Major Makeup Haul!


Hi dolls! Today I just had to share about my huge makeup haul over the past week – I am just too excited, I can’t contain it anymore 😛 I’ve been to Sephora, MAC, bought makeup online, had a friend send me some makeup – and I can’t wait to try it all. I have been thinking about YouTube videos to show the makeup is, how I apply it, an tips and tricks – what do you all think? Let me know in the comments or by liking this post!

Let’s get started!


This is a good chunk of my haul from Sephora and MAC. I had gone in looking for the new Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar (I have the original and LOVE it to death!), and I ended up walking out with $300 in damage. I bought the Kat Von D Ink! Liner, more of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and more of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, which I swear by for an eyeshadow base. I also got a few more things, including an old favorite Armani Code perfume, which I have not had in years but love dearly – one of my favorite scents! I also went to MAC and got some more of my Studio Sculpt foundation, as well as a limited edition lip liner in this gorgeous rose color, as well as some $10 lipglass and white pigment. The Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced looks very promising, as I have been looking for a good mascara, and most just don’t cut it. I like to have LASHES, not just meh lashes. I love drama, but only in my lashes 😉 I tried the Benefit They’re Real Mascara, but it didn’t seem so great to me, despite people raving about it. I hope this Better Than Sex stuff satisfies me (see what I did there?).


I absolutely adore Anastasia of Beverly Hills. I love everything they put out. If they make it, I will buy it. I have her contour palette and Dipbrow Pomade, and I am in love. So, it figures I would acquire more. I bought a different shade of the Dipbrow, since I’ve been thinking the Ebony may be a little too harsh for me, so I went with Ash Brown. I also bought her Brow Wiz in Dark Brown, and I intend to use the both to make a perfectly balanced and perfectly matching look. I want normal eyebrows, not Joan Crawford brows. AVOID! I also got the new (and glorious!) liquid lipsticks in Pure Hollywood and Sad Girl – I am currently waiting on Retro Coral to arrive 🙂 I have gotten more into darker colors and unique colors, so I had to get the Sad Girl, which is a gorgeous red-plum shade with shimmer! Shimmer is so hard to find in liquid lipsticks, and this one looks amazing.


Up next are some little random lovelies I can’t wait to try. I have heard wonderful things about the Orgasm blush from Nars, so I had to go for it. I went with a cream blush, since I much prefer that over powder (way more natural). As much as I absolutely adore my Besame Crimson Cream Rouge, it’s all I have used for three years (and still on the same pan!) and I feel like branching out a bit. The Orgasm blush looks amazing on all skin types an offers the perfect red-pink color, so I went for it. I have also gotten super into MAC pigments, as well as more red and copper shades for my eyes, so I bought the Heritage Rouge and Copper pigments. For highlighting the inside of my eyes near my tear ducts, I bought the white pigment at MAC for $10, as it’s in a small size. But with these pigments, a little goes a LONG way! Definitely don’t treat them as normal shadows, or you will look like Tammy Faye Baker. Again, AVOID! And in my search for different lip colors, I found Lime Crime’s Chinchilla lipstick, which I picked up for $10 on a clearance from Pin Up Girl Clothing when I was finally able to pick up their black stretch capri pants when they returned back in stock (Whee!). This color is a grey lilac, which I love. I can’t wait to try it!


Next up are some products from Le Keux cosmetics, along with an accompanying lip brush. A friend bought and sent me these straight from London, as I have always wanted to try them. Peachy Keen lip paint is a gorgeous peach shade that is perfect for day, and especially for the upcoming spring and summer months (hurry up!). Whistle Bait is a highly pigmented sexy red shade that is perfect for nights out, or when you just want some extra zazz in your look. Black Cadillac is a gel eyeliner that I have been wanting to try – I am just waiting on the damn liner brush to arrive! 😛 I love Le Keux’s brushes – double ended for awesome convenience!

