New Tattoo & Odds and Ends

Sorry for not posting for so long, but I have been extremely busy and still dealing with my friend’s death. I have decided that I probably want to go back into the military – probably the Marine Corps, and I have already visited a recruiter and just need a few more papers and to get medically cleared and I may be good to go. There is one other factour, but it’s not something I feel like should be discussed via such a public medium, so I hope you understand. I also checked into the Navy, and may join the Medical Corps, for obvious reasons. I don’t want to waste my education, you know? Yes, I could always finish school later, but why not have the Navy pay for it and when I get out I will be good to go, and feel good about having gotten back into the military like I have wanted for years, but have been feeling more of a yearning for since my buddy’s brother’s death. I told the Navy recruiter I want to work in the FMF, with the Marines – no debate, no discussion there. She understands, and is a badass b*tch that I feel like I can trust will work to get me what I want and really, essentially, NEED 🙂

So, now, on to new business. I have a new tattoo, y’all! It was one I had wanted for years, ever since I got out of the Corps. I researched and researched, and found Supernova Tattoo. Leo “Bulldog” greeted me as soon as I walked in, and this place is just super rad – rockabilly music playing over the loud speaker, Japanese art pieces all over the place, and amazing tattoo art plastered on the walls made by the those who worked there. I had shown Leo a picture of a general idea of what I wanted, but explained some specific differences I wanted for it to fit my ideal piece.


So Leo drew up the general idea, and showed me. It was perfect! I did not alter anything in his drawing, and he plastered the stenciling on.

It took an hour and a half to get it all done. The entire time Leo and I were just chatting up about rockabilly – we both love it, and were talking about Viva Las Vegas, and how we love Johnny Cash. We were talking about how much we hate stupid people, love tattoos, and about martial arts (he’s involved, and I know MCMAP – which isn’t really martial arts, but whatever…). I felt super comfortable and didn’t really feel a thing on my arm, and was either totally agreeing with Leo on something, laughing, or whatever. I was actually sad that it was all over, and wanted to say to Leo, “Yo, dude, tat me up more, this shit has been awesome.”

And here it is, the final product!


It is really scanning up right now, and is rather gnarly looking. I almost don’t wanna show it off, but I just love it too much 🙂

What do all y’all think?!

Outfit of the Day: 08 February

So yesterday I had an early day – I had a 9:30 appointment for my orthopaedic surgeon. We had quite the snow storm/blizzard here from yesterday afternoon into today, and the rain and sleet BS had already started even by the morning. So I was just super excited to go out in all of that crap. I also had a lab class from 3 to 6, but the forecast said the real crap would flow between that exact time span, so there was no way in hell I was going.

So what was a girl to do? Hit the streets still looking vintage fabulous, of course! I recently bought an absolutely stunning 1940s WWII suit that – get this – was made in Great Britain during the war. To me that just upped the fabulousness factour to an 11!

And since it was still colder outside than Dick Cheney’s heart, I decided to wear some black thermal leggings/stockings to aid in keeping me toasty. I’m still not sure if they looked alright with the suit, but I’m sure all of you can help me decide 🙂



Isn’t the suit just to die for?! And I’m sure you haven’t noticed all of the little details such as the interweaved colours, pocket bling, and cuff fold details. But here are some extra pictures so you can further inspect 😉



And here is a more scrutinizing picture of the pocket bling/intricacies and ornate yet glamourous weaves of colour detail for all y’all to oogle over:



And guess how much this beauty cost me? Only $45! I saw it on eBay about a month ago from the seller VogueVintageVixen and the start bid was at $40 with the Buy It Now at $45. Now I am not that stupid to just disregard the BIN option and just fight with people until the bitter end and watch the price just climb to nearly $150 or $200 easily. This is a perfect example of when having saved searches is the most genius idea – Diane had just listed this beauty not even a half an hour prior to my discovering it. Imagine if I hadn’t? I would have missed out on a huge opportunity to own one of the items from my Christmas Vintage Wish List – and it was number two on my list, so it was pretty important for me 🙂

