{NEW SERIES} Razzy Reads & Swell Sites: September 2015

Can you believe we are into October already? It seems like just last month I had gone to Viva and spent the week afterwards in California at my friend Nicole’s, and don’t even seriously tell me it’s been six weeks since my surgery! It seems that every year the train of time chugs along a wee bit faster than it had the year prior. Before I know it a temperature of 32 degrees Farenheit will be the norm and I will be cursing the snow every chance I possibly can. 

I have decided to start a new series, one where I will post the month in articles relating to vintage, history, rockabilly, and like topics. I will try to accumulate near a number of ten for you all – some months may be more fruitful, while others may be less so. I am sure you could understand that!

With that being said, let’s get to the links, shall we?

91 Year Old German Woman Faces Charges of Accessory to Murder as Worker at Auschwitz – I find this article fascinating. It brings up a lot of morality issues: is she still culpable 70 years later for her crimes? How involved was she? Should the charges be dismissed in the interest of her age? Certainly thought provoking.

92 Year Old Man Sings to His Dying Wife – If this doesn’t make you tear up or at least smile, you have no heart. Doesn’t everyone want a love like this?

Pre-Drug War Vintage Ads from When Cocaine Was Just Another Vice – Ads for cocaine paraphernalia, mostly from the ’70s (naturally). These will both shock and humour you.

Hollywood Sunset – An article/interview of Monica Lewis, the discovery of Benny Goodman, who could just about do it all – sing, dance, do jingles, host radio shows, and more. Quite the lady and a tale of the times.

The Leading Ladies of Old Hollywood – The photographs of legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly by Sir Cecil Beaton.

Boxed up for 67 years and now set free: Brand new 1948 Youngstown Kitchen cabinets + 1948 GE Airliner stove – This set just made my jaw drop! Brand new and still in the box, this cabinet set and stove have been waiting for use for 67 years. If I could redo my kitchen with this, I’d be on it like white on rice!

Upper Deck: Traveling in Style – These are some amazing photos of some premium examples of air travel from the 1960s & 1970s. There were open bars, beds, tables, and LEG ROOM! Why can’t we still travel like this?

303 Dubsdread Circle – Check out the amazing home up for sale of Brownie Wise, former VP of Tupperware Home Parties (and soon-to-be subject of a movie!). I absolutely adore the mesh of both Art Deco and Mid Century Modern elements in the home. Such an amazing space! If I could deal with the Florida humidity I would live there in a hot minute!

Lunch Menu from Titanic Sells for $88,000 – The menu from the last lunch on the Titanic on April 14, 1912 has sold at an auction for a price well above its estimated fetching price. It’s amazing to see the opulence of the First Class of the ill-fated ship from a first hand source. Fillets of brill, cockie leekie, ox tongue…and to finish was a platter of numerous opulent cheeses. Is it just me or am I the only one who would be eating all of the cheese? 😉

Just For The Hell Of It Sale!

Hey y’all!

I am having a sale in my Etsy shop – a Just For The Hell Of It sale! You can take 18% off anything in my shop by using the code FORTHEHELLOFIT at checkout. Why 18%? Just for the hell of it! (That and this student lady needs some cash for school stuff 😉 )

I have added some new dresses and purses to the shop recently, and more will be listed soon. This sale will last until the beginning of February, so go for it while you can, ladies! Get yourself a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to help make these grey and cold winter days a little brighter 🙂

Go see my shop in all of its splendor right here!

Passion for Fashion with Wildfell Hall

On Election Day I had the honour of working with the fabulous Amy of the Etsy shop Wildfell Hall. If you all don’t know her, I suggest you go check out her shop pronto!

Amy has such a delicious selection of dresses and other items that it is really hard not to just blow your hard earned paycheck on the whole shop! I am an advocate of buying an item or two, especially since she has a baby on the way and she spends a great deal of time on road trips out vintage hunting for items for her customers! And her items are all high quality – I can tell because I modelled a good 5 or 7 of her items!


This is a fabulous ’40s dress that is original new old stock! It has already been purchased, as a few minutes after she posted the picture, it sold! That makes me feel good like I am doing my job as a model LOL 😉



Isn’t this dress amazing? It’s vintage but it has this badass leopard belt and detail on the buttons. It’s also rather warm, so it is fabulous for these colder months of the year to keep you warm without extra bulk. It has a bust of 46″, a waist of 38″, and costs only $82.00. Check it out further here. Oh, and before I forget – LAYAWAY is available now in her shop for the holidays for most items 🙂




Isn’t this dress just stunning? The print, the peplum, the shape – it all just screams forties. It has a nice drape-y crepe type fabric, and the coloring is great for fall and winter (or even spring and summer – it’s very versatile!). I believe it sold already though, sorry! 😦


I love this 1950s dress! The shelf bust is amazing and the print is perfect for fall. It fit me like a glove too! The waist measures 34″-35″, and if you are smaller you can use the matching belt that comes with to cinch it in a bit more with no problem. Investigate this stunner more here.


