My MAC and Sephora Makeup Haul

This past weekend I was itching for a retail fix, so the hubby and I hit up the mall at Roosevelt Field to scratch it. I am normally not a mall person, because I can never find clothes in my style anywhere. Only online and vintage shops for this girl! But there are two places I can never shy away from: MAC and Sephora πŸ™‚


I saw this on Sephora’s website, and when I saw this I just had to have it! I am on a super skin kick lately, especially with the dryness of winter really getting to my skin as of late, and I have been on a BOLO for some good TLC for my skin. I didn’t want to dive in head first with something that I wasn’t sure about it working with my skin. I am not willing to be cheap on my skin care, either. So, what’s a girl to do? Sephora must have known my plight and created this kit just for me! I tried the Kate Somerville exfoliator so far, and I love it! I can’t wait to see what the other products do for me.


Anyone who knows me personally knows how much of a stickler I am for a stippler. That would be a stippling brush to apply foundation πŸ˜‰ Have you ever wanted to not worry so much about having a super exact match in foundation as well as being able to achieve a flawless, airbrushed finish? Well honey, run out NOW and grab yourself a stippling brush! Your foundation will also last you way longer because you are using way less but still achieving the same look! I have had the same stippling brush for nearly two years, so I know I was way overdue for a new one. Sephora has great brushes so it was a worthwhile investment.

I also nabbed myself an Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion, which I have heard nothing but rave reviews about. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time. I have been using Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance, which hasn’t been bad for me, but I’m sure there is better out there. We shall see what UD can do!

And this last Sephora buy – I can’t believe I nabbed this. I’m in awe and so happy I was able to grab it. It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills’ DipBrow Pomade! I have heard nothing but crazy amazing testimonials about how amazing this stuff is. I can NOT wait to try it! If you would like to see how it looks after I try it for the first time, along with my other looks and life musings, follow me on Instagram at “RockSteadyUSMC”.


Now on to MAC! I have been buying more and more of their products, and am even starting to consider applying to MAC as an artist. I have a few friends who are MAC MUAs, and I love the work they do – I would love to be a part of the elite! πŸ™‚ Certainly more fun and I could be as crazy looking as I like – lavender hair, tattoos, pinup clothes and all! πŸ™‚

I recently bought two shades or their Studio Sculpt foundation – one for contouring, the other as my all over foundation. I love it! So when I ran out of my undereye concealer, MAC was the natural way to go πŸ˜‰ The girl there (with awesome bright pink hair, BTW) helped me pick my shade (NW 20) and it is fabulous! I also picked up Viva Glam VI Lipglass, a colour I had gotten a few times way back in high school and loved as an everyday and work shade.


As some of you may be well aware, I am a bit of a lipgloss and lipstick addict. And you may also know that I have been a fan of Bomber Betty Cosmetics for nearly two years already (my how time flies!). I am a huge fan of Jessica’s Brow Wow as well as all of her lip products – especially her glosses! Every few months I find myself craving some new shades that she whips up. I restocked on My Favourite Me by my friend Cherry Dollface, as well as a nice pink shade called Southern Belle. They’re both fab and I can’t wait to wear them more!

Coming Soon! – I will be having a review and “show and tell” of the Revlon Legacy limited edition lipsticks that just were released. I lucked out and managed to nab “Icy Violet” (1946) and “Snow Peach” (1956). I will prepare a post just for all of you!

CONTEST SOON! – Who is interested in a $20 PayPal gift card?! Well, you’re in luck, because I will have a post soon with all the details to enter. Stay tuned, dolls! πŸ˜€

My Oh My Miss Marilyn

Hi dolls! I have been noticing a lot of people have been visiting from search engines and have searched for the term “marilyn monroe style/makep” in some way or another. That gave me an idea to write a post about how to achieve her look, both from makeup to clothing to hair.

Let’s start, shall we?


Marilyn’s makeup placed an emphasis mainly on her lips and eyebrows, and a subtlety in her eyes and cheeks. Clear skin is imperative, so be sure to use a concealer, foundation, and finishing powder. I use a stippling brush to get that airbrush effect, and it works well!

For the eyes, I always start out with an eyeshadow base. A look this glamourous cannot be ruined by creased eyeshadow! Tap the primer on your entire eyelid, and wait for it to dry. Then apply your base color, which should be a light/nude/bone color, to your entire lid, from eyelash line to brow bone. Next, take a champagne color shadow and use that on your brow bone (which is slightly above your crease). Be sure to blend, blend, blend! You want smooth, natural and gorgeous eyes, and no harsh lines are allowed. After this, take a deeper matte brown color and uses that in your crease. You know what’s next – blend, blend, blend! Next, use some black liquid eyeliner and trace a thing line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer edge. While that dries, use a brow pencil a shade lighter than your natural color and trace a shape that is more pointed at the arch, and gradually tapers in thickness towards the end. Refer to the above picture for a visual. Then take an eyeshadow closer to your natural color and fill in your eyebrows to set and officially shape them. Afterwards, use the liquid liner again, and using the angle of the outer corner of your eye to the tip of your eyebrow, trace a slight cat’s eye, almost like a flick. While that is drying, use some peachy rose blush on the apples of your cheekbones and spreading to the rest of your cheekbones. Add slight color to your nose, as well. Take an eyelash curler and curl your lashes to the count of 10, then add a coat of lengthening mascara. If you have or can get false eyelashes, but them in half, and glue the outer portion of them on the outer ends of your lashes. Coat in lengthening mascara again, and curl to 10 once more. Use a brown eyebrow pencil for your beauty mark (if you wish), and you can choose where you would like it to be – Marilyn moved it several places. Afterwards, set with a finishing powder, and you are all set!


