felt so exhilarated being back, it was surreal.

I checked out the vendors, who were out in full force with their amazing wares! I managed to nab a Steady pencil skirt in a gorgeous soft pale yellow that has legs, eyes, and all sorts of silly random prints on it. I also nabbed my usual VLV shirt, as well as the VLV grocery bag. After making the rounds with the vendors, I somehow managed to stay up until 11 PM (2 AM Eastern!) to see the amazing Kim Lenz. I am glad I told myself “NO!” and forced myself to rally against what my own body was telling me, because she was fab!

The next day, Friday, I got up “early” to make sure I could nab some tickets for Nicole and me for the burlesque showcase. Yes, I am a girl, and I love burlesque. It is so much fun and there are so many women from different walks of life that are all there to celebrate their bodies and just have an awesome time. Who wouldn’t love that?! I managed to nab great seats on the left side of the stage four rows back. I couldn’t wait!

Next was a meet up I had with some girls from a Facebook group of plus sized ladies so that we can sell our clothing and it is catered to our sizing. We met in one of the girl’s hotel rooms at the Orleans, and I started to lay out the approximately 12 items I brought. I labelled them, talked with some fellow members, and shopped a bit. But only 35 minutes later, we were kicked out by Orleans security. It was a whole debacle and shocked the hell out of all of us. We left there upset and concerned. It was all very unfortunate 😦

After that, I tried to find something else to fill my time until my friend Nicole arrived. It was 3:35 PM. The Charles Phoenix slideshow had started 5 minutes ago! I ran over to the showroom and was able to nab a seat. I had never seen him before, but he came as highly recommended by a fellow rockabilly friend in NYC, Lucirene. And guess what? He was hysterical, interesting, and entertaining 🙂


I just knew I had to make Sunday’s slideshow too!

My friend Nicole made it around 6 PM, so we hung out in the hotel room while we got ready. Even just hanging out getting ready is fun with Nicole 🙂

We made it to the burlesque showcase at 9 PM. There was a wide array of amazing acts like Roxi D’Lite, Angie Pontani, Cleo Viper, and who I was most excited about: Dirty Martini. I couldn’t wait!


Roxi D’Lite was one of the first, and possibly one of the best performers of the night. Her racy S&M performance was certainly a stand out!

Gal Friday and Peekaboo Pointe had such a cute “fight” routine!

Angie Pontani had a very elegant, very beautiful ballet routine. It was rather ethereal!

Cleo Viper had a truly vamp routine, it was badass. And my goodness is she stunning!



And last but not least: the amazing and incomparable Dirty Martini!

All the ladies came out for one last bow, to a round of deafening applause. It was a great way to put the top on the Friday that was at Viva Las Vegas 17!


And no, we didn’t finish the night there: we had some drinks, gambled a little, watched some fabulous jive/stroll/swing dancing, and made fun of things such as this:


I’ll leave you to analyze this for today 😉

Viva Las Vegas 17: Part Two coming tomorrow!

Christmas, Vintage Style

I know I haven’t been around much, I’ve had a lot going on and a lot of personal circumstances getting in the way. I have been thinking a lot of coming back and what to write about, but never having the opportunity to do so. But here I am!

In the spirit of the season, I have decided to post some good old vintage Christmas pictures! Some are from NYC, some from elsewhere – but all in Christmas cheer!















Sometimes I very much wish I could transport myself back to these days shown in the photographs and really and truly enjoy the Christmases of old. I have always felt more at home in a vintage dress, watching a vintage film, listening to vintage music, or being in a vintage car or building. Why not a vintage Christmas as well?! 🙂

How is everyone planning to spend their holiday?

Weekend Adventures on Long Island

Hi y’all!

This weekend has been crazy busy and I’ve been doing a lot! But I took pictures of it all for all of you to enjoy.

Last night I went to Havana Central, which is a gorgeous Art Deco Cuban restaurant near a mall called Roosevelt Field in Long Island. You can tell it has an amazing vintage 30s/40s vibe right from the outside.


The inside is even more gorgeous, and you just totally get this Miami during the 30s and 40s aura about the place. Great design, wonderful vintage showgirl photos, amazing colors, and foot moving music.


I noticed some vintage pictures on the menu and I was instantly in heaven!


I had the picadillo which was amazing! We all got so full that we could barely finish what we had (*FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS*). It was incredibly crowded in the restaurant so afterwards I needed to get some fresh air outside, and we went back to my boyfriend’s house and had some drinks before crashing.