In addition to the amazing suit, I had busted out my new brown loafers, which is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own now. I know the brown wasn’t an exact match, but I felt it offered a decent contrast to the black leggings and the colour was represented in a small amount within the suit. One of my own personal “fashion rules” is to wear accessories that go with the minor/accent colours, such as with my loafers here and the yellow dahlia and blue rose earrings I had on, as well as my bakelite bangles. I feel following this rule really makes an outfit comes together in a much more natural, subdued, and amazing way.

As some of you may have noticed if you have been following my blog for a bit now, is that I usually am not a wearer of hats. At first I figured, “I would rather have more dresses, tops, skirts…” meaning more actual clothing in and of itself, rather than hats. Then I figured, “Meh, I don’t really look so hot in hats.” I’ve seen hundreds of pictures of my maternal grandmother from around this era of dressing, and she really knocked wearing hats way out of the ballpark. Then I decided, “Hats are really a necessary staple for most vintage wardrobes”, and I started hunting. I’ve gotten just four hats in the past month alone, all for first cheap on eBay. eBay has really become my main source for vintage clothing, because if you save searches and play your cards right, you can save some major money on these things! Most of the vintage items I have bought on eBay have been at least half or even a fifth of what it “should”/”would” be on Etsy. Just remember – perseverance and saved searches! To figure out my bidding strategy that has worked so well for me (for the most part! LOL) you can click here to read my previous post.

I did, however, have one ’40s hat. I bought it back in December 2011, soon after I had my shoulder surgery. It screamed at me constantly to buy it, and plus it was only $10 due to the netting being all torn n’ worn. I’m not a big fan of having a net over my face anyway, so when I received it, it was promptly removed. But have I worn it since I bought it over a year ago? Nope. Not even once. I was even thinking about selling it. But as soon as I saw that suit, the whole status of the hat changed as well. It now has a life! And it was given many compliments during its outing today. I am sure all of my other hats (I keep wanting to say “covers” instead of “hats” – old military habits die hard LOL) are quite jealous. I will get to the rest of you my lovelies, no worries, as I now have a newfound love of hats thanks to this spectacular little brown number that took me 14 months to wear:



Isn’t it beautiful? I have no idea why I never wore it before other than my firm belief I had nothing to wear with it, which was an invalid idea even before getting this suit – I had a few dresses with some brown in them prior, so I don’t know where my mind was for 14 months in regards to this hat!

The seller of this suit also had several other items she needed/wanted to unload, as she really isn’t going to sell anymore because she just said being a seller, especially on eBay, is just too much BS anymore (to which I agreed, as I’ve had my own issues). Then she went on to say she would send me a few other vintage goodies for me, since we seemed to have the same measurements. She sent me a 60’s black sheath dress with incredible beading and jeweled detail at the neckline, a 50’s nude lace skirt and top set, again with great neckline detail also. And last but not least, she sent me a tea length black 50’s fully lined coat with mink fur at the collar and around the a cuffs, made in the USA by the union(s). Isn’t all of that amazing?! I must take pictures for all of you to see, because it is just breathtaking, all of what she sent me. I thought about selling the 60’s dress and 50’s shirt/skirt set, but I just can’t because they have sentimental value now – it reestablished my faith in humanity and the kindness of strangers in a way; it made me smile to know that there are still some decent people out there that you are fortunate to come in contact with once in a while 🙂

So despite this heinous weather we are having now, I still made an effort. Like I said in my first outfit post – I try to look the best I can to look presentable and dress the way that I always feel best in – true vintage or rockabilly style 🙂

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Outfit of the Day: 06 February

So yesterday I had my anatomy & physiology lecture class. I actually enjoy all of the three (yes, you read that right – the number three) hours of it because the human body fascinates me. I love talking about it. I love learning more about it. It’s one of the things that drives my passion for medicine (that and orthopaedics 🙂 )

So, in my typical fashion, I had to glam it up! I don’t care that it was my only class that day, or that it is “only” an outing of three hours – I want to look good and feel good. If I showed up wearing sweats (which would be NEVER), I’m sure I wouldn’t be walking around campus with that extra swag and confidence. I really believe dressing “up” helps me with school. It’s like they say about those who work from home – still get dressed in work/professional attire, and you will psychologically change into “work mode”. It works. Trust me.

