A Family Wedding

About two weeks ago, my husband and I went to his cousin’s wedding, and the reception was held at a gorgeous country club on Long Island. I wanted to look the part, so I found my dress first, and then built my outfit around that. 

My dress is the Gia dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. It’s such a decadent and sexy dress, I had to have it! With a 1930s look, I decided to build my whole look around it. I wanted to go for a 1930s Art Deco vamp. It has a good amount of stretch but also is sturdy enough to hold and shape everything. I felt like a goddess for sure!

My clutch and earrings are gloriously glamorous – both from Pink Collar Life’s shop. Full disclosure though: if you visit their shop, you will want to buy everything they have! I have purchased about five separate occasions, and I have everything from clutches, hair barrettes, combs, headbands, jewelry, turbans and much more from them. All of their products are high quality and fabulous! For the wedding, I bought their Stardust clutch and Art Deco Fan earrings, shown below. 

Aren’t they stunning?! I received so many compliments on them that I honestly couldn’t keep track. They will be coming to Viva with me in a few weeks as well!

What makeup did I wear, you say? Well, I wore Velour Lashes mink falsies in Winging It, shown below. I wore several ColourPop shadows, and I used the Kat Von D Shade + Light contour kit as well as NARS blush in Orgasm. My brows are using Brow Definer in Dark Brown from Anastasia of Beverly Hills. My lippie is OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia. 

I loved my look for the night! I achieved curl in my hair via a wet set using Rockin’ Rollers (the same exact thing using a different name can be found in CVS) and Lottabody. I did not get to brush out as much as I wanted because after just having major wrist surgery, my wrist was not up to the task!

During the reception, a photographer was on standby taking pictures of guests and putting them into frames. Of course I dragged my husband to take a snap, and well…


Have Yourself A Very Merry Vintage Christmas

A very merry vintage Christmas to one and all.

I wanted to take this time to share some wonderful vintage shots ranging from the 1920s through the 1960s, as well as some vintage holiday traditions from days gone by. I hope you all enjoy and find these as fun to look at as it was as fun to find.


A common Christmas tree you would find back in the 1950s was decked with hand-blown glass ornaments and beaded chains. My Mom also told me about how when she was growing up that her brother and her would put individual strands of foil tinsel on the tree every year. It would take forever, but she recalls the look was absolutely stunning and well worth the effort. Soon after, foil tinsel was labelled as a “fire hazard”, and then they came out with the crappy plastic type that never looked quite as good.



This was the London Underground around World War II. If they would only do this in NYC!


Someone’s always gotta take it literally πŸ˜‰


I’d take Cary Grant for Christmas too!


Whomever came up with this as a tree, I want to marry you.


How’s that for a retro ‘do, huh?!


Christmas Parade in L.A. during the late 1930s.


Miss Louise Brooks.


Loretta Young in quite the Christmas classic! I finally saw all of “The Bishop’s Wife”. I can’t believe Cary Grant was originally cast as being the Bishop – he definitely had great foresight enough to request the change with David Niven!




Another shot of an L.A. Christmas parade.


The lovely Jayne Mansfield.



I’m sure a lot of men would a prefer a Santa of this nature.


Another cute 1940s town decoration.


To be a tree or not to be a tree?



Imagine being a starlet back then and being forced to do these types of chintzy shoots? I’m sure most of them hated it, but they are pretty cute LOL.


That cutie Shirley Temple.


The perpetually glamorous Elizabeth Taylor.


That cute Brit Diana Dors.


Might that be a feather tree? Those were rather popular from the 1920s through the 1960s, and they were the first real alternative tree. They were initially made of feathers, but were soon made of other materials because the feathers proved to be very expensive.


What a better way to end the post than with Marilyn!

I hope each and every one of you has an amazing holiday filled with laughter, love, and lingering memories. What will you be doing for the holidays?

Review: Style Me Vintage: Step-by-Step Retro Look Book


A little over a week ago, I received an email from the lovely Amelia of IPG about whether I would like to review the upcoming book, Style Me Vintage: Step-by-Tep Retro Look Book. Of course, how could I say no to that?!

Some of you may be familiar with this series, as they have a few books out already. This is a meshing of all of them, which is great for anyone looking for a wonderful all-around foundation to begin your retro, vintage, pinup, or rockabilly style. This guide can help take you from know-nothing novice to a savvy shopper. Mind you, this is not the be all or end all, nor are other books – there are just some things you have to learn and experience yourself based on your body shape and a number of other factours.

Now, when I do reviews, I like to give full disclosure on what I received. My disclosure is this: I have the Style Me Vintage: Hair book that I bought about a year ago, and upon inspection, it seems to be very alike, like this picture tells:


The top book is just for the hair and the bottom is this book I am reviewing. I just felt the need to let everyone know about this, so there are no surprises when you receive your book.