Today we went to Bayville, which is this very quaint little beach town on the north shore of Long Island. As soon as we got there, we immediately felt our stresses and the “real world” melt away. It was just a gorgeous day, and we ate on the roof of a tavern that made amazing food and was so much like Pleasantville that even the ketchup came out of the glass bottle without problems, as my boyfriend said LOL.

The beach with the clouds and sun made everything so picturesque, that I had to snap a shot. So, of course, I will leave you with a little slice of my own personally heaven…


Have Yourself A Very Merry Vintage Christmas

A very merry vintage Christmas to one and all.

I wanted to take this time to share some wonderful vintage shots ranging from the 1920s through the 1960s, as well as some vintage holiday traditions from days gone by. I hope you all enjoy and find these as fun to look at as it was as fun to find.


A common Christmas tree you would find back in the 1950s was decked with hand-blown glass ornaments and beaded chains. My Mom also told me about how when she was growing up that her brother and her would put individual strands of foil tinsel on the tree every year. It would take forever, but she recalls the look was absolutely stunning and well worth the effort. Soon after, foil tinsel was labelled as a “fire hazard”, and then they came out with the crappy plastic type that never looked quite as good.



This was the London Underground around World War II. If they would only do this in NYC!


Someone’s always gotta take it literally 😉


I’d take Cary Grant for Christmas too!


Whomever came up with this as a tree, I want to marry you.


How’s that for a retro ‘do, huh?!


Christmas Parade in L.A. during the late 1930s.


Miss Louise Brooks.


Loretta Young in quite the Christmas classic! I finally saw all of “The Bishop’s Wife”. I can’t believe Cary Grant was originally cast as being the Bishop – he definitely had great foresight enough to request the change with David Niven!




Another shot of an L.A. Christmas parade.


The lovely Jayne Mansfield.



I’m sure a lot of men would a prefer a Santa of this nature.


Another cute 1940s town decoration.


To be a tree or not to be a tree?



Imagine being a starlet back then and being forced to do these types of chintzy shoots? I’m sure most of them hated it, but they are pretty cute LOL.


That cutie Shirley Temple.


The perpetually glamorous Elizabeth Taylor.


That cute Brit Diana Dors.


Might that be a feather tree? Those were rather popular from the 1920s through the 1960s, and they were the first real alternative tree. They were initially made of feathers, but were soon made of other materials because the feathers proved to be very expensive.


What a better way to end the post than with Marilyn!

I hope each and every one of you has an amazing holiday filled with laughter, love, and lingering memories. What will you be doing for the holidays?

Vintage Boudoir Addition

Hi dolls! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and had many a food coma and/or baby 🙂

I am here over at my Mom’s house for the holiday, and I saw this lovely piece in my Grandmother’s old room that I instantly remembered and automatically knew I wanted: her vintage vanity plate/display. I don’t know what ot call it really, but it goes really great with the whole look I am trying to achieve. I know it has got to be from the 1940s, at the very most the early 1950s. I already have my Grandmother’s old jewelry box from the 1940s which I adore, and I just felt that this would be the most awesome addition to my whole theme.

I mean, honestly, how could I not have it? It is beautiful, and I always remember my Grandmother putting all of her perfumes and such on it while it was on her vanity. Just the memories alone are worth it, plus the vintage factour just ups it all. I immediately ran out of my Grandmother’s old room and asked my Mom if she wanted it, and if not, if I could have it. She shook her head yes, and I immediately ran in to get it. I cleaned the mirror on the bottom, and I think I will leave the gold scalloping for the most part, as it adds to the authentic vintge look I want. I have a few great vintage finds thanks to my Grandma, like her diamond wedding band with her and my Grandpa’s initials engraved in it with their wedding date of 11/30/1941. I have it on a necklace (since it is entirely too small for my hugenormous fingers), and I absolutely refuse to take it off, even if I have a neckalce I think would work better with an outfit I am wearing. I am supposed to have shoulder surgery on 16 December, and even then, I will have a very hard time taking it off my neck. I could never leave it with the hospital staff; I would either have to leave it home or have someone I trust hold it for me.

All in all, some great stuff courtesy of my Grandma, although I would rather have her here yet, still telling me the stories of her life when she was growing up and her family while playing the three dice game she taught me from her mother :-/