VIVA! Part One

Hi dolls! I apologize for the lack of posting recently, but my health has been at the forefront or things and I am now slated to have another shoulder surgery this Friday – this time on the opposite shoulder. I have a torn labrum and a fracture of the humeral head (the part of your upper arm bone that goes into your shoulder). So, I am going in for my sixth time getting cut open. Hence the radio silence! But I wanted to make a few posts whilst I still had both my arms and hands available to do so πŸ˜‰

Although it has been several months, I have quite a stockpile of great photos and videos from Viva that I am sure no one will mind seeing or re-visiting if you had the wonderful opportunity to attend. This was the last Viva held on Easter weekend – hereafter, Viva will be held near Easter weekend, but not directly during it. I am sure that means numbers of those attending will skyrocket!


One of my first stops was the Charles Phoenix show. Ever since I randomly decided to attend his show last year, I loved it and had to go back. It’s always pretty packed in the showroom because many others think so too! He was his usual zany self, in his crazy wardrobe, with his awesome shots.





Check out a little video I took below of his show:

Next up was the Burlesque Showcase, one of my favorites to attend at Viva.



First was Audrey Deluxe, the organizer of all of the burlesque events at Viva. She always has such cute routines!



Tara MiSioux was next up, and she is one of my favorites. She always has classy, vintage-styled routines set to jazz-y music.



Kitten & Lou were next, and they had such a cute and kitschy routine!




One of my absolute favorites, Roxi D’Lite, was up next. She has such amazing dancing and acrobatic skills, and she is gorgeous!


The fabulous Ms. Perle Noire followed Roxi. She is known for her energy and spunk and did not disappoint in that!

One of the last acts was one that I had anticipated the most, as I am an avid follower of Lou Lou D’Vil on Instagram and Facebook and I think she is super talented (not to mention beyond beautiful!). She is from Finland and her acts are always fierce and on point!

Warning: NSFW Content (pastie falls off)

“But what did you wear?!” You ask? Well…

During the day I wore an amazingly detailed vintage Mexican-style dress from the 1950s, complete with beautiful embroidery and gorgeous lace inlays. Very light and flowy! At night I wore the Tatyana Gold Digger dress, one of my favourite “night out” dresses for sure. Just look at it – it screams “vintage glam”!
Stay tuned for the next Viva post, along with my excursion to California for some Old Hollywood quality time!

“Gone With the Wind” in Theatres & Imelda May at The Paramount


September 28th was the big night out for the husband and I – we went to see Gone With The Wind in theatres for its 75th anniversary, followed by seeing Imelda May. It was a jam packed day, but a lot of fun!


Gone With the Wind is one of my favourite movies of all time – anyone who has even a vague knowledge of yours truly knows that much. And seeing it in theaters was amazing! When the title came rolling across the screen in its big, bold letters, it made me well up a bit thinking of my grandmother, who loved this movie like me and was the one who introduced me to it when I was younger. At first I didn’t like it (like most kids, I suppose), but then as time wore on and I became a teenager, my mom bought the double cassette tape version and I just became enamoured. When I heard TCM was doing a 75th anniversary theatre screening, I had to go! Good old Robert Osborne introduced the movie, and an interesting little factoid that I thought I would share is the price to attend the premiere in Atlanta to sit in the same room with the likes of Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland, and more: $10. It may not seem like much today, but bear in mind this was 1939, and the Depression was still going on. Not to mention that inflation has made that sum equal $169.49 today – and $10 in today’s currency would be equal to 59 cents in 1939. A little depressing, I’ll say πŸ˜’

Well then let’s move on to Imelda May at the Paramount! Gone With the Wind ended at 6 PM, and the show started at 8 PM. It took us a half hour to get to the venue, so we stopped for some food first 😊 Then we headed off into the sunset and arrived after dark, and made our way into the theatre in Huntington.


