I and someone special are in Vintage Life magazine!

I got the very pleasant surprise of being in Vintage Life magazine this month! I am on the back inside cover, on the reader wall. I know, it’s not something to get super excited about, but it’s something special to me πŸ™‚


But then, when I actually got into really reading it after I got back from Viva, I got an even bigger and better surprise – my baby doggie was also in the magazine!


Just had to share with you all πŸ™‚

Meet You in Vegas…

Β Hi dolls!

I just have some great news that I wanted to share with you – I will be going to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender this April! This will be my first VLV, and I have been way too excited beyond words to go since I initially got into the vintage/rockabilly style. It has everything any retro enthusiast could ever hope to have under one roof – rockabilly music, dancing, great shopping, vintage cars, retro bowling, burlesque – I could go on and on. Making the trip just was not really in the cards for me or my boyfriend recently, so I was really hoping to make it in 2013. Disappointing, but I tried to hold on to the fact that I could go in 2013. Well, I don’t know what happened today, but my boyfriend made all of the plans for us to go, from flight to hotel room to tickets, and got it all in the span of about 45 minutes! I was so excited I could barely speak. He was talking about going to Disney World in the next few months with his family’s Disney Vacation Club points, which is something he really wanted to do, as he loves anything Disney. He knows that Disney is not really my thing (I find it a little too “fantasy” for me), and he said he wanted to do something I wanted to do as well, and started planning for Viva. I couldn’t believe it! We are going to be there for the entire time, minus a few early events on the Thursday because my boyfriend has classes later in the afternoon that he does not want to miss (He is going for his second bachelor’s in computer science), and that’s fine. But after that, we are there the whole weekend. We will be staying close by – no rental car needed πŸ™‚

All I need to do is save my money so I can (of course!) have some decent spending money while over there. I also plan on bringing a huge box of my business cards to network with other bloggers, retailers, and rockabilly/vintage enthusiasts. And naturally, I will be taking pictures and reporting on everything straight from Viva. I want to give you such great reporting that you feel like you are there as well!

April seems too far away, but it is working its way here.Β It is 89 days until Viva Las Vegas – I will be counting down every day!

Happy 2012!

Here's to a happy, healthy, and retro 2012!

Hi dolls! Here on the east coast of the U.S., we only have 6 and a half hours before it’s 2012. I’m here surrounded by awesome people and will be happily spending the ringing gin of the new year at home with them. Can’t really go out hard partying with a freshly cut open shoulder…but then again, I was never much of a party person to begin with πŸ™‚

My new years resolutions for 2012 are nothing. I have learned that they are useless, and we are already stressed out enough with all of the technology and everything of modern life. But I have a modelΒ of how I would like 2012 to be for me. Of course, plans change, and life can throw you curveballs. If you can’t do everything, don’t stress! Just enjoy everyday and be as healthy and as happy as can be.

Here is my model for the new year:

  1. Get my makeup business and blog off the ground and more popular.
  2. Go back to school to get my RN or BSN (even though I already have my bachelors, but my goal is medical school, and small steps like that can help much more for that πŸ™‚ )
  3. Eat healthier and try to workout more after my shoulder is fully rehabbed and mister doctor man gives me the okay. I have been on MyFitnessPal for a while now, and I have finally started getting some friends on there that are retro/vintage girls just like me. Having similar goals and similar interests makes it more fun and more motivating!
  4. Expand my wardrobe with more authentic vintage, vintage reproduction, and retro inspired clothing. I just started out with this lifestyle in early October, and although my closet has expanded quite well accordingly, I still have much more I would like to add!
  5. Start performing my songs that I have written, preferably in the Lower East Side.
  6. Try and be more patient.
  7. Be more glamorous everyday (which I have already started doing already!)

What are your models for the new year? I would also like to write more often for the blog, especially now that I am recovering and have more time. I have a whole list of ideas for posts that are two pages long, and counting! And of course, if any of you have any requests, please be sure to let me know!

Here’s to 2012!