Those big hands you see there my friends are my hands. And that purse is an amazing 1940s green alligator wristlet-type purse. So cute and such a rich colour! Check it out here.


Another amazeballs purse modelled by the claws of yours truly. This 1950s purse just feels so amazing, like such a soft and smooth suede! Perfect to match with anything, really. And a great size that is not too small and not too big, for just $30.00. Take a gander here.



This coat, oh my my, this coat! If I could buy it right now I would. This 1930s duster coat is just stunning in the amount of detail that stands out yet is also subtle as well. This coat has a nice weight to it and I’m sure whomever buys it will be a very happy gal! Check ‘er out over yonder.



Amy also has another fabulous shop called The Slipperie which contains tons of fabulous unmentionables such as vintage bras, nightgowns, dressing downs, bed jackets, slips, garter belts, and more. This 1930s yellow nightgown has such a great silky feel to its rayon. Quite the way to indulge after a long day! Go examine closer here.

Quite some fabulous items, n’est-ce pas? And she always has more great items that she finds and posts all of the time. Go check for yourself – I’m sure you will find something that will strike your vintage-loving fancy 🙂

Etsy is Up and Open for Business!


It’s finally here!

I have gotten around to posting some items in my Etsy shop, and there will be more to come for sure. I already have posted three items – two dresses and one fabulous circle skirt. I already have shirts, jewellery, dresses, and more that I will be posting soon, so check back often! And I have reasonable prices to help make attaining vintage attainable for you.

I can only post on a PC, and since I only have an iPad and iPhone to work with myself, I had to borrow a friend’s computer to post. Shame on Etsy for not having the ability to add items to your shop in the app! LOL. But I will access a computer as much as possible when I have items to sell. And I only want to post the best and most pristine items as possible to offer all of you – it makes you happy and me as well 🙂

So head on over to my shop by clicking the link below, and check back often for updates and additions!

Veronica Vintage’s Etsy Shop

Some Vintage Fun in Queens & Giveaway WINNER!

WARNING: Another pic heavy (and awesome) post ahead!

Hi dolls! Today I have a great entry about my “vintage voyage” on this past Friday to random areas in Queens. I initially told my boyfriend I was going to take HIM on a date to the Jim Henson/Muppets exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image. We got there, and ended up getting side tracked on the first floor, which contained a whole exhibit on makeup, hair, and the costuming/dress in movies and television. I got pulled in immediately when I saw a whole wall blanketed in actors of the Old Hollywood era.


Not too long after that quilt of quality, they had an amazing assortment of tools of the trade during this time, from Bette Davis’ wig holder to vintage hair rollers, bobby pins, and styling irons from around 1945:



There was a bunch of great vintage memorabilia from the 1910s through the 1960s and ’70s, including this card of Rudolph Valentino, and magazines with Betty Grable & Rita Hayworth on the covers:




There were also a bunch of great pictures of movie legends (I had to take a picture with Mr. Cary Grant!) as well as some old nickelodeons that you can actually view. You can even make your own flip book and buy it in the gift shop (which I did! LOL), making your own personal little nickelodeon movie. It was a very cool and very interactive display, allowing you to interact when it comes to movie editing and many other things:




There is also a whole room dedicated to vintage televisions, from some of the earliest that were available to the 1980s. It was really amazing to see how absolutely massive the TVs themselves were, and how comparatively small the screens were to the rest of the appliance – in some cases only about 4 or 5 inches!





Most of these were from the 1940s and 1950s that I took pictures of, with the exception of the next to last picture, being from the 1970s. It had such a different design to it that I had to take a picture of it!

I also had the chance to go to a thrift store that was within walking distance, and spent a lot of time digging through the vast amount of clothing they had there. It was a lot of work, especially after just having had shoulder surgery, but I found two vintage blouses that I nearly screamed out of excitement at having found them! I never tried them on, because I figured that if they didn’t fit me, I could always sell them on my online stores on eBay and Etsy. But when I tired them on, I was beyond elated yet again to find out that they fit! I would date these shirts at around the ’30s or ’40s. Both for around $7 a shirt! How can you resist?! It takes a lot of work to find anything at thrift stores, but when you find something it can be one of the best moments, and feels so exciting finding these great pieces at great prices.




All in all, a very fun day, leaving me with a huge smile on my face!


And now, what you have all been waiting for – the giveaway winner! I would like to thank everyone for their entries, and I hope you all go and buy something from Michele!

And the winner is…Frances Veenstra!

Congratulations Frances! All you need to do now is just send me an e-mail to holly (at) veronicavintage.com with your address so the bag can be shipped out to you. I just need your information within 2 days, or otherwise I will be forced to choose another winner.

Thank you so much to everyone involved! And keep checking back for more giveaways!