We talked into the theatre and were about to hand over our tickets when I got stopped by an older woman who couldn’t have been over 5 feet tall even on a particularly confident day. She said she was from Newsday, and was taking pictures of people attending the concert and what they wore, and that she would love to photograph me. I said sure and we found a spot with nice lighting, and took a few shots before she asked me questions about where my dress, shoes, and bag were from, and why I dress the way I do. I happily answered her questions and gave her my info before she told me the piece would run in a week or so.

We made our way in and found our seats, which were the furthest row back but we could still see pretty damn well. The Paramount is one of those venues where you can see great from any seat, which is great and definitely something which would make me want to come back 😊

Imelda started with her latest single off of her new album, “Tribal” – I had been on a huge kick with that song so I was happy!


She played about every song of hers that I love, and her voice sounds exactly the way it does live as it does on her records, which is rare to find anymore!


It was a fabulous show, one where I couldn’t stop bopping my feet and singing along. She knows how to get the crowd going and keep them engaged! I’ve been lucky to see her live twice this year, and I hope to see her perform again soon!

Here’s a mashup of video clips I obtained from the show. I apologize in advance for the crappy resolution!

About a week and a half later, I received a call from the woman who took my picture, and she told me my shot was chosen to go in Tuesday’s Newsday! When it came around, I grabbed four copies – I dug into the first issue, and finally found it:


Viva Las Vegas 17: Part Two

And so we start on part two! Let’s get right down to business, shall we?

Saturday was the car show. It is THE day of all of Viva. The men and women don their best day garb, their best hairdos, and their best poses (as well as parasols!) for the day of vendors, cars, and shows.

After my friend Nicole left back to California, I made my way to the car show. I followed the flock to just outside the Orleans Arena. As soon as I walked in, the fun began!

The vendors were all over as soon as you walked in. There was Pin Up Girl Clothing, Steady, Bomber Betty, Miss L Fire, Secrets in Lace, and various independent sellers. I walked around for at least an hour before I managed to see everything. I wanted to buy it all! But I made my go around again for actual purchases and I nabbed this beautiful purse:


I scooped up these gorgeous NOS bakelite earrings – 3 for $50!


I picked up some Viva playing cards (I had to!), and a tube of the amazing Bomber Betty lip gloss that Cherry Dollface came out with. And guess who I got to meet?!


She is SO sweet and you can just feel that she is a beautiful person on the inside as well as outside. I was by myself, but her rad husband Trevor took the picture for me. I said, “He’s your photographer too! He’s your everything, huh?” She giggled and gushed, “He IS my everything!” Isn’t that so sweet?! After meeting her and chatting with her for a solid 5 minutes, I have even more respect and admiration for her than I had prior!

After meeting Cherry, I made my way over to the bleachers to wait for Imelda May to come on. Just before her, the pinup contest was held on the side stage. It was so cute! All of the ladies were great.


After that, it was Imelda May time! I managed to nab a few clips of her performance which I posted below:

She was amazing! She is one of the few who sounds exactly the same live as she does on her albums. Perfection!

Oh, and did I mention the marriage proposal in the middle of the show?


It was beyond sweet πŸ™‚

And the cars! Oh my πŸ˜€












After Imelda May, I went back to the hotel for a quick relax and chat with the hubby, and then I went on my merry way back to the hotel to see the Jive Aces! They are an amazing British jive/swing band infused with just the right amount of rock n’ roll. If you haven’t checked them out yet, what are you waiting for?!

Here is a montage of their performance:

After the show, I just had to nab myself a Jive Aces shirt (but you knew that already, huh? πŸ˜‰ )

My Sunday Viva outfit was this lovely little frock I recently nabbed on eBay:


Sunday is always the wind down for Viva, so I relaxed in my hotel room until about 4:30 when I left to see the last Charles Phoenix slideshow 😦 But he was just as amazing as ever! It was Easter, so he got us doughnuts!

Here is Charles with his Test Kitchen rat meatloaf:


Imaging eating that?! LOL.

After his awesome slideshow, I grabbed a bite to eat and went to wait in line for burlesque bingo. I went back in 2012 and loved it – I had to at least make one trip back!


I walked in and found a seat in the front row to the left side of the stage. And who did I see I sat next to? The one and only Raquel Reed!