Also, have you noticed my pictures have gone up in quality? Well, the husband treated me to a new Canon Rebel T5 camera! It takes amazing shots, ad I cannot wait to take more to share with you. I know the camera phone shots were just not cutting it and did not look professional, and I am wanting to really make this blog the best it can be – I decided to start with the pictures, thanks to my awesome hubby 🙂

What do you all think of my giant makeup haul? I can’t wait to try it all and work it into my everyday (and even not-so-everyday) looks! Would you like to see YouTube videos? Let me know below!

My MAC and Sephora Makeup Haul

This past weekend I was itching for a retail fix, so the hubby and I hit up the mall at Roosevelt Field to scratch it. I am normally not a mall person, because I can never find clothes in my style anywhere. Only online and vintage shops for this girl! But there are two places I can never shy away from: MAC and Sephora 🙂


I saw this on Sephora’s website, and when I saw this I just had to have it! I am on a super skin kick lately, especially with the dryness of winter really getting to my skin as of late, and I have been on a BOLO for some good TLC for my skin. I didn’t want to dive in head first with something that I wasn’t sure about it working with my skin. I am not willing to be cheap on my skin care, either. So, what’s a girl to do? Sephora must have known my plight and created this kit just for me! I tried the Kate Somerville exfoliator so far, and I love it! I can’t wait to see what the other products do for me.


Anyone who knows me personally knows how much of a stickler I am for a stippler. That would be a stippling brush to apply foundation 😉 Have you ever wanted to not worry so much about having a super exact match in foundation as well as being able to achieve a flawless, airbrushed finish? Well honey, run out NOW and grab yourself a stippling brush! Your foundation will also last you way longer because you are using way less but still achieving the same look! I have had the same stippling brush for nearly two years, so I know I was way overdue for a new one. Sephora has great brushes so it was a worthwhile investment.

I also nabbed myself an Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion, which I have heard nothing but rave reviews about. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time. I have been using Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance, which hasn’t been bad for me, but I’m sure there is better out there. We shall see what UD can do!

And this last Sephora buy – I can’t believe I nabbed this. I’m in awe and so happy I was able to grab it. It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills’ DipBrow Pomade! I have heard nothing but crazy amazing testimonials about how amazing this stuff is. I can NOT wait to try it! If you would like to see how it looks after I try it for the first time, along with my other looks and life musings, follow me on Instagram at “RockSteadyUSMC”.


Now on to MAC! I have been buying more and more of their products, and am even starting to consider applying to MAC as an artist. I have a few friends who are MAC MUAs, and I love the work they do – I would love to be a part of the elite! 🙂 Certainly more fun and I could be as crazy looking as I like – lavender hair, tattoos, pinup clothes and all! 🙂

I recently bought two shades or their Studio Sculpt foundation – one for contouring, the other as my all over foundation. I love it! So when I ran out of my undereye concealer, MAC was the natural way to go 😉 The girl there (with awesome bright pink hair, BTW) helped me pick my shade (NW 20) and it is fabulous! I also picked up Viva Glam VI Lipglass, a colour I had gotten a few times way back in high school and loved as an everyday and work shade.


As some of you may be well aware, I am a bit of a lipgloss and lipstick addict. And you may also know that I have been a fan of Bomber Betty Cosmetics for nearly two years already (my how time flies!). I am a huge fan of Jessica’s Brow Wow as well as all of her lip products – especially her glosses! Every few months I find myself craving some new shades that she whips up. I restocked on My Favourite Me by my friend Cherry Dollface, as well as a nice pink shade called Southern Belle. They’re both fab and I can’t wait to wear them more!

Coming Soon! – I will be having a review and “show and tell” of the Revlon Legacy limited edition lipsticks that just were released. I lucked out and managed to nab “Icy Violet” (1946) and “Snow Peach” (1956). I will prepare a post just for all of you!