The makeup section if this book is fabulous. As a makeup artist, a lot of tricks and tips are put into this section that will help many women to achieve their best looks.

You can go from a Marilyn Monroe look here:


To an eighties Madonna or an extreme Siouxie Sioux look as seen here:



They provide a variety of looks, starting from a 1920s Clara Bow all the way to the 1980s Madonna look and everything in between. Also, in the back of this book there are more beauty tips about how to get the perfect manicure, including the famous ’40s half moon look, as well as getting your brows perfect and nailing false eyelashes and the cat eye look. All of it is explained very well, and helps you to achieve the best look you can.

My absolute favourite part of the book is all about the clothing. If you were to buy this book, just the clothing section alone is well worth the price! It goes through each decade from the twenties through to the eighties, and lists the must have day and night looks and staples of the period. A history of each period is given to explain and rationalize why the fashion was the way it was during that time. Included in each section are amazing tips to help boost your period look, and some definitions of things you may see in the book or have heard of before, such as what a bias cut is.

This section has incredibly useful extras including a whole portion on shape wear and underwear as well as swimsuits of different periods. The most helpful are the sections dedicated to how to make easy repairs to damaged items, from tears, washing, stains, drying, and storage. This is so important for any vintage lover to know, so you can keep your fabulous frocks in the best shape and to help them get even better if need be.

There is also a great section about how to get into vintage clothes. I know this may sound ridiculous to some, but there are different ways to put on different items without tearing them or thinking they don’t fit when in actuality they will but just need to be put on correctly. This will help so many gals get into those amazing and to die for dresses without being disappointed that they can’t get in it when all it needs is a little battle planning! It also includes a “vintage shopping necessity kit” that you should always bring when shopping, such as a tape measure and a wide belt. It also guides you on how to properly inspect items for any flaws and how to get chummy with the sales people to get the first dibs on good items. Another area is a quickie list on how to date vintage, which is helpful to know that what you are pining for is indeed a fifties frock and not an eighties knockoff.


I found this book to be quite an amazing addition to my collection, and is something I will surely go back to reference from time to time. The layout of the book is gorgeous, as is the cover with its vintage inspired fabric cover. I read this in its entirety, and it just has a wealth of fabulous facts and information on every page that I think will serve all of my readers on numerous levels, from the beginner to the more advanced. It is gorgeous to look at, put together well, and will serve as your go-to reference book quite often!

Style Me Vintage: Step-by-Step Retro Look Book is available for $29.95 (US) or $32.95 (CAN) November 2012 at bookstores everywhere or through Trafalgar Square Publishing. This book is also available on Amazon as well.

Do yourself a favour and go for it – it will be worth it, I assure you πŸ™‚

Dressing for Your Skintone

Ever notice how great you look in one colour but not another? Is there one colour that whenever you wear it you get noticed and complimented more? There’s a reason that is so: certain colours look best with your skintone. But how is a girl to know? Well I’m here to tell you!

The most important thing to knowing what colours look best on you is what type of skin tone you have. The best way to go about this is to look at the inside of your wrist – if your veins have a bluish tint, you have a “cooler” skin tone; if your veins have more of a green tint, then you have a “warmer” skin tone. Also, if you have a pinkish base or undertone to your skin, then you are cool also. A warm skin tone tends to have a yellow undertone. These are the basics you need to know in order to find colours that look best on you. There are also sub divisions being spring, summer, autumn, and winter tones which we will cover. Once you figure out your tone, look for it below and read on!

Winter Tones


I have a winter tone myself. I have a western European heritage, so it makes sense. I remember when I was working and a drug rep came in and said, “Wow, you look amazing in that colour!” I was wearing a blue-based red. I always knew red looked good on me, but I had no idea it was that striking. Then I noticed my skin tone and understood instantly. Red is my favourite colour to wear. Other colours that look good are navy blue, black, cobalt blue, true purple, hot pink, and pure white. Your veins should have a blue hue, and your hair will have a cool tone to it as well, such as black, other dark colours, and even platinum blonde. Silver tends to look better on us rather than gold. Pastels do not jive too well on us either.

Spring Tones


Spring girls all have golden or yellow undertones to their skin, and have red or golden undertones in their hair. Most have blue or green eyes of some sort. Bright, vivid, and clear colours work best on you ladies, such as sunshine yellow, creamy white, teal, spring green, lilac, and more. Dark, intense, and muted colours are not flattering either, and gold jewelry looks best.

Summer Tones


All of you summer ladies should have blue or pink undertones to your skin, as well as more ashy type hair ranging from blonde to brunette., with no red or gold highlights. Blue, green, grey, hazel, and soft brown eye colours are common. What jewelry looks best? Anyone? Silver, that’s right, because of tour skin’s cool undertones. The colours that look best on you are cool. soft, dusty, and muted colours such as lilac, powder blue, dusty rose, mint green, and a soft grey. Try to avoid bold or rich colours.