She was so sweet. She is also from NY/NJ so we bonded over that and talked about how we were away from our men and they didn’t like it πŸ˜› She is an awesome gal whom I hope to see perform soon around this neck of the woods!

Burlesque Bingo was put on and hosted by the awesome Audrey DeLuxe.


The first performer was the amazing Bettina May!


There were so many other great performers like Ms. Redd, Cleo Viper, Tara Misoux, Frankie Sin, and more!











That last one is of Tom Ingram doing a split to make good on a bet he made with Audrey DeLuxe. He did a great job! It was hilarious.

Here’s a montage:

After that I went to the vendor room again one last time, when they have massive sales to unload stock so they won’t have to cart it home. I bought one last thing: a pack of Rockin’ Rollers!


I can’t wait to try them! I will give it a go and report back on how it went πŸ™‚

The next day (morning), I woke up at 3:30 AM and made my way back home. Eight hours and a layover later, I was back in NY Town.


It was over 😦 But I had an amazing time. And I can’t wait for next year!

Viva Las Vegas 17: Part One

Hello everyone!

I had the great pleasure of going to Viva Las Vegas 17 this year, and it was a blast! I was by myself most of the time, except for Friday night into Saturday I got to spend with my bestie and maid of honour Nicole πŸ™‚

I arrived on Thursday afternoon, checked in to my hotel, and immediately got to work. I zipped from the Gold Coast over to the Orleans via shuttle bus. The excitement was building with each second I spent on that bus, and when it pulled in front of the Orleans, I walked in and immediately took in that uniquely sweet smell that only Viva seems to provide.

Let the fun begin!


It was great to see everyone there, decked out in their rockabilly and vintage best! I felt so exhilarated being back, it was surreal.

I checked out the vendors, who were out in full force with their amazing wares! I managed to nab a Steady pencil skirt in a gorgeous soft pale yellow that has legs, eyes, and all sorts of silly random prints on it. I also nabbed my usual VLV shirt, as well as the VLV grocery bag. After making the rounds with the vendors, I somehow managed to stay up until 11 PM (2 AM Eastern!) to see the amazing Kim Lenz. I am glad I told myself “NO!” and forced myself to rally against what my own body was telling me, because she was fab!

The next day, Friday, I got up “early” to make sure I could nab some tickets for Nicole and me for the burlesque showcase. Yes, I am a girl, and I love burlesque. It is so much fun and there are so many women from different walks of life that are all there to celebrate their bodies and just have an awesome time. Who wouldn’t love that?! I managed to nab great seats on the left side of the stage four rows back. I couldn’t wait!

Next was a meet up I had with some girls from a Facebook group of plus sized ladies so that we can sell our clothing and it is catered to our sizing. We met in one of the girl’s hotel rooms at the Orleans, and I started to lay out the approximately 12 items I brought. I labelled them, talked with some fellow members, and shopped a bit. But only 35 minutes later, we were kicked out by Orleans security. It was a whole debacle and shocked the hell out of all of us. We left there upset and concerned. It was all very unfortunate 😦

After that, I tried to find something else to fill my time until my friend Nicole arrived. It was 3:35 PM. The Charles Phoenix slideshow had started 5 minutes ago! I ran over to the showroom and was able to nab a seat. I had never seen him before, but he came as highly recommended by a fellow rockabilly friend in NYC, Lucirene. And guess what? He was hysterical, interesting, and entertaining πŸ™‚


I just knew I had to make Sunday’s slideshow too!

My friend Nicole made it around 6 PM, so we hung out in the hotel room while we got ready. Even just hanging out getting ready is fun with Nicole πŸ™‚

We made it to the burlesque showcase at 9 PM. There was a wide array of amazing acts like Roxi D’Lite, Angie Pontani, Cleo Viper, and who I was most excited about: Dirty Martini. I couldn’t wait!


Roxi D’Lite was one of the first, and possibly one of the best performers of the night. Her racy S&M performance was certainly a stand out!

Gal Friday and Peekaboo Pointe had such a cute “fight” routine!