So, I primped – full makeup, and I got to wear some of my many new additions I have acquired over the past month or so. I was so excited about this outfit that I took my coat off in class, although I was a tad cold the whole time. But damn, I had it goin’ on (at least I think so heheh):


I really do apologize for the completely horrid picture. I have a self timer picture app on my phone, and this was a spur of the moment thing right when I got home. This also explains the hair, as it was in a wig cap at this moment, since I had taken off the wig already. My bad. But here’s what the wig looks like!


Again, I apologize for the abhorrent picture. I promise I will get better at this outfit picture taking thing! I have no husband or boyfriend to take snaps for me like most other bloggers – it’s just all me. So please bare with me 🙂

I thought this wig went well with the outfit, and since I spent a lot of time reading today I didn’t have the time to do my hair. What’s an instant fix? Wigs! I have a blonde one too, but that is mostly for events/occurrences where I need to be “normal looking”, such as job interviews and whatnot.

My absolute favourite part of this outfit? The WWII V for Victory pin I fought to the death for on eBay. And the eBay gods worked in my favour 🙂


Less than $20 all together for it. It is my pride and joy. This and my FDR reelection pin, because I am blood related to him…so of course I would be proud of that 🙂

I had taken my red lipstick off by that time of the photo, as I was waiting to nosh on some General Tso’s chicken despite my diet. Hey, I needed more protein – or at least that’s what MyFitnessPal tells me (I’m RockSteadyUSMC on there BTW). I’m working on whittling my body down to fit better into my clothes. Despite my chronic pain, I can at least work on my food intake. Exercise? That will be discussed with my surgeon this Friday.

So what do all y’all think? Cute? Not so cute? Too much for school? Great for school? I firmly believe that there is no such thing as being overdressed 😉

Navy shirt: NY & Company
Red cardigan: Thrifted
Vintage ’40s skirt: eBay
WWII V for Victory brooch: eBay
Wig: eBay

I’ve Got An Addiction

An addiction to thrifting, that is!

After I was informed of something that made me rather irritated and disappointed, I decided I needed some retail therapy – or thrift therapy, more appropriately!

The first thrift store was in a town called Beachwood, NJ and was my favourite of the two I went to. I don’t recall the name, how horrid am I? 😉 This store was set out in a very classy way, and wasn’t just a mish mash of things. Everything was organized by size and clothing type. I found me these goodies:


The first is a very ’50s soft pink sweater. Another to add to my collection, perfect with a bullet bra! Next is a distinctly ’30s type shirt, with the flowiness and the details of it. Just beautiful. And lastly, I managed to snag myself a great pair of high waist cuff shorts that scream 1940s.

But my most prized acquisition? These pretties:


I can’t believe I found these, I nearly shat myself! I have enormously large feet, coming in at a size 11, so it’s hard to find anything in my size, let alone in a thrift store. A lot of times I don’t even look, because I already know it’s futile. But out of the corner of my eyes I saw these, and despite being a size 10, I tried them on and they fit rather comfortably. And the kicker? They were only $3, but they were having a half off sale, so they ended up being only $1.50! Not bad for a pair of ’40s inspired shoes 😉 The total came to $10.

The next store I went to was the usual Goodwill just a few miles down the road.


This store, as are most Goodwills, was very large and there was a ton to sift though; I actually didn’t manage to get through it all because I was so tired. Thrifting can be a lot of hard work!