CONTEST SOON! – Who is interested in a $20 PayPal gift card?! Well, you’re in luck, because I will have a post soon with all the details to enter. Stay tuned, dolls! 😀

Bomber Betty Cosmetics: A Review


I recently heard of a new up-and-coming cosmetics company called Bomber Betty Cosmetics. The owner, Jessica Sawicki, is a Chicago-based makeup artist who has taken her craft to a whole new level with her own brand of mineral based makeup she makes herself that has a vintage, World War II, and rockabilly vibe all rolled into one.

Here is what is written on her site:

Why, hand-made mineral cosmetics of course! Chicago area makeup artist, Jessica Sawicki, does things the old fashioned way. She creates and hand packages her own line of lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, blush and concealer colors from the finest mineral ingredients available. Her products are natural, paraben-free and cruelty-free, so you can shop with a clear conscience.

I recently received a bunch of samples from Jessica, all of which I tested out today before going out for the day.


I received three eyeshadows, a blush, a brow filler, a lipstick, and a lip stain, all of which you can see the colours of below.


First, I applied the blush, which is shown second from left. It has a pinky peach tone, and offers a rather sheer coverage. I had to use a bit more than you would usually experience with a mineral blush, but that can be a good thing, as you don’t want to look like a Victorian doll (or at least I would hope not).

Then it was on to the eyeshadow. I always use an eyeshadow primer, which is Too Face’s Shadow Insurance. I applied Coal (furthest right) first in my crease, then Rose Gold (third in from right) from my brow bone to part of the lid, and finally Malt (second in from right). These are definitely shadows where you only use a sparse amount and it goes a long way. I had applied all I needed to, and it still looked like I hadn’t made a dent in the quantity! Another fabulous quality is that just like the blush, it is very layerable and blends very smoothly. But, please note, that mineral shadows are different from regular shadows, so you don’t need to go hoarding your brush with this stuff.

Next I applied the Julia Brow Wow. This has got to be one of my favourite items that Jessica had sent me. This brow filler has what looks like almost the consistency of a lipstick, but when you put it on it acts like a powder or a pencil. It also makes it look very natural, and not like you painted your brows on. Some like heavier brows, so let me assure you this is also layerable depending on what look you may want to achieve. I like this product so much that I may in fact have to buy this myself and add it to my kit, both professionally and personally!

Here is the after of my eyes:


Lastly, I tried both lip products. First, I tried the cherry lip stain. the colour of this may look rather dark initially, but it goes on as a rather sheer, light red, and is great to wear for a daytime look or at the office. My only issue is that it dried out my lips, but then again every lip stain does that, so I would recommend a lip balm or gloss on top to moisturise.

A shot of me wearing the lip stain…


Lastly, I tried the Cherry Bomb lipstick. Let me just say, WOW. I have been a Besamé girl for the longest time, and their lipsticks were all I ever used or ever wanted to use. But this lipstick may have changed my mind, or at least made my scope of lipsticks wider. This lipstick colour has a bluish base, which works better on my type skin, and does well for most others as well as make your teeth appear whiter. This lipstick just melted onto my lips like butter, and was so smooth and creamy. It didn’t dry out my lips nor did it really fade a huge amount. This is also another product I will certainly be investing more in, and in more colours!


Here is the finished look:



Today was about a 94 degree day, and more humid than I would like. Being a New Yorker, we tend to walk more than most, and as such I was sweating a bit with the heat (no, sorry – I was glowing 😉 ). After about four hours, I checked up on my makeup upon my return home. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the lipstick stayed, as well as the brow wow and the blush. The eyeshadow did crease a slight bit, but nothing too major to make it look off or like you had nothing on. With hot and humid days like this, you honestly can’t expect your eyeshadow to hold up through all of it. Considering this, I think it performed rather well overall!

After pictures:



All in all, I would have to give a comprehensive score of an 8 out of 10 for this makeup line. I think it is certainly worth a look at by all of my lovely readers, so please check out her site Bomber Betty Cosmetics!