Unfortunately, I am unable to do any type of hair styling right now due to post-operative restraints on my shoulder, so for now, I will post a video tutorial from one of the girls I learned the most about retro hair and makeup from, Lisa Freemont Street:

It may take a while to get used to doing this look in the way she achieves it, but trust me, this is the authentic way to get Marilyn’s look. The placement, direction, and angle of the curls you are making are all very important to this look, as is with any vintage style. Think you just throw some curlers on haphazardly and go? Think again, sorry! πŸ˜›

When I am recovered enough to do so, I will do hair tutorials myself. I will either take pictures of every step along the way, or I will do a video if I have the chance. If any of you out there have a preference, please be sure to let me know, as I like to please my people! πŸ™‚


Marilyn’s style can be best described as classic but sexy at the same time. Look at pictures of her, and take notes of the lines and details of what she wore. Back then, things were more matched together and purposeful than they are today. Keep that in mind as you try to pick out items to wear that are “Marilyn-esque”. But always be sure it is body hugging! PLEASE know the difference between body hugging and tight – tight is something that just plain doesn’t fit; body hugging is something that fits you to a tee, and shows off all of your best assets.

This is too tight:

Notice how her breasts are pressed down upon by the dress, as well as it bunching up at her waist and hips – classic signs of a dress that is a wee bit too tight or perhaps ill-tailored. It makes her look much heavier than she actually is and does no justice to any of her assets.

Let’s a a lesson from Marilyn’s book, both in a formal and casual setting:



As you can see, all of the clothing she wears looks like as if it had specifically made just for her. How can you achieve this? The first – and best – way is to get your clothing tailored. It is not as expensive as most may think, and most dry cleaners offer this service in their shops as well as other areas. It is well worth the few extra dollars out of your pocket in order to look like a million, don’t you think? Also, a key is to also be sure to know your true size.Β I cannot emphasize this enough. I know how most women are – if they can squeeze their hips and butt into a size 8 and barely be able to breathe as opposed to being comfortable and well-fitted in a size 10, you all will do it. Just because you can squeeze into a size 8 doesn’t mean you should! That actually will make you look bigger and more ill proportioned than thin and taut. That girl in the yellow dress was trying to do just this, and it didn’t work out so well for her, did it?

Also, notice the classic lines and styles that Marilyn wears. You will never really see her wearing any of the latest fads or trends at the time. Most of her favorite colors were timeless – khaki, white, black, and red. Nice pedal pushers/cigarette pants with a boat neck 3/4 sleeve shirt or turtleneck is a great way to go casual. Also, a bullet bra will gave you an amazing ’50s look like she had wearing more casual shirts and things. Like I had mentioned a few posts ago, Secrets in Lace has great bullet bras for this, and I just wore the one I have from them yesterday! Some nice flats finish off the look well. You can also wear some mary jane pumps if you would like to sex things up a bit for the daytime.

For more glamourous or formal occasions, Marilyn was known for that being her time to shine (of course, she was known for her great beauty anytime, but particularly at formal events – she would pull out all of the stops!). Dresses the emphasized her hourglass shape were always the go-to – think belted dresses, wrap dresses, or anything along that line. Also note that if she were to expose most of her legs as the center of attention, she would cover up her bust for the most part. If her bust was more front and center, she most often had a longer length gown. Please keep that in mind in order to keep that Marilyn “classic sexiness” from going overboard and becoming too much. And of course, what would a Marilyn evening look be without a great pair of heels?

All in all, it is not that difficult to try to achieve Marilyn Monroe’s look as many think it is. The hair may take some time for those who are not accustomed to doing vintage styles and pin curls already, but with practice comes experience and knowledge. Not only will you gain her look, but surely you will gain her charisma and energy as well. Good luck!

Ringing in the New Year

Hi dolls! I hope everyone had an amazing ringing in of 2012. I got dressed up and all nice for what was essentially the first time since my surgery. Here is how it looked:



I unfortunately an still completely immobilized in terms of my left arm, so I could not do any retro hairstyles 😦 Technically, I was breaking the doctor’s orders just putting on my makeup! But I wanted to feel pretty again, so I went for it. I wore white eyeshadow with a champagne color on the brow bone, and a deeper brown color in the crease. I applied black eyeliner and lengthening mascara, as well as Besame rouge. The eyebrows are of course very important, so I started with a pencil for the general form and line, and then filled it in with light-ish brown eyeshadow to set and complete. And naturally, add some finishing powder and red lipstick, and you are set!