On the way inside, I saw this sign, and my dirty mind immediately kicked in. It was too funny not to share:


If you have ever been to a Goodwill, you know they have massive amounts of stuff, and it takes a lot of dedication and work to check out everything. And just skimming over things is not good enough – you need to file through each item and look at it, because just a half inch view from the side really can’t tell you much of anything. I spent over 90 minutes in that store, and still didn’t make that much of a dent! But these are the goodies I got:


These are some great rockabilly shirts! And of course I had to get some requisite cardis:


The first is a nice peach colour with a gorgeous cream lace. The other is a thicker knit greyish blue cardi, which is perfect for fall/winter, or places with a little too much of a good thing (A/C).

All in all, only $30 for everything I purchased!

Have any of you gotten any great thrift finds lately?

Thrifting – Part Deux

I was feeling a bit restless this afternoon, and I was still feeling the thrifting bug itch. There was the one store I had also wanted to go to yesterday, but decided against it as the weather was very poor due to severe thunderstorms. I got ready within five minutes (no makeup, since it was 2:45 at the time and the store closed at 4:00), and was out the door. We got there within ten minutes, and as soon as I got inside, I was excited to see what treasures I could find.

There are two stores in the area here that are rather large, and I like to visit. The one I visited yesterday was just called “Charity Resale Shop”, and this shop I visited today was called “Second Time Around Consignment Shop”. This store also is a non-profit that has its profits go to the local branch of the Barnabas Health system of hospitals. I also like another store called “Encore Thrift”, which has all of its profits go to an Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps veterans associations, which I love naturally 🙂

Here are today’s finds:


I bought that white tank just for the sheer fact that it has an over-the-shoulder boulder holder built in, and in my size! Great as a basic to build on. The other shirt has a great tiki feel and would go great with high waist shorts.


I call this my “nautical collection”. Both of these have basic rockabilly elements of the stripes on the first, and the button details on the second. I’m a sucker for the nautical look, so I had to have them.


Oh my, how excited I got over these earrings! I have been wanting a pair of cherry earrings for a while, and as I was working my way to pay for my items, I checked out some of the jewelry they had going on. Lo and behold, I find these little lovelies in a random basket! Three bucks? How could I not?


This is something I got rather excited about, since I had just talked about using hand fans to keep you cool during the summer. I know this will serve me well to keep me looking lovely during those hot and humid summer days coming up soon. I found this fabulous fan in a random basket of clutch purses for 50 cents.

Another great day of thrifting down around my mom’s house!

Another Thrifting Trip!

I am down by my mother’s house again, which means that I had to go thrifting, natch 😉 It was pouring rain outside from the thunderstorms around, but despite that, I implored my Mom to go to the nearby charity shop after I faxed some things I had to do. And we did, and I found some great things, all for great prices of course!


Sorry for the lack in quality of this photo. I wanted to try and appropriately capture the detail in this fabulous peasant shirt. This would give a great ’50s gypsy look that was popular back then.


Amazingly, this orange shirt is my first Peter Pan collar! I have been wanting one for quite a while, so when I saw this I had to nab it. The other shirt is a very lightweight fabric with polka dots on it, and almost has a vintage house dress type feel to me. It will go great with my high waist shorts.


These two are my pride and joy! The first is a nautical boat neck type shirt, and I just love the rockabilly nautical look. I have several pieces that this will go with, including a pair of capris with red buttons in a sailor style that will be a great 4th of July look after I mend it.

The second shirt is my absolute favourite, and I can not wait to wear it! It has an absolutely ’40s look to it, even down to the wooden buttons. It is also made of rayon, which was the fabric de rigeur of the time. Quite an authentic looking fabulous piece for only $5!

I also bought my Mom a great coral and red floral shirt since her birthday was two weeks ago, and I wanted to do something for her 🙂 The grand total? $27.50. Fabulous, is it not?