If you want to try the makeup line out for yourself, you can order three samples and a cute sticker all for a flat cost of $4 (shipping included!). So go ahead, search to your heart’s content, and try some of her samples here. I love to help out small, home-grown businesses with great products.

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way for this review, and it is offered only to help my readers find out about new products and how they perform. I actually paid $4 for three samples and a sticker, and I let Jessica know I am a blogger and I would like to do a review. She was gracious enough to send me some extra samples to try, and here we are! A big thanks to Jessica!

Vintage Adverts from the 1940s

Hi dolls!

Over the past few days I have been looking through some vintage ads from the 1940s, and I must say, they are rather interesting. I chose a few of my favourites to share with you, with some commentary to go with.


Notice all of the colour options? Red, red, and more red! That was de rigeur for the time, though. The shade differences were rather slight, but each had their own place for skin tones and day or evening wear.


I like how this ad caters to all of the different uniforms that were worn during the war. I was in the military, so I am familiar with how anal retentive the dress codes and restrictions are 😉


I chose this ad just because of this having Rita Hayworth in it. Having celebrities in cosmetics ads is still very common today, just look at Beyoncé and Eva Longoria in L’Oréal ads.


A soda ad again with Ms. Betty Grable. She looks great here, just beautiful.


I think this ad is a great showcase for how makeup was like back in the ’40s. Mascara came in a little rectangular box, with an area that the mascara itself came in, and a little brush to dip it in and apply it. You can see how it was packaged in the lower corner.


I personally love cold cream, and I try to always use it to help remove my makeup at night before I actually wash my face. I use Pond’s. The reason I use it? Because that’s what ladies back in the ’40s did 🙂


It was very common during the war to see ads specifically targeted to women who were serving. Being in the service back then was a lot different than it is now (although us ladies still cannot be in infantry or artillery positions), and women were expected to look a certain way and wear makeup a certain way. I saw an old WWII ad that catered to women in the Marine Corps that their lipstick shade will match the red in their chevrons in their service uniforms. I thought that was pretty funny, but was the time back then.


Classic pinup girl in a classic cigarette advert. ‘Nuff said.


I love this ad, but kind of hate it too. I like that it is sentimental, but I don’t like that it almost blackmails you because of it! Oh well, it was a war, any help was good help.


I like this ad as well. I like how it has the American soldier, fighting for his country, and seeing that Coca Cola sign and thinking of back home, and what he is fighting for. It’s also effective for the home front as well I think because it reminds people that their boys are fighting for them, and that they can honour them and feel closer to them by having one.

What ads have you seen from the ’40s that have stuck in your mind?


I recently ordered from a company called Bésame cosmetics about 10 days ago. I purchased a full size lipstick called “Bésame Red”, as well as a sampler set of lipsticks that I can play around with and see what I like and what looks good on me. It was supposedly shipped out on 18 October, but I had not received anything a week later, and it was shipped via UPS. So yesterday I sent an e-mail to them asking what had happened, and I got a very prompt response from a woman named Fergie. She told me she filed a claim for a lost package, and she will be sending out another package that day to me. She was an immense help; the customer service alone is worth buying from this company!

So far, I have to give the products 5 out of 5 stars. The lipstick is very creamy and packs a lot of colour for only using a bit of it. I only tried one of the colours from the sampler so far, it’s called “Red Velvet”. It’s a perfect shade for work or everyday! I love it so far. It stays on pretty decent too, even despite my ravenous soda habit. It even came with a little card in the sampler that describes each colour and what it would be good to wear it for:

Sampler Card

I can not wait to use all of the colurs, I’m so excited to finally have them! I have heard great things about them, especially from vintage fanatics like moi. Just the packaging alone is worth it! It’s very glamourous and detailed, and will definitely make you feel like a 1940s starlet. How can you go wrong?