Autumn Tones


Autumn women have yellow or golden skin tones, consequently making gold jewelry match their skin better. Their hair ranges from red to brown, all with red or golden undertones, and their eyes are either golden brown, green, or dark blue. Spicy and earthy colours look best on you ladies. When you think of the fall, you tend to think of the colours changing on the trees and the abundance of colour that the earth is showing, all in spicy and golden tones. Those are the colours that look best for you: pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, ginger, peach, and cream. Avoid true pastels and bright colours.

What colours look best on you? What colours do you wish you could wear but they don’t go with your tone?

A Flash Back In Time With Family Photos

These are all pictures I acquired from my grandmother, and are mostly of her and her mother, from around 1900 to the 1950s. I think these really give you a glimpse into the life of these times, and what styles were common in “real life”. They are immensely special to me, and I am very proud to share them with all of my readers πŸ™‚




Above is a picture of my great grandmother Martha (whom my grandmother used to think I looked so much like, to the point of tears where she saw her in my eyes) holding my grandmother shortly after her birth in October of 1915.












Above is my grandfather in 1928. Most of these are of or from my grandmother, but a few will contain him since (naturally) he was her husband.







My grandmother won a “Most Beautiful Baby” contest with this very picture πŸ™‚



My grandmother could wear hats like nobody’s business.





These are pictures I intend to keep for the rest of my life. They also give me a sneak peek into that period in time that I adore so much, and gives me ideas and clues about the fashion and beauty of the time. Take a look at old family photos – you’ll find great fashion and beauty ideas as well as getting a great knowledge of your personal history, about who YOU are. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

The 7th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party

Today I had the pleasure of going with Miss Bunny Moreno of The Musings and Adventures of a Pinup Mama to the Seventh Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, which is themed mostly in the ’20s and ’30s. It was held on Governor’s Island, which was an old Army installment from the turn of the century and gorgeous, might I add!





They had several posts there of the history of the island, which is undergoing renovations in order to make exhibits more like a large museum due to open in 2013.




We took a free ferry to the island from Pier 6 in Brooklyn, which Bunny’s husband drove us to, which was super sweet of him because he is an ΓΌber-busy guy!

I did Bunny’s makeup and hair, but skimped a little bit on mine because my shoulder has been acting a hot mess, especially lately since I recently moved and did a bit too much myself 😦 I did a pin curl set on her the night before, and did very natural makeup to coincide with her dust bowl dress straight out of the ’30s.


This is Bunny with a dress she has had in her Etsy cart for two weeks now, and it just so happens that the seller was at the event! We did some business hob-nobbing with the two ladies, and we are planning to go to their store opening on 15 September of Pin Up Queens on 22-03 Astoria Boulevard, which looks fabulous.

Then we got to the task at hand, and started walking around and investigating. Some people were really dressed to the nines, while others were totally off the mark or didn’t even try at all. But it was fabulous to hear a full orchestra playing classic tunes of the time, and feeling completely immersed in the life of 85 years ago!






There were some great vendors there selling some b-e-a-utiful things, which Bunny and I drooled over.





We even got to take a retro type picture by Tsirkus Fotografika, which will posted soon, as it needs to be posted by them. They had a cool vintage looking camera mixing the old with the new of a digital camera.



We walked around the island further, and took some pictures of us with the beautiful houses all around there.



After our fun time it was back to the present and we hopped on the ferry and took a gander at the beautiful views it had to offer, and took a picture of us together, of course!




It was a fabulous time and well worth the trip, and I hope to go next year!

Vintage Disney World – Part II

One of the best rides at Hollywood Studios for the vintage lover is The Great Film Ride. It takes you through famous movie scenes throughout the years, from Gene Kelly in “Singin’ in the Rain” to “The Wizard of Oz” and beyond. While you are waiting for your turn, you get to view great old movie trailers, and there is a wonderful clip montage at the end of the ride.











At Epcot, my favourite part absolutely has to be the World Showcase, hands down. I went nuts buying stuff in “Great Britain”, being both an Anglophile and part Brit myself. I got a Union Jack iPhone case, “Keep Calm” shirt, Union Jack flag, and a London 2012 Olympics pin.



We decided to eat in “France” at the aptly named “Chefs de France”. Our waiter was from Paris and was just plain awesome, and he was so excited upon hearing that we were from NYC! We left him a 33% tip πŸ™‚


We also visited Germany, where we had the absolute best caramel apple ever. Very filling! Then we strolled past Italy.



We also stopped into Magic Kingdom, where although most things were not my type, there was the Hall of Presidents that sucked me in. When FDR came on the screen, I squealed in delight, as we are related. Barack Obama was also included, and he also did a recording of his actual voice to lend to this show.






After we returned from our journeys each night, we would spend time on the balcony to watch the fireworks and then retire for some slumber. I shall leave you with the fireworks I managed to get a picture of.