Angie Pontani had a very elegant, very beautiful ballet routine. It was rather ethereal!

Cleo Viper had a truly vamp routine, it was badass. And my goodness is she stunning!



And last but not least: the amazing and incomparable Dirty Martini!

All the ladies came out for one last bow, to a round of deafening applause. It was a great way to put the top on the Friday that was at Viva Las Vegas 17!


And no, we didn’t finish the night there: we had some drinks, gambled a little, watched some fabulous jive/stroll/swing dancing, and made fun of things such as this:


I’ll leave you to analyze this for today πŸ˜‰

Viva Las Vegas 17: Part Two coming tomorrow!

It’s Neither Vintage Nor Rockabilly, But…

…I went to see Maroon 5 last night for their first ever performance at Madison Square Garden, which is quite an accomplishment for any artist!

I originally was supposed to see them in NJ in August of 2011 but Hurricane Irene had to ruin all the fun when the Port Authority had to cancel all the buses coming in and out of NYC. I got screwed out of Adam Levine! I was so upset that weekend, I just drank most of it away LOL.

But yesterday was my makeup concert – and it was awesome! Madison Square Garden is a legendary arena, and you could totally feel that Adam Levine was so honored to be there and playing there for the first time. I have been horribly sick all week, to the point of feeling out of my head, having heart palpitations, and even feeling unable to breathe. I still didn’t feel 100% yesterday, but there was no way I wasn’t going! My Mom and I had great seats, only 11 rows up from the stage. I could see his eyes, his tattoos, and his little bit of scruff – quite delicious! I know he is a tad skinny, but he is just so cute and mad funny that I just think he’s sexy πŸ™‚ And I would swear for just a split second in one of his first runs around our side of the stage, that he looked at me. It wasn’t obviously some long eye-lock, but I just really felt he looked right at me for just a split second. It kind of made me laugh, like all these teeny boppers made all these shirts and painted their faces and all of this, but yet I get seen by him. And I know why – my hot pink hair. I get noticed for it all of the time – I was probably the only one in all of MSG with hot pink hair. And I was close enough for him to notice it. That’s the only reason I can come up with for the eye contact. But it was cool nonetheless πŸ™‚









As you can see, Adam Levine was playing the guitar – and he plays very well. I know he also can play the drums too – quite a multi-talented guy! And he played the guitar more than a few times, was really pumping up the crowd, and singing his heart out.

He had spent the whole day at The Voice blind auditions from 9 AM until who the hell knows when (but I can assure you it must have been more than an eight hour work day!), and then he comes over to Madison Square Garden and kicks ass. I can’t believe how much energy he had after that long day of hearing probably a bunch of bad acts and just a few good ones. I’d be like, “OMG, I just want to go back to my hotel and just sleep this off…” That’s probably why he’s doing that job and I’m not LOL.

Here’s a treat for all of you (or those that enjoy live music or Maroon 5) – I recorded part of their performance of “Misery”, and have uploaded it to YouTube for all y’all to enjoy!

Movie Mania: The Thin Man Series – Part One

One of my favourite movie series of all time (and dare I say more than the Dark Knight trilogy?!) is the Thin Man series. It is a series of six movies starring William Powell and Myrna Loy in what would be one of the most perfect and iconic movie couples of the 20th century.

I have only gotten to see the first three movies of the series so far, so this post will be part one of two: three movies for now, three for in a month or so. Lets get started on part one!

The first movie was what started it all, and introduced us to the ever so love able Nick and Nora. Nick was a detective previously, and it is a constant joke that he always tries to “retire” but can never seem to since he is always called in on tough cases. His new wife Nora is always in on his antics and wanting to get involved in his work. The antics and repartee between both Loy and Powell will make these two go down in film history as one of the greatest duos of all time.