As for my ensemble:

Leopard dress – Bettie Page clothing (the back is beautiful)

Cardigan – ModCloth

Earrings – Betsey Johnson

Hair flower – H&M

What was your look for bringing in the new year?

The Importance of Eyebrows

Hi dolls!

My entry this week has to do with something that many ladies overlook nowadays, but can really make Β huge difference in the look your are trying to achieve – eyebrows! Many women underestimate how a good and well-shaped brow can really bring your whole vintage look together and really authenticate it. Each decade has its own unique brow shape that defined the time and made its mark on the era. Some were more decadent, some more natural – but all very beautiful!

I decided to break down the eyebrow looks by decade, and give you a visual to show you a good example of the look of the time.

The 1920s

Clara Bow

As you can see from Clara Bow, the eyebrows of the ’20s were rather exaggerated and unnatural. Eyebrows tend to show your expressions the most on your face, and this look shows a more worried or pensive look. You don’t really need to pay attention to the exact shape of the brow, as you just need to make a ever so slightly curved line, pretty much straight from one side to the other. Do note, however, that the end of the brow extends past the natural end to the brow. The thickness pretty much stays the same for the entire length of the brow as well. All you really need to create this look is an eyebrow pencil drawn from end to end.

The 1930sΒ 

Jean Harlow

Eyebrows of the ’30s really made a 180 and changed rather radically from the look a decade prior. No longer were the straight, low eyebrows of the ’20s the look to have – very high and very arched brows were the look to covet now. Jean Harlow is the icon to think of when it comes to this authentic 1930s look. This look almost a perfect half-circle, and I have often used Layrite pomade tubs as a guide in order to get the right look. I don’t do many ’30s looks often, but when I do, it’s helpful to have that asΒ a guide πŸ™‚ All you need is an eyebrow pencil and to just glide it smoothly across, up, and over to create this look. Be sure that the width of the brow is the same all the way across.

The 1940s

Rita Hayworth

Eyebrows of the 1940s were much more natural than in the ’30s. They were still curved, but more to the natural curve you were born with. You can also notice that the brows gradually decrease in thickness as it goes along from the middle of the face towards the end at the edge of the eye. They keyword in this look is “gradual” as well as “natural”. During World War Two it was seen as frivolous and unnecessary to have anything other than that. This is the eyebrow I do the most frequently. I just do a slight line with an eyebrow pencil to get the general shape down, and then I fill it with brow powder on a slanted brush in order to fill and set the shape. Make sure also that you use some type of brow gel in order to keep the hair in place, as manicured eyebrows are a very important part of this look. I actually use Layrite’s Super Hold Deluxe Pomade to keep my brows in check. Even though it is specifically used for “extreme” hairstyles such as mohawks and such (the regular deluxe pomade is best for us retro styling ladies :-), I have found it works very well to tame brow hairs when I had initially gotten this type, which is not the best for retro styling.

The 1950s

Marilyn Monroe

When I think ’50s glamour, I think of Marilyn Monroe (As you will know as this blog progresses – I love Miss Marilyn!). And the brows this gal had? Very ’50s. The look and fullness was still very much similar to the ’40s, but if you look closely between Rita and Marilyn, you can notice one major difference – the arch. In the ’40s, the arch was more slight and rounded; in the ’50s, the arch was more pointed and severe. I think this had something to do with the fact of the prosperity after the war years. America was booming, and Hollywood entered a new phase of the glamour it had always known back then. The economy was very good then, and more women tried new things and looks changed a bit as a result. No longer was there a need to really dial down looks because of the Depression or the War – now was the time to go for it and have fun! Take that attitude to heart when having these eyebrows. Whenever I sport this look, I divide my brows into two areas, separated right at the arch. I pencil in the first area towards the inner eye, then the outer area to taper out. This creates a better arch as a base for when you fill in your brows with powder and set it with your gel. The cat eye liner goes great with this look!

Whatever look you choose, be sure to remember how good eyebrows frame the face and highlight your features. Most nowadays underestimate the importance the eyebrows have on your total look, but as these ladies demonstrate, they can really make or break your look – especially in terms of a vintage/retro vibe. I would not hesitate labeling eyebrows as being of the same importance as red lips! Eyebrows are the undercover workers of beauty – you will not notice the wonders they do until you see it for yourself. Then after you will never want to go without, because you will certainly notice the huge difference they make!

*PLEASE NOTE*: I am going to be having shoulder surgery this Friday, so I may not be able to really make posts like this for about two or three weeks. I may post one more entry before my surgery, we shall see. Of course, I will absolutely try to post an entry if I am feeling up to it enough to type, but it is kind of tricky with shoulder surgery like I am having. I may post random things here and there, but rest assured, the time I am recovering will be spent invested in researching and coming up with new articles to post about. I just wanted to let all of you know what was going on so you don’t think I am abandoning the blog. I also wanted to wish everyone a great holiday and a happy new year!