The first film, The Thin Man was released in 1934 and instantly became a hit after moviegoers fell in love with the duo of Loy & Powell the previous year when they were together in Manhattan Melodrama. The Charles’ have recently married and Nick decides to retire from his sleuthing days and dedicate himself to managing his wealthy wife’s business assets. Before long a friend pops up asking Nick for help in finding her missing inventor father Ellis, who had gone into seclusion to work on a project but promised to return for his daughter’s wedding. When he doesn’t turn up, Nick digs in. Then, her father’s secretary is murdered and Ellis is a prime suspect due to a chain of his being found at the scene. But that is shot when Nick and his dog Asta discover Ellis decomposing body. Soon enough Nick and Nora invite all of the suspects to dinner and prod them all with questions until one finally confesses!


The second movie, After The Thin Man, was released in 1936. The movie starts off fast with Nick being asked by his cousin Selma to check into her missing husband, who is being unfaithful with a nightclub singer named McNulty. Soon, three bodies turn up, including Selma’s husband. Nick finds out that McNulty’s ex boyfriend (played by a young and suave Jimmy Stewart!) has agreed to pay Landi’s philandering husband a sweet sum of $25,000 to stay away from her, as he still carries a flame for her and wants things to go his way. Nick and Nora do their usual roundup and ask their guests/suspects questions until one confesses. I am sure most of you will be surprised at the ending!


Another Thin Man is the last part of my initial coverage of this series, and was released in 1939. When Nick and Nora journey to New York with their new young son in tow, soon the munitions mogul Colonel Burr MacFay invites them to spend the weekend at his gorgeous Long Island estate to investigate the rather odd behaviors of his family and friends recently. Soon enough however, the prophecy comes true and the Colonel is killed as predicted. With Nora controlling the keys to the liquor cabinet to keep Nick from drinking, two more people are killed. In typical Charles fashion, all of the suspected killers are brought into one room for a question and answer session with Nick and Nora at the helms. Soon, the real murder confesses and admits it was for the inheritance money.

This is a classic film noir series that will absolutely enthrall any Old Hollywood movie fan. Perhaps the best part of all of these films is the dialogue between Nick and Nora. I remember one quip from the first movie, where Nora says to Nick, “I heard you were shot five times in the tabloids”, to which Nick wittingly replies, “They never got anywhere near my tabloids.” My jaw nearly dropped! I was laughing so hard and shaking my head, that such a risquΓ© thing to say back then with the unmistakeable innuendo, was in the film! But that is what makes it so fun most of all. And you will love all the little twists and turns in the cases as well. Modern day sleuthing movies are nice and all, but I much prefer black and white charming whodunits like this anyday!

Stay tuned for part two in about a month!

The 10th Annual New York Burlesque Festival: The Teaser Party – Part Two

Here we are, the final installment of my coverage of the Teaser Party of the 10th Annual New York Burlesque Festival! I took so many pictures and videos that I did not want to pollute an entire post with it and cause it to take forever for you to see. So let’s get started!



This next girl had an awesome Theda Bara type costume – it was cool and spooky at the same time.




Here is the video of her performance…

This next girl had an ode to her home country, France…






This next girl had a very cool gothic bird type dance. Her performance is below!





This next girl – she had quite the umm, rare talent for tassels. You’ll see below!






See! And she made those things twirl in opposite directions, and could make them stop on the drop of a dime and just make one twirl. Now that’s talent! LOL.

This next girl is straight out of Milan, and as a result had a totally Italian-themed performance.









This next performer is a man – yes, guys can be burlesque performers! They call it “boy-lesque” πŸ™‚ He had quite a funny skit, and definitely was extreme! I think the men have to work a little harder than the women in this area for attention and accolades. He did well, and immediately upon seeing him I saw an Errol Flynn look to him.










This next performer had a very unique mermaid inspired performance. Towards the end she was wearing a shell-type undergarment, and as you can tell it opened right up to strings of pearls! Definitely a way to end the night!





All in all, it was a fabulous night. Despite my foot killing me, my back hurting, and being super tired, I just couldn’t leave until it was all over. I left feeling inspired and feeling proud of my body and that – hey – maybe it ain’t that bad. After every burlesque show I feel this way! These ladies are amazing for doing what they do and showing us gals that we need to be proud of what we have